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The Ultimate Wobble Board Buyers Guide

A wobble board is a perfect accessory for all ages to find balance, develop core strength, and engage in multiple fun activities. These boards are great for use in yoga, improving stability, and early child development. Anyone from the ages 19 months and up can find a way to utilize these boards for a healthier lifestyle. 

Want to practice surfing on land? Stretch out the spine? Or find the perfect open-ended tool for Montessori play? Then a wobble board is an ideal solution. Follow our complete guide below to help you find the perfect wobble board for your needs.

wobble boards

What is a Wobble Board?

A wobble board is a type of balance board with a curved wooden plank in the shape of a rainbow. These boards can rock if placed in one position, or they are firmly planted as a type of curved bridge the other way around. Wobble boards are most commonly used by young children as a tool for open-ended play, but they can also be enjoyed by adults for various exercise uses.

These boards stimulate the vestibular system which is essential for general development. The boards can help to develop a greater sense of balance and body awareness. They are also great for strengthening the core and helping to create a better posture. 

As a Montessori-style toy, wobble boards offer unlimited possibilities. They can be used for rocking, swinging, sliding, balancing, climbing, stretching, and so on. Wobble boards can hold a heavy load, so they are perfectly suitable for all ages and sizes to use. 

What to Look Out for When Buying a Wobble Board

A wobble board is an incredibly simple item. None the less, these boards can differ greatly between manufacturers, offering totally different experiences. Therefore, it is important to consider a few things before you choose the right board. 


What the wobble board is made out of will make all the difference to your experience with it. The material influences the strength and durability of the board, the way the board looks, feels and responds to movement. While wobble boards are pretty much always made from wood, you can get various different options. 

The best boards use all-natural real wood. This should be hard enough to support heavy use, and durable enough to be used indoors and outdoors. Boards made from synthetic materials may not be as eco-friendly, and they might not last as long. 

Also, pay attention to how the wood is finished. Some boards are painted, some use lacquer, some use oil. It’s best to try to find a non-toxic finish that helps to preserve the wood without cracking, chipping, or flaking away.

raw wood

Weight Capacity

Any wobble board is limited by its weight capacity. Generally, these boards are able to hold a significant load, usually somewhere around 400 pounds. Some boards that are made from thinner, less durable materials cannot hold such a large weight. Pay attention to this and make sure that the weight capacity matches your needs. 

Size and Curve

Wobble boards differ in size ad shape. These boards are measures in width, thickness, and length. They also differ in the curve. Ideally, you want a board that is large enough for comfortable use, and curved enough for easy rocking.

If the board is too flat, it will be too stable to really develop your balance. If it is too curved, the board will rock too much and won’t be able to be used for certain applications. 

If you are buying a wobble board for your child, make sure that it is big enough for them to fit into and use for all types of activities. If the board is for an adult, it needs to be wide and strong enough for comfortable use. 

Anti-Skid or Smooth

Wobble boards either have a smooth wood finish, or they are complete with an anti-skid traction pad on top. Both are good options depending on what you are after, Boards with a grip pad are easier to balance on, and are safer for children to use.

However, their ability to rock and slide may be limited. Smooth boards are trickier to balance on, but they are more versatile. They could also be better for development as they offer a greater challenge. 

7 Best Wobble Boards

Inspired to buy a wobble board? Great, these tools offer hours of healthy fun and development potential. We have chosen 7 of the absolute best wobble boards available for kids and adults alike. 

Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Board

  • Supports up to 485 pounds
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Heavy-duty German beechwood design
  • Environmentally-friendly construction

The Kinderfeets original wooden balance board is the perfect multi-use toy for kids through to adults. This board helps to promote balance, stimulate the vestibular system, and gain more body awareness. This Kinderboard by Kinderfeets uses a high-quality design for longer durability and greater versatility.

The board is made from German beechwood that offers a superior level of strength and sturdiness. The board is stable, lightweight, but strong enough to hold a fully grown adult. This curved wooden board is coated in a special water-based lacquer that makes it ideal for use indoors and outdoors. It can be left in the sun or rain without any consequences.

The board is made in an environmentally friendly process that meets all Australian, EU, and US standards. The production process is hand-crafted from start to finish for superior results. 

kinderfeets wooden balance board

Gentle Monster Wobble Board

  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Made from the highest quality natural wood
  • Uses ecologically friendly lacquers
  • Can hold up to 480 pounds

Like a Banzai Water Slide there are unlimited ways to play with this wobble board. This curved wooden board is made using the highest quality natural real wood. Each wobble board is completely unique because the outer layer of wood offers different grains, patterns, and hues.

The one thing that remains is the high level of quality within the chosen wood, resulting in a board that can hold up to serious impact and last longer. 

This board is only coated in ecologically friendly lacquers which makes it safer for child use. The board can take a maximum weight of 480 pounds, so friends can use it together. This seriously durable piece of Montessori furniture offers a tool that young kids or grown adults can use for better development and body conditioning.

gentle monster wobble board

KDB Wooden Wobble Balance Board

  • A versatile board suitable for all ages
  • Holds up to 484 pounds
  • Made from 100% natural wood
  • Non-toxic finishes 

The KDB balance board is on our list of the best wobble boards thanks to its superior level of quality and craftsmanship. Sure, this is a really simple board with a simple design, but this product offers exceptional attention to detail. The board is made from 100% natural, real wood. The lacquer finish is completely non-toxic, allowing a safer platform for kids to play on. 

This wobble board can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to its high level of durability. The board can hold up to 484 pounds in all kinds of positions. This is a great choice of balance board for both adults and kids. 

The board does have fairly sensitive edges, but other than that it is a solid piece of Montessori furniture. It can be used for yoga, balancing, sliding, rocking, and more.

kdb wooden board

HAJACK Wooden Balance Board

  • Made from sustainable wood 
  • Coated in non-toxic paint
  • Suitable for up to 485 pounds
  • Sleek edges and fully symmetrical structure

Designed in a firm but simple way, this perfectly symmetrical wobble board is ideal for anyone from ages 19 months and up. The HAJACK wooden balance board is made entirely from eco-friendly materials. The board is coated on 100% non-toxic paint that won’t chip or dent. The wood is sourced from sustainable forests for better peace of mind. 

You can use this board in multiple positions and for various open-ended play options. The board helps to spark children’s imaginations as well as their physical development. The wooden board comes with a three-year warranty, and it is crafted with the absolute highest standards. The simple, durable structure offers a long lifespan that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

hajack wobble board

Anti Slip Natural Wooden Wobble Board

  • Includes an anti-skid felt for better friction
  • Made from natural beech wood
  • Thick and durable design
  • Environmentally friendly paint and wood wax oil

This balance board stands out from the rest with its clever grip. The wobble board has an anti-skid felt traction pad on top for better friction. This makes it safer for young kids to balance on and helps to stimulate balance at a faster rate.

The board can be put to multiple uses, making it a versatile toy for all ages to enjoy. The only downside to the anti-skid grip is that the board can’t be used as a slide. 

The reversible board has a safety sleek edge, and it is made from high-quality natural beech wood. Only eco-friendly paints and wood oils are used to enhance ad preserve the wood. This uniquely textured wobble board is the perfect tool for muscle development, balance agility, and imaginative play. 

anti slip wobble board

UMTOY Wobble Board

  • Made from pure natural hardwood
  • Can support 220 pounds of weight
  • A multi-use open-ended toy
  • A natural wood finish 

This wobble board is the perfect addition to any room with its natural wood finish. The board is made from 100% pure natural hardwood that is durable enough to hold 220  pounds of weight. This weight capacity is less than many other wobble boards. The board is lightweight and conveniently designed for both adults and children to use. 

This wobble board stimulates the vestibular system and has been designed to accommodate a wide range of different styles of play and exercise. Whether you use the board as a Montessori learning tool or an accessory for yoga and workouts, this wobble board will offer a strong, practical solution. 


Razee Wooden Balance Board

  • Made from natural plywood
  • The board has a 100% non-toxic finish
  • 485 pounds weight capacity
  • Includes an anti-skid felt layer on the side

This well-designed wooden wobble board is the perfect addition to any children’s playroom. The strong natural board can support a total of 485 pounds, and it is durable for long-lasting heavy use. The board has an anti-skid felt layer on the side for better grip and safer use. 

The smooth plywood finish is all-natural and safe for children. This board is more stable than many others, and it is the perfect option for child use. However, it can still be comfortably put to use by adults as an exercise tool. This balance board is of high quality and can be used in a wide range of applications for unlimited play opportunities. 

playing on a razee

Where Can You Buy a Wobble Board?

It’s best to buy a wobble board online. These boards can be pretty tricky to find in stores, and you will not be able to access much of a selection. Buying wobble boards online lets you choose between a greater variety in order to find the perfect board for your needs. 


No matter what your reason for using them, wobble boards are a brilliant tool for development. These boards offer unlimited opportunities for healthy open-ended play.

Children can use them to develop their vestibular system for various benefits. Adults can use them to enhance their balance and core strength. Whatever the case, these are incredibly simple items that offer a huge world of possibility. 

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Are wobble boards dangerous?

Wobble boards are fairly easy to balance on. However, a bad fall could result in an injury. Always be careful when balancing to avoid big falls.

What can you do with a wobble board?

As a children’s toy, wobble boards offer as many uses as the imagination can stretch. They can be used for rocking, swinging, stretching, sliding, balancing, and more. Adults can also use these boards for core exercises and balance practice. Wobble boards are great for stretches and yoga exercises.

How long to stand on a wobble board?

You can stand on a wobble board as long as you are able to. Start out by practising your balance for a short period, then start to time longer reps. The longer you can stay on the board, the better. 

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