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Wild Waves Surf House Interview

We recently caught up with Giancarlo Landolfi from Wild Waves Surf House in Popoyo, Nicaragua. 

Giancarlo Landolfi

Where do you hail from and what brought you to Nicaragua?

Hi everyone, my name is Giancarlo Landolfi and I’m from Naples in Italy. I arrived in Nicaragua by chance. I was on vacation in Costa Rica and I accompanied a friend who came for a weekend to get to know this beautiful country. What can I say, it was love at first sight.

How long have you been surfing for?

About 13 years.

What makes surfing in Popoyo so special?                  

It’s a perfect a-frame, not too strong but not easy. We have offshore wind and very good conditions for 11 months a year. This makes it a special wave.

How have things been in Popoyo since the pandemic hit?

There have been no cases here and we have not even undergone lockdown or other preventive measures. Sadly though has declined in a big way. We’re hoping that things will start to pick again in the second half of 2021.

popoyo reef

Where are most of your guests from?

Europe & USA

What services does your surf camp offer?

We offer surf packages for both beginner and intermediate surfers that include surf lessons and tours by boat and car to the different spots in the area. We also offer tours to some tourist attractions such as volcanos and the colonial cities of Granada and Leon.

What’s the best wave you’ve ever surfed?

Probably Pavones in Costa Rica.

Longboard or shortboard?


What are your thoughts on surfing as an Olympic sport?

Surfing as we know it is both a lifestyle and a sport. For me the two things must coexist. Therefore I don’t see why or in what way the sporting part can harm or ruin the lifestyle element of surfing. It would be like comparing the football match on the pitch behind the house with old friends after work with football at a professional level.

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