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It’s not often a beautiful surf film comes along. This latest surf film by Mikey February (surfer), Sam Smith (director), Wade carroll (filmer) and Alan Van Gysen (photographer) shows what can be done when simplicity in art is the primary objective.

In the case of Nü Rythmo as the film is titled, its focus is shared between showcasing Mikey’s unique surf style along with the musical talents of the region the surf film was shot – Ghana.

This is exactly what makes the film so cool – the fact that native African music is posited alongside epic surfing, rather than serving as the standard soundtrack to a surf film.

The entire 12 minute film was shot on one location with transitions between surfing, local music and dance scenes happening so seamlessly, it’s easy to forget that Nu Rythmo is indeed a surf film at its core.

We think Mikey should spend less time on the world tour and more time travelling to exotic locations and creating sick little short films like Nü Rythmo.

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