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Is the Wavestorm Surfboard the best Board for Beginners?

If you want to learn how to surf, the first thing you will need is the right surfboard. A Wavestorm surfboard is an obvious choice. Wavestorm produces some of the best and most popular beginner surfboards to make learning to surf easy.

Unlike traditional fiberglass surfboards, Wavestorm boards have a soft foam top. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of surfers. 

Are you trying to find the right Wavestorm surfboard but aren’t sure where to start? Then follow our complete Wavestorm surfboard guide below, where we review four of the best boards this brand produces. 

wavestorm surfboards

What Is A Wavestorm Surfboard?

Wavestorm is the most recognized brand of soft surfboards in the United States. A Wavestorm surfboard is made from strong EPS foam, wrapped in a soft barrier skin. Unlike traditional fiberglass surfboards, Wavestorm boards are much more lightweight and easy to manage. 

They also all come with soft plastic fins and a soft leash to make them even safer. Most Wavestorm boards are also equipped with a traction pad for extra grip. 

The other key characteristic of any Wavestorm surfboard is that it will have a lot of volume. These surfboards are thick and buoyant, which makes them easier to paddle and more stable than regular surfboards. This is because Wavestorm surfboards are designed with beginners in mind. 

There are many different Wavestorm surfboards available for all kinds of surfers. This includes classic longboards, soft-top shortboards, and everything in between. Whatever shape and size the board is, you can expect a few typical features across all Wavestorm surfboards. These are:

  • High-volume surfboard design
  • Strong EPS foam core
  • Triple stringer design
  • Soft textured skin wrapping the top of the board
  • HDPE high-impact bottom
  • Bolt-thru fin system (thruster setup)

Wavestorm’s mission is to get more people to surf. This is why their boards are all soft, light, and easy to maneuver. These surfboards are excellent choices for beginners, kids, or anyone that wants an easy-to-surf board with more buoyancy.

Wavestorm Surfboard Review

Choosing the right Wavestorm surfboard can be challenging because there are so many options available. 

While all Wavestorm surfboards share many of the same features, they also each offer completely unique experiences. We’ve reviewed four classic Wavestorm boards to help you understand the different boards a bit better.

Wavestorm 9ft Surfboard

  • 9’0” x 24” x 3.5”
  • 4mm EBS- IXL Elastomer Barrier Skin
  • HDPE high-impact bottom
  • 3 x 4.5” bolt-thru fin set

This is the longest Wavestorm surfboard available, so if you’re into longboarding you will love this board. Of course, it’s a perfect beginner’s board because it offers a lot of stability. Although, any experienced longboarder can enjoy the surprisingly good level of performance that you get from this soft-top surfboard.

The board has a superior grade EPS core with three epoxy-set marine ply stringers. This adds plenty of strength while keeping the board lightweight. There’s a high-density polyethylene high-impact bottom. The top of the surfboard is covered in a 4mm EBS IXL elastomer barrier skin. This maintains a vivid blue color and adds UV protection to the board. The top skin is also nice and grippy to make surfing easier.

The 9ft Wavestorm surfboard includes a thruster-style bolt-thru fin set. The fins are reinforced with silica rings to improve stability and decrease water absorption. There’s also a leash and traction pad included. The added length and volume of this board provide a lot of drive and flotation. Paddling this board is easy, and catching even the smallest messiest waves is possible.

wavestorm 9ft longboard

8 Wavestorm Surfboard

  • 8′ x 22 1/2″ x 3 1/4″
  • Soft WBS-IXL Water Barrier Skin
  • Sunburst color graphic art deck
  • Includes removable fins, leash, and traction pad

This 8ft Wavestorm surfboard is a classic. It’s one of the best performing learn-to-surf boards out there due to it being soft, lightweight, stable, and easy to handle. Compared to the 9ft Wavestorm surfboard, this board still has plenty of volume and stability, but the slightly smaller size is a lot easier to manage.

As you would expect from the 8 Wavestorm surfboard, this board has a strong EPS core with three marine-ply stringers. The top of the board is wrapped in a soft crosslink deck skin with a textured grip. This deck is UV inhibiting, and it looks awesome with a sunburst graphic. The bottom is a slick HDPE bottom that provides stiffness and helps keep the shape of the board.

Like all Wavestorm surfboards, the board comes complete with three removable bolt-thru fins, an ankle leash, and a traction pad. This is definitely one of the best foam surfboards for beginners of all ages.

8 wavestorm surfboard

Wavestorm 7ft Surfboard

  • 7′ x 22″ x 3″
  • Patented UV inhibiting soft graphic deck
  • Includes tail pad, fins, and leash
  • Triple stringer system

This Wavestorm classic pinline surfboard is a lot of fun to ride. The slightly shorter board offers a good balance between being a high-volume board without being too long or difficult to manage. It’s still a good choice for beginners, but its shorter length gives you a bit more movement. This makes it a fun board for all surfing levels, and a smart choice for kids.

Like all Wavestorm surfboards, this one is made from strong EPS foam with a triple stringer system for added strength and rigidity. The board includes a tripe performance fin set up to make it more maneuverable. You also get an ankle leash and textured traction pad included.

The textured water barrier skin adds a bit of extra grip. It also looks great with its blue and white stripe graphics. The bottom of the board is covered in a high-density slick for added rigidity.

This is a really fun board for any surfer to own. You can learn to surf on it, or you can keep it for days when the waves are smaller. The lightweight board and high-volume design make it easy to catch waves that lack power. 

7 foot soft top

Wavestorm 5’6” Swallow Tail

  • 5’6” x 21” x 2.75”
  • 4mm EBS- IXL Elastomer Barrier Skin
  • Swallowtail design
  • Three fin system and swivel PE leash included

This Wavestorm surfboard is very different from the other more rounded boards that this brand is known for. It’s got a sharper nose, a swallowtail, and quite a lot more rocker. Wavestorm’s shortboard offering still keeps the high-volume characteristics that the brand is known for. However, you can expect a lot more performance from this board.

If you’re progressing to your first shortboard, or are looking for a thick and fun foam shortboard for mushier, smaller waves, then this is a great choice. The board is pretty loose compared to other Wavestorm surfboards, so this won’t be a good board for learning to surf.

This board has the same new elastomer barrier skin as the 9ft Wavestorm. This soft skin adds UV protection to the board, it offers some grip and maintains a vivid blue color. The board also has three epoxy set marine-ply stringers, an HDPE high-impact bottom, and three fins with reinforced fin plug inserts. You get a swivel PE leash, but no traction pad

While most soft top surfboards take on a more classic longboard or mini mal design, this one is a bit different. The board is short and maneuvers really well, but it’s still got a lot of volume and stability. It’s the perfect beginner shortboard, it’s great for children, but experienced adult surfers can have fun on it too. 

wavestorm 5'6 swallowtail

Benefits Of Riding A Wavestorm

Wavestorm surfboards are totally unique. They look unique, they feel unique, and they offer a one-of-a-kind surfing experience. Here are some reasons why you should ride a Wavestorm.

Perfect Beginner Boards

Wavestorm surfboards are an ideal choice for beginners. They’re lightweight, highly buoyant, and easy to manage. Because these boards have a lot more volume than regular surfboards, they are more stable and easier to paddle. This makes it much easier to catch waves on them – no matter how small and sloppy the waves are.

Wavestorm surfboards are designed for beginner surfers. The range of shapes and sizes all suit beginner surfers of all ages.

They’re Safer

Unlike traditional surfboards, Wavestorm boards are soft. This makes them a lot safer and easier to manage. You don’t have to worry about knocking your head against the board or wiping out on a really hard surfboard. They also come equipped with soft plastic fins.

This is just another reason why Wavestorm boards are such a good choice for beginners and children. 

They’re Durable

The soft characteristics of Wavestorm boards also make them a lot more durable. These boards are far less likely to snap in half. The soft top won’t ding and dent like a regular board, and you don’t have to worry about it cracking. If you surf into a rock with a Wavestorm, no problem!

Wavestorm boards are also built with triple stringers to add extra strength to them. The HDPE high-density bottom side of the boards also adds extra rigidity.

They’re Lightweight

Wavestorm foam boards are much lighter than regular surfboards. This makes them way easier to manage, easier to carry around, and they require less effort to paddle and surf. The lightness of these boards makes them ideal for beginners and children.

They’re Just Plain Fun

Wavestorm boards are really easy to surf, which makes them loads of fun. These forgiving boards can be used in even the worst surfing conditions, and you will still be able to catch waves. 

Of course, they’re ideal surfboards for beginners and kids, but Wavestorm boards can also be enjoyed by experienced adult surfers. If you’re looking for a fun board to ride in messy conditions, then a Wavestorm would be a good choice. 

riding a wave on a soft top board

Where Can You Buy A Wavestorm?

Wavestorm produces really popular foam surfboards, so they aren’t too difficult to find. You can pick up a Wavestorm board at most Costco stores. You might not always get the largest selection of boards available at Costco though. 

For a wider selection of Wavestorm surfboards, you can shop for them on Amazon. Amazon offers all of the different Wavestorm boards for you to choose from. 


Wavestorm surfboards are perfect for any beginner surfer. They’re easy to ride, can catch virtually any wave, and they can last you a lifetime. They’re also really affordable surfboards that come equipped with everything you need to get started. 

Don’t expect to win any world titles riding a Wavestorm surfboard, but if you’re after a fun board for learning how to surf on, then they’re a great option. The four boards in our review are perfect for all kinds of beginner to intermediate surfers of all ages and sizes. 


How Do I Install the Fins on a Wavestorm Surfboard?

Installing fins on a Wavestorm is easy. The side of the fin with the two knobs inserts into the two holes in the fin slot. Once the fins are in the slots, place the two inserts that come with the fins over the top on the other side of the board. Tighten these with a flathead screwdriver or quarter until the fins are firmly in place. 

How Do I Install the Leash on a Wavestorm Surfboard?

One of the three fins that you get will have a black loop attached to it. This is the middle fin. Once the fin is attached, the loop should be firmly positioned at the top of the board. You put the velcro strap on your leash through the loop and fasten it tightly. Give it a tug to make sure it’s properly attached.

How Do I Look After a Wavestorm Surfboard?

Saltwater and sunlight will wear down your board over time. To keep your surfboard in the best possible condition, try to give it a rinse with the hose after you use it. Store the board in a protected area that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. 

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