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The Ultimate Water Trampoline Buyers Guide

It would be hard to find a way of having more fun on the water than with a water trampoline. They allow you to do huge jumps and dives safely over water, and they open up the door for many fun games and water activities. There is nothing quite like them.

Water trampolines are the ultimate summer accessory. Whether on the lake, the ocean, river, or a big enough pool, an inflatable trampoline offers hours of fun bouncing over the water.

This is truly something that all ages can enjoy. Interested in the most exciting water toy out there? Then check out our guide below on how to find the best water trampoline. 

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What is a Water Trampoline?

You can probably picture these water toys from the name. As you may have guessed, a water trampoline is like a regular outdoor trampoline but equipped to float on water. This is achieved by having large inflatable tubes around the trampoline to keep it firmly floating on the water. 

You can swim up to water trampolines, bounce around, and jump off into the water. A benefit of these trampolines is that there is no need to worry about hitting the hard ground if you fall off.

This makes them a great water toy for kids. However, adults can also have loads of fun on an inflatable trampoline. Due to the floating, they are also not as stable as regular trampolines – something that just makes them more exciting! 

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Types of Water Trampolines

Although an inflatable trampoline may seem like a pretty straightforward idea, there are different options to choose from. Of course, there are considerations like the size, height, and strength of the trampoline. However, the first thing to consider is if you want a water trampoline or water bouncer. 

Water Trampoline or Inflatable Trampoline

Water trampolines are defined by their framed springs connected to the inflatable base. These springs hold up the bouncy trampoline jumping surface.

These trampolines use large inflatable tubes to provide a good level of support and height. Compared to water bouncers, these inflatable trampolines are stronger and can hold a bigger weight. 

They are also generally bigger and are more suitable for larger bodies of water. A water trampoline is a good choice for anyone looking to use one on a lake or ocean area where there will be multiple people bouncing at once. They also allow you to bounce higher and more intensely.

Water Bouncer

Water bouncers are simplified, more affordable options. The big difference between a trampoline and a bouncer is that water bouncers do not use springs. Instead, the jumping surface is directly mounted onto the inflatable tubes – usually in the form of a kind of webbed nylon. 

Water bouncers can’t hold as much weight, and you can’t bounce as high on them. However, they are easier to use, more compact, and simpler to set up and store. They are also generally smaller, which makes them a good option for people with less water space. 

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What to Look Out for When Buying a Water Trampoline

Water trampolines come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and forms. When buying a water trampoline, there are a few important considerations to make. 


The first thing to take into consideration is the size of the water trampoline. Bouncing platforms range in size – generally, they are between 10 to 20 feet in diameter. This will determine how many people can fit on the platform, and how much space you will have for bouncing around.

Bigger trampolines may be more fun, but they come with their downsides. They are more difficult to carry around, take longer to inflate/deflate, and require more storage space. Smaller trampolines are more practical for travel and setting up, but they have a limited amount of space for bouncing. 

Weight Limit

Inflatable trampolines have a weight limit. It is important to know this limit before you buy a trampoline. The weight limit is generally in relation to the size of the trampoline.

How many people would you like bouncing at once? Should the trampoline accommodate your whole family/group? Is it for adults or kids? Ask these questions before choosing a trampoline. 

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Water trampolines are meant for being left out in the sun, jumped on, and dived over. They should be suitable for cold water, temperature changes, and plenty of heavy use.

With this in mind, it is important to choose a trampoline that is tough and durable. Check out the type of material used, how it is attached together, and whether any parts are replaceable. This could help you to get a much longer life from your trampoline. 


Maybe you just want the bouncing platform, but you might also want a wider range of water accessories. Some water trampolines come with additional inflatable toys, such as a water log or spring platform. You can also add these onto your trampoline, so make sure that the model you choose is compatible if you want to have more accessories. 

The Best Water Trampoline: Our Top Picks

With all of the different considerations and options out there, it can be a challenge to find the right water trampoline. We have pulled together a few of the best options here to help you find the perfect water trampoline for endless fun. 

Island Hopper Padded Water Bouncer

  • A 13ft water bouncer
  • Springless interlaced nylon webbing design
  • 10 swimming assisted handles
  • Includes a 4 step easy access soft ladder

This water bouncer by Island Hopper is a practical design that works well in all kinds of spaces. The inflatable bouncer features heavy commercial construction with 1000 denier PVC material. The bouncer is durable and can withstand heavy use. The design has ½” foam padding to make things more comfortable and safe while bouncing. 

Being a water bouncer, there are no springs that might get in the way. You can still get a great bounce from this model, with its 10’ jump surface and 26” tall tube up off the water. This bouncer is easy to mount, with a soft step ladder attached and ten different swimming handles. There are also 6 secure D-rings for anchoring the bouncer down. 

The 13ft size is relatively easy to manage, and with its spring-free deigns, the bouncer packs up pretty easily. It also only takes about ten minutes to inflate and deflate. If you are after a water bouncer for brining along on vacation, then this model is a good portable choice. 

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Foammaker Inflatable Water Bouncer

  • A 17ft large water trampoline
  • Includes a boarding ladder with steps
  • UV treated construction
  • High-speed inflator/deflator

The large water bouncer by Foammaker is loads of fun for everyone. This floating bouncer is made from commercial-grade reinforced polyester material. Its UV-treated construction with heat-welded seams makes it a durable option for plenty of outdoor use. 

This bouncer has boarding assist handles and a step ladder to make it easy to climb onto. It also only takes about 10 – 20 minutes to inflate/deflate. Once deflated, it folds up into a pretty convenient size – making it a practical choice for travelling with. 

The 17ft bouncer has a large surface area to accommodate more bouncing space. It can hold a number of people at once and works well as a trampoline, swim platform, or just a floating sun lounger on any lake or large body of water.

Island Hopper 10’ Bounce N Splash

  • A convenient 10’ water bouncer
  • 7’6” jump surface and 23” raised off the water
  • Features an exclusive ½” foam perimeter padding
  • Spring-less interlaced nylon webbing

This inflatable water bouncer by Island Hopper is a smaller and more manageable version of the previously mentioned 13ft bouncer. This model still uses heavy commercial construction material and a padded foam perimeter for comfort and safety. 

The bouncer has 8 swimming assisted handles for easy mounting, 6 anchor D-rings, and a 4 step easy access ladder. Being a smaller lake trampoline, this model is particularly suitable for easy inflation, deflation, and packing up.

It travels well and is pretty easy to store away during the winter months. Even though it is pretty small, it still makes an excellent swim platform or sun lounger. The durable material can also support quite a heavy load. 

island hopper

Rave Water Trampoline

  • Includes a bouncer, aqua log, and launch zone
  • Comes with a high-speed inflator/deflator
  • Has an anchor connection kit
  • Includes an easy to remove ladder

The Rave water trampoline offers more than just a water bouncer. This is a three-piece inflatable set that includes a bouncer, an aqua log, and an aqua launch zone. This allows you to do so much more with the set, making it a great choice for keeping kids busy. 

The water bouncer is fairly small, but it is still strong enough to hold a couple of people. It is also made from tough material for good durability. For added convenience, the set comes with a high-speed inflator/deflator to make setting up and packing away a whole lot easier.

There is also an anchor connection kit to hold everything down firmly. The ladder can be easily removed to prevent use while you are not on the water bouncer. 

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Happybuy Inflatable Water Trampoline With Slide

  • Includes a water bouncer and inflatable slide
  • Eco-friendly durable materiual
  • Easy access ladder 
  • 400kg max capacity

While this is technically a water bouncer, it performs similarly to a water trampoline due to the bungee cord that acts as springs. This makes the jumping platform more bouncy. The floating water bouncer is not too big at 10ft. This makes it a practical choice for packing up and travelling with. 

You also get an inflatable slide which is plenty of fun for the kids. The four-step ladder makes the bouncer easy to mount, and the durable PVC material will withstand many years of heavy use. You can use this inflatable trampoline as a bouncing platform, an inflatable dock, a fishing platform, and more. This is a fun and versatile option. 

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Rave Bongo Water Bouncer

  • A large 15’ bounce platform
  • Bounce surface connects directly to the tubing without springs
  • Includes a 5 step ladder
  • Suitable for 3 adults or 6 children

You get an 81 square foot bounce surface from the Bongo water bouncer which makes it suitable for groups and families to enjoy. For greater safety and ease of use, this simple bouncer doesn’t use any springs. This does mean that the bouncer is not as springy as a water trampoline, but it is easier to set up and still offers plenty of springy fun. 

All materials are reinforced and made to withstand heavy use. The jumping surface is also easily replaceable in case of any emergencies. You can also modify this lake trampoline with any of Raves water accessories ( like the inflatable log).

The product includes an effective anchor kit and step ladder. This is the second-largest water bouncer from Rave and a great choice of size for all types of scenarios.

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Island Hopper Water Trampoline

  • A 13’ water bouncer and swim platform
  • Spring-less interlaced nylon webbing mat
  • Includes foam perimeter padding
  • Available in natural green or yellow

Island Hopper is clearly one of the best names when it comes to water trampolines, and this 13’ option is a popular choice. The bouncer uses a spring-free design which is preferred by many thanks to its easier setup.

The edges of the bouncing platform are padded for greater comfort and safety. Although there are no springs, you still get a great bounce from the springy nylon webbing mat. 

This bouncer blends beautifully into the environment with its natural green colour. It is made from heavy-duty reinforced 1000 denier PVC material and has welded seams for greater durability.

The Island Hopper is also compatible with just about all brands of water accessories and attachments. If you are after a brilliant all-round water bouncer, then this is a smart size and brand to choose. 

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Where Can You Buy a Water Trampoline? 

Water trampolines are not the most common items, so they are only available in a few shops. You can find them in watersports stores, outdoor shops, and sporting shops. However, the best place to find water trampolines is on Amazon. This allows you to choose between a wider selection of products in order to get the perfect trampoline. 


Water trampolines and bouncers are some of the best inflatable toys for anyone that loves spending time on the water. They can be enjoyed by kids and adults and can be put to all kinds of uses. If you are interested in taking your summer to the next level, then be sure to check out the products listed above. Your water bouncer will be sure to become your new favourite water toy!


How do you anchor a water trampoline? 

Water trampolines come with anchoring kits to keep them rooted to the ground. You can attach cinder blocks chained together to the anchor ropes for an effective solution. 

Can you use water trampolines on land? 

You can use a water trampoline on land as long as it is placed on an even grassy surface. These trampolines are inflatable, so any rocks or gravel could cause punctures. As they are designed for water though, they will not be as bouncy as regular trampolines. 

Are inflatable trampolines worth it? 

Water trampolines offer hours of fun for all ages. They provide a good level of exercise, entertainment, and can be used for different activities. If you spend a lot of time by the lake, then an inflatable trampoline is definitely a good idea. 

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