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Surfing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Speak to most surfers and they will tell you this. Read the surf blogs out there and they’ll convey a similar message. Even if you go out for a surf session and only catch one wave in 2 hours it doesn’t matter. It’s about being out in the water, with the waves crashing over you and the sun beating down from above.

Whether you’re alone or sharing the stoke, the surf experience is a special one. In order to keep the stoke factor high, we’ve searched the interwebs to find the best surf blogs out there. Without further ado, here they are.

1. JOB Vlogs

JOB Vlogs

Okay, so this is a surf vlog rather than a surf blog. Regardless, the content this guy puts out is insane. From surfing gnarly shorebreak at Waimea Bay to T-rexxing it in Mexico, Jamie O’Brien rips on a surfboard.

He publishes new videos every week on YouTube. If you want to get fired up for surfing, go watch them now!

2. Turkeymelt

alex gray

The blog of surfer, Alex Gray. This guy takes you on his surfing journey all over the world – from Alaska to Mozambique, and even the great lakes.

Turkeymelt delivers epic surfing visuals, both in image and video, and the content will leave you frothing to surf.

3. Surfd

surf blogs

Founded by New Zealand surfer Bradley Hook, Surfd covers both lifestyle facet of surfing as well as providing in depth product reviews.

They are however best known for their surfboard reviews which they been doing since 2003 and take pride in providing, honest and impartial reviews on all the surfboards they test. One of the most well written surf blogs out there.

4. Surf Simply

surf blogs

These guys are a super professional surf coaching resort based out of Costa Rica. They’ve basically upped the ante on surf coaching by taking a more analytical, data driven approach to surfing coaching.

It’s not for everyone, sure. There are however many out there who can benefit from this type of surf coaching. Their website has a lot of free resources for those learning to surf or looking to improve their surfing. As surf blogs go this one warrants its place in our top 5.

5. Errant Surf

surf blog

Errant Surf is a British company offering surf trips around the world. From boat trips in the Maldives to surf adventures in South Africa, they’ve got you covered.

Their blog provides insightful information on surf travel. So if you’re looking to find your next surf adventure, check our their blog.


This is a really cool vlog run by a family based in Costa Rica – Father, son and daughter.

We’ve been consuming their content for the last 2 years and always find their video’s interesting and entertaining. They cover topics from testing out different equipment, to how to do different tricks, to getting an insight what a surf contest is like.

It always looks like they’re having fun, and they’ve remained true to their roots since day 1, even when the chips were down and it looked like they may have had to shut down the channel a few years back.

7. Surferdad

surferdad surf blog

Like the name suggests this blog is about a dad who is simply stoked on surfing. The blog is just an round good quality blog with lots of informative posts including the best alternative to Magic Seaweed (surf forecast website) and a discussion on whether shark devices actually work.

8. Tales of a Mermaid

surf blogs

Written by a California mom who has a passion for surfing. The blog is a really nice mix of pics, philosophical ramblings, poetry, a good ol’ surf bloggery.

9. Barefoot Surf Travel

surf coaching

Barefoot Surf Travel offer premium surf retreats in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Bali. These guys take a detailed and disciplined approach to surf coaching which is the main drawcard of their surf retreats.

They make our top 20 surf blogs because their websites has comprehensive selection of free tutorial video’s on how become a better surfer.

10. Encyclopedia Of Surfing

encyclopedia of surfing

This site serves up the entire history of surfing in a beautiful photo montage format. Find out about legendary surfers, surf manoeuvres, or surfboards.

From legends like Derek Ho to shooting the pier at Huntington Beach. This surf blog has got it all. Be aware that to get full access to the content you’ll need to be a subscriber at $3 a month.

11. Surf With Amigas

surfing blogs

A surf retreat site for women. A really refreshing take on surfing and with amazing locations such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Morocco, this site will get you amped to go surfing.

Their blog covers video’s and articles of their recent experiences at their surf retreats and although self serving, the content feeds the surf soul.

12. Surfers Hype

surfers hype

This online magazine/blog is a new comer to the online surf world, springing up in 2021. Their aim is to spread hyper and awareness about the sport we all love and in the process hope to inspire more people to start surfing.

They cover surf gear, surf training tips, surf travel and also the culture of surfing. Their articles are well researched and in-depth, providing surfers of all abilities with useful information across the board.

13. 360 Guide

best surfing blogs

This is a general extreme sport site which covers surf, snow and mountain biking. Their surf blog is pretty cool and covers surf travel quite extensively.

The blog is particularly strong on imagery, and the rest of the site provides information on surfing equipment as well as surf guides.

14. Surf Strength Coach

surf coaching

Like the name suggests this surf blog is predominantly focussed on surf conditioning and coaching. Chris, the founder offers coaching programs and online consultations.

He also offers some pretty epic surf trips to places like the Mentawais and Sri Lanka. These trips are predicated on becoming a better surfer through movement coaching and conditioning.

15. We Are Surfers

surf blogs

This surf blog rounds up all the best surf content on the web – mainly surf videos. It’s a great vlog to get a sense of who is doing what in the surf world.

They’ve also got a great section called “Oldskool” where they cover surfing legends like Gerry Lopez and Bruce Gold.

16. Surf Nation

surf blogs

A quirky blog produced by surfer dad, Alex Wade. The blog originally spawned from a book of the same name.

Alex’s goal is to show that considered as one nation, The UK and Ireland represent a “surf nation” that can rival any other major surfing stalwart across the globe.

17. Daily Stoke

surf blog

A water sports site with a strong slant towards surfing. They also have good gadget section where they write about things like underwater cameras and watches.

Their surf destinations guide although nascent is well put together and so far they have articles on Hawaii, Vietnam and Wales

18. Young Wise Tails

surf blogs

This is a typical young dudes blog with a strong multimedia offering. Great photos, epic videos, and a section on surf art.

19. Lea Brassy

Lea Brassy is an ocean adventurer from France. She travels the world surfing, spear fishing and sailing. Her surf blog takes you on this wonderful adventure.

The pictures and videos on her blog allow one to live this adventure vicariously through Lea.

20. Calima Surf

calima surf school

Calima Surf is a surf school based in the Canary Islands. These guys have been operating since 1996. Their blog covers everything related to learning to surf.

These guys are a top European surf school and to date they have taught over 30,000 people to surf. Needless to say they’re a credible source when it comes to beginner and intermediate surf content and certainly have earned their place in our Top 20 Surf Blogs post.

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