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What is the Best Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella?

A Tommy Bahama beach umbrella is the ultimate summer essential. No day on the beach should be complete without a beach umbrella, and Tommy Bahama offers some of the best umbrellas available. 

You know what it’s like trying to put up a flimsy umbrella that doesn’t anchor into the sand properly. You struggle to find a full patch of shade when it’s up, and when the wind blows, the entire umbrella launches off.

Not with a Tommy Bahama beach umbrella. Instead, these are stylish, high-quality beach umbrellas that are designed to last. Follow our complete Tommy Bahama beach umbrella guide below to help you choose the perfect umbrella for summer.

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What is a Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella?

Tommy Bahama is a brand that focuses on luxury island lifestyle clothing and accessories. Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas are unparalleled in terms of their quality and thoughtful features. 

Unlike regular beach umbrellas that are easy to bend and fall apart, Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas are built to last. They are all designed with a bunch of helpful features to offer the ultimate beach experience.

You might think that beach umbrellas are all the same, but you would be wrong. Tommy Bahama puts a couple of really well-thought-out features into each of its beach umbrellas to ensure they are long-lasting, convenient to use, and offer complete protection against the sun.

Key Features of Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrellas

Tommy Bahama has a pretty wide range of beach umbrellas, but they all share a few classic features. These are the features that really set a Tommy Bahama beach umbrella apart from a regular beach umbrella.

  • Aluminum pole: The poles are made from strong, rust-resistant aluminum. This is ideal for use on the beach.
  • Flexible ribs: The ribs that make up the umbrella frame are either made from fiberglass or aluminum. This gives the ribs strength and flexibility, which means they won’t bend or invert on windy days.
  • Integrated sand anchor: Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas all feature a built-in sand anchor. This is incredibly convenient for use on the beach because it allows you to easily drive the umbrella into the sand where it will stay in place. No need to dig holes, pile up and around the umbrella, or look for rocks to keep the umbrella in place. 
  • Air vent: There is an air vent at the top of every Tommy Bahama beach umbrella. This vent allows for airflow through the umbrella, which adds stability during windy days. With this feature, the wind can blow straight through the umbrella, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing over or taking off.
  • Tilting mechanism: These beach umbrellas all have a tilting mechanism that allows you to move the top canopy of the umbrella into a different position without needing to move the pole. This is a really convenient way to adjust the umbrella against the sun and the wind without having to totally reposition it.
  • UV-protected canopy: All Tommy Bahama umbrellas offer a good level of SPF protection in the canopies. These canopies are made from durable polyester material. Some models include a special aluminum coating for added sun protection.
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Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella: The 4 Best 

Choosing the right Tommy Bahama beach umbrella can be a challenge because there are so many great options available. To make your search easier, we’ve narrowed down the four best models to choose from.

Tommy Bahama 7ft Fiberglass Beach Umbrella

  • Includes an integrated side table
  • 7ft canopy
  • One position tilting mechanism
  • Built-in strong plastic sand anchor

This Tommy Bahama beach umbrella will set you up for the perfect day on the beach. The standout feature of this umbrella is the integrated side table. This fits onto the umbrella pole and includes two drinks holders and a small bit of space for any objects you want to keep off of the sand. It’s a simple addition, but a real game-changer. 

The umbrella comes in a classic two-tone blue design. The canopy is made from 50+ SPF UV protection polyester to make sure you’re protected against the sun. On top of this canopy is an air vent to help facilitate airflow on windy days. This will save you from running down the beach chasing your umbrella!

Other classic features you would expect from a Tommy Bahama beach umbrella include the convenient sand anchor, the top tilting mechanism, and the flexible fiberglass ribs. The pole is aluminum so it won’t rust. Overall, this is a really well-thought-out beach umbrella that should last you a very long time.

Tommy Bahama 7 ft Fiberglass Beach Umbrella

7ft Fiberglass Umbrella for Sand with Integrated Anchor

  • 300D Polyester fabric UPF 50 sun protection
  • 7 ft Canopy over the dome
  • Air vent at the top of the canopy
  • Built-in strong plastic sand anchor

This stripy Tommy Bahama beach umbrella is a classic. It looks great and has all of the features you’d want from a beach umbrella by this brand. 

There is the 300D polyester fabric UPF 50 for complete protection against the sun. This canopy is positioned on a two-part, rust-resistant aluminum pole. This pole is telescopic for easy and precise height adjustments. The canopy uses fiberglass ribs, which are flexible and won’t bend out of shape when it’s windy. 

Of course, there is a tilting mechanism at the top of the umbrella to help you position it perfectly against the sun. The air vent at the top gives the umbrella more tolerance against windy conditions. And then there is the helpful sand anchor to make it easy to set the umbrella up on the beach. This is all complete with a lightweight carry bag that matches the green and blue stripes on the umbrella.

7ft Fiberglass Umbrella for Sand with Integrated Anchor

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella 2020 Blue

  • Special aluminum undercoating
  • Tilting Mechanism for easy adjusting
  • 7 1/2 foot canopy diameter
  • Built-in strong plastic sand anchor

This Tommy Bahama beach umbrella ticks all the right boxes for a sunny day on the sand. It’s got all of the classic features that you’d hope for from this brand’s umbrellas, as well as a bit more size and UV protection. 

The umbrella’s canopy is slightly larger than other Tommy Bahama umbrellas, giving you a bit of extra shade. The rugged polyester fabric also offers UPF 100+ sun protection, keeping you safe under those harmful rays. This is double the UPF protection of other Tommy Bahama umbrellas. The reason for this is the special aluminum undercoating on the umbrella. 

The aluminum pole with fiberglass ribs is rust-resistant and flexible in the wind. Of course, the bottom pole is designed with a built-in sand anchor for easy use on the beach. There is also the air vent, tilting mechanism, and carrying case that you would hope for from any Tommy Bahama umbrella. This umbrella looks classic with its two-tone blue stripe design. There really isn’t more you would want from a beach umbrella.

Beach Umbrella 2020 Blue

Tommy Bahama 2020 Sand Anchor 7 Feet Beach Umbrella

  • SPF 100 sun protection
  • Aluminum pole and ribs
  • Fun and stylish leaf design
  • Integrated sand anchor

Here’s another Tommy Bahama beach umbrella that offers SPF 100 sun protection. This is because of the special aluminum undercoating on the canopy to keep you completely safe against the sun’s rays. 

The entire frame of this umbrella is made from rust-resistant aluminum for extra strength. The aluminum ribs are still completely flexible, and they won’t invert on windy days. Like other Tommy Bahama umbrellas, there is an air vent to help with stability on windy days. 

This beach umbrella really stands out with its fun leaf design. This comes with a matching carry bag. Of course, there is the tilt function to help you get a perfect position, as well as the conveniently integrated sand anchor. Overall, this beach umbrella looks amazing, it offers unbeatable sun protection, and it’s truly made to last.

7 Feet Beach Umbrella


If you’re tired of replacing your flimsy old beach umbrellas, then it’s time to get a Tommy Bahama umbrella. These really will become your new favorite beach accessory, and they’re an absolute essential when the sun comes out. 

Like beach coolers, the four umbrellas listed above offer all of the great features that you would want from this brand. Pick a style that best matches you, and you’ll never look at another umbrella again. 


Are Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas good?

Tommy Bahama is a premium island lifestyle brand, and their beach umbrellas are some of the best available. They are long-lasting and thoughtfully designed.

Who makes Tommy Bahama umbrellas?

Tommy Bahama has its own range of high-quality beach umbrellas. These are made through Rio Brands, a quality umbrella manufacturer.

Where are Tommy Bahama umbrellas made?

Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas are manufactured by Rio Brands, based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Do Tommy Bahama umbrellas offer UV protection?

Yes, this is one of the great features of Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas. They are made using special SPF polyester and offer up to 100 SPF UV protection. Some umbrellas have special aluminum undercoating for better UV protection.

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