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Surfboard Sock: Our Pick Of The Best

The surfboard sock is used to protect your surfboard from getting scratches and dings. Surfboards are rather delicate pieces of sporting hard-wear. They comprise of a polyurethane (PU) foam core with a sheets of fibreglass cloth wrapped around them and then polyester or epoxy resin coating the board.

Epoxy is more durable than polyester resin, and therefore can withstand bumps, scrapes and bashes better than a traditional PU surfboard which has a polyester resin. It is for this reason that many surfers choose to buy a surfboard sock for their board.

longboarding on a wave

Soft top surfboards don’t really run the risk of getting dinged. However, a surfboard sock is also a great way to protect any surfboard from sun damage. What do we mean by sun damage?

Well, the UV rays from the sun end discolouring most objects over a protracted period time. I’m sure you’ve noticed some older looking surfboards which can be identified due to their yellowy hue. That yellowness is from the sun.

Moreover, a surfboard sock will prevent beach sand from blowing and sticking onto the wax on your surfboard. It’s also handy to have it when taking your board out and putting it into your car.

best surfboard sock

We’ve all knocked our surfboards at least a few times in the past. Once in the car, it will also help keep wax that my have been softened by the sun from sticking to your the upholstery in your car.

To be perfectly honest, there is not much that differentiates one surfboard sock from the other. They’re either knitted from polyester or nylon and they all tend to have a good amount of stretch in them.

This provides the needed flexibility to fit over a range of different surfboard sizes – both length and width, as well as over the fins of your board. So, without further ado, here is our pick of best surfboard socks.

Best Surfboard Sock

We’ve done the hard yards for you by trying out a wide range of different surfboard socks. Although there is not much that separates one sock from another, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of our favourites which you can find below.

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock

Stevie makes a lot of rad gear, and the surfboard sock is another example of this. So what makes Stevie’s sock so cool?

It’s got drawstrings to allow for seamless closing of the sock. It also comes with a velcro storage pocket which can fit a block of wax or a pair of car keys in it. Finally, it comes in a few cool colorways of striped combination including blue, red, pink and black.

It comes in lengths ranging from 6’0″ to 10’6″. Note that the longer socks come with rounded noses to accommodate mini mals and traditional longboards.

Having used this sock ourselves, we’ve been really happy with the quality and overall look and feel of it. It’s no surprise that it carries the “#1 Best Seller” accolade on Amazon under the surfboard cover category.

Ho stevie surf products

Culprit Surfboard Socks

Similar in style to Ho Stevie’s socks, albeit with a wider variety of stripes. They’ve got a black, yellow, red and green striped sock which exudes rastafari. In addition to that colorway they also have 6 other striped colorway options.

culprit sock

It comes with a padded nose and also has a pocket a protector pocket which serves two purposes. Firstly, it’s a storage area for surf wax and other small accessories.

Secondly, it provides durability to an area of the sock which tends to wear out the quickest – around the fins. The shortboard sock comes in length ranging from 6’0″ to 6’6″.

culprit surf sock

The mini mal sock which you can find on Amazon below comes in lengths ranging from from 7’0″ to 8’6″.

longboard surf sock

Rogue Iron Surfboard Sock

It comes in traditional black and white stripes. It is made with top quality 300g knitted dacron and features a 600D polyester nose protector. It comes with a pocket for your surf wax.

surfboard in back of car

All their socks from 6′ – 6’6″ come with a pointed 600D polyester nose protector for a close fit. All socks that are 7′ come with a partially pointed 600D polyester nose protector ​for a stylish fit. All socks 8′ and larger come with the rounded 600D polyester nose protector ​for a solid fit.

rogue iron surf sock

Tidal Wake Surf Sock

This surfboard sock comes in four different striped colorways. A blue, turquoise, a multi color and a red. It comes in one size, which is 6’0″ long and 21″ wide.

tidal wake

This sock suits groms very well as it comes with a name tag. This feature is perfect for group trips and days out where there is a chance that the kids may end up getting getting their surfboard socks mixed.

This is plausible considering they all look very similar with their stripes. Moreover, boards can get lost from time to time.It comes with a built in pocket for wax storage.

tidal wake surf sock 3

Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Cover

Because this bag is made from canvas it’s not as soft, flexible and stretchy as a standard nylon surfboard sock. It’s made from 100% organic cotton instead of a synthetic polymer like nylon which makes it much better product for those eco-conscious consumers.

ho stevie canvas surfboard cover

It comes in a really cool and toned down green, grey and black tri-colorway. It comes with a drawstring to tie it up at the end. The cover comes in length ranging from 6’0″ to 8’0″. The 6’0″ and the 6’6″ is 24 inches wide. The 7’0″, 7’6″ and the 8’0″.

ho stevie canvas surfboard bag

Surf Gear Lab Sock

A surfboard the lasts the longest is one that is covered by a sock. This surfboard is both simply in design and very effective by function. It’s made from a thick, super stretchy, knit polyester material. It’s got a reinforced nose to provide additional protection to this area.

blue stripes on cover

The reinforced nose protects the part of your board which endures the most contact. The drawstring allows for easy opening and closing of the sock. No need to remove your fins.

It comes in three different sizes and due to its stretchy fabric it will fit the full range of surfboard sizes from 5ft shortboards all the way up to 19ft longboards. It comes in both blue-white and black-white colorways.


As you have probably noticed the surfboard sock is not a particularly varied accessory in terms of design. They all look very the much the same with their horizontal stripe designs, apart from the Ho Stevie! canvas cover.

There is definitely room for a bit more diversity in the styles of surfboard socks, as the materials don’t differ much at all.Either way, pick a surfboard sock that you like, and prolong the color and lifespan of your board.

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