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The Ultimate Surfboard Bag Buyers Guide

Early morning sunrise, a steaming cup of coffee, and you’re loading surfboards onto the car rack. A quiet drive to the ocean where the cool sea-breeze welcomes you. Emerald waves lay in wait for your surfboard to grace the waters surface. One of the best kinds of mornings. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced surfer, you’ll need a surfboard bag to keep your board and equipment together.

Read on to hear more about the best surfboard bag for your board. In this article we break surfboard bags down into 3 categories, namely, longboard bags, shortboard bags and travel surfboard bags. Be sure to check the length options for each bag which have been placed in bold text.

surfboard bags

Longboard surfboard bag

The history of longboards may be traced back to Hawaiian royalty who made use of wooden versions of longboards as we know them today. Longboards are really heavy to carry, especially if your walk to the waves is more than a few hundred meters.

Not only will a longboard bag help in getting your board from the parking lot to the beach, but it will also protect your board during transportation. Longboard surfboard bags provide the much needed padding when a longboard is loaded on top of roof racks, therefore protecting the board from getting pressure indentations.

Curve Surfboard Bag

Any board bag with the name “Supermodel” is bound to create some expectations. Curve recently brought out a new surfboard bag cover in the form of this beauty which is available in various sizes. It has a pocket stash which is a secret compartment that allows you to store your wetsuit and surfing equipment. 

With a reflective silver covering on either side, you’ll be hard to miss as you walk down the beach. This bag has padding in the nose and tail for extra protection to keep your board snug.

A lightweight bag with plenty of space to fit thick and wide boards, in particular, can fit longboards up to 23.5” wide. The bag comes in the following lengths: 7’6″, 8’2″, 8’8″, 9’2″, 9’6″, 10’2″.

longboard surfboard bag

FCS Longboard Dayrunner Surfboard Bag

This bag offers the best of both worlds, being light and tough for longer-lasting use. Whilst transporting surfboards, there is always that slight cringe with every bump in the road.

This high-quality bag offers 5mm of rail protection to allay those worries and provides a vent for heat to escape. The length options are: 8’6″, 9’2″, 9’6″, 10’2″.

FCS Day Longboard Dayrunner Surfboard Bag

Shortboard Surfboard Bag

Shortboards are a more recent addition to the original longboard, allowing experienced surfers higher speed, control and the ability to steer through the waves, performing all kinds of tricks. Here are some recommended shortboard bags.

Dakine Daylight Thruster Bag

Made of a tarpaulin material, the Dakine Daylight bag is a resistant, long-lasting bag that serves as an affordable buy for surfers. This bag is heat and water resistant, includes a 1/4” foam padding, a pocket and slight-flexibility for different boards. It comes with a shoulder strap and wrap-around zip. It comes in lengths from 5’4″ all the way up to 7 foot.

Dakine Daylight Thruster Bag

Pro-Lite Session Surfboard Bag

The Pro-lite is cut 22” and is a wide fitting bag with an additional gusset to make the bag wider. With two ventilation points in the bag, the board is kept cool to preserve any freshly-applied wax. This bag makes use of 600 Denier recycled polyester on one side, a non-ripping material, as well as having a heat resistant material on the other side.

The Pro-lite comes with two pockets, an external mini-pocket for storage and an inner storage pocket, leaving you with many options for where to put your extra surf equipment. The bag also has rail guard protection, 5mm foam protection, nose padding and also comes with padded shoulder straps. The bag comes in lengths ranging from 5’6′ all the way up to 7’6″.

Pro-Lite Session Surfboard Day Bag-Shortboard

Travel Surfboard Bag

Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag Double/Triple

Whilst some of us may prefer to keep our surfing local, a road trip or surf competition is a journey that may arise, raising another question as to the best way to transport a surfboard. 

The Pro-Lite Finless Coffin bag is a versatile travel bag that allows you to fit between 2-3 boards in. Inlaid with 10mm foam protection, a wide cut of 25” and  5” gusset, there is definitely enough space for your boards. Inside the bag, there is a board divider.

Inner and outer seat belt straps are placed to secure the boards, supported by 600 Denier polyester on both sides of the bag to prevent ripping. If this wasn’t enough, storage can be found in and outside the bag through pockets for fins, tie-downs, wax and anything else you may-need.

While the name Coffin sounds pretty dark and suffocating, this bag is quite the opposite, and provides air vents for the board’s coolness. It is a long-lasting bag for any travelling surfer, be it a flying or driving trip. The bag comes in lengths of 6’6″, 7’0″ and 7’6′.

Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag Double/Triple

Dakine World Traveler Surfboard Coffin With Wheels

More space, we want more space! With the Dakine World traveller, you may just as well consider travelling the world with a spacious bag such as this one. Able to hold up to four surfboards, 10” high sides, set with 3/8” foam and internal and external compression seatbelts, you may rest assured that your boards are safe.

There are two internal padded dividers and 600D polyester covering.  The bag has also been provided with wheels for easier transportation. The zips are strong and non-corrosive, allowing the bag to last longer. The bag comes in lengths 80 inches, 88 inches and 110 inches.

Dakine bags

FCS Double Triple Surfboard Bag

A more recent addition to surfboard travel bags, the Double Triple surfboard is recommended for the more serious surf trips. Think bumpy roads and island adventures. The double comes with a nose cone, compression straps, tie downs and a separation sheet for the boards.

The triple has the same features with a light runner board cover instead of the separation sheet. With numerous handles and padding, this bag makes transporting your boards easier and you enjoy the trip knowing that your boards will be unharmed. The bag ranges in size from 6’0″ through to 7’0″.

FCS Double/Triple Surfboard Bag Travel Cover

Creatures Leisure Shortboard Bag

More than 30 years of experience has allowed Creatures of Leisure to produce this soft-bag which comes alongside praise as being extremely reliable, durable and light.

The bag can hold one board with a width up to 22”, 10mm foam padding and neoprene lining along the bottom. Covered in a diamond-tech fabric that does not tear easily, it also has an X-flow air ventilation system for better circulation for the board. The board comes in 6’3″ and 6’7″ lengths.

Creatures Bags

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