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Surfboard Art Buyers Guide

If you love surfing, then why not bring the beach vibes into your home? Surfboard art allows you to surround yourself with summer feelings and surf – even when you’re not out in the waves. 

If you want to add an authentic coastal touch to your beach house or make any room feel like it’s on the shore, then a decorative surfboard is a great idea. 

There are all kinds of decorative surfboard artworks out there to perfectly match your space and your style. Whether you’re after retro, colorful, or just plain fun, these surfboards could be just the decor touch that your home needs. 

Follow this guide for everything you need to know about surfboard art, as well as 8 of the best decorative surfboards that you can hang on your walls. 

surfboard art guide

What Is Surfboard Art?

In the broad sense, surfboard art is any kind of art that is inspired by surfing or surf culture. This means surfboard art can come in many different forms. This includes artistically painted surfboards, surfboard sculptures, hand-painted surfboard fins, and so on.

When we talk about surfboard art, we generally refer to surfboards that have been created for the purpose of being a display piece. This includes used and new surfboards that have been hand-painted or drawn by artists, as well as surfboards that are produced purely for decorative purposes. 

If you’ve got a beach house, a coastal interior space, or just want to bring an element of summer into your room, then surfboard art is the perfect way to do this. 

History Of The Decorative Surfboard

To understand the history of the decorative surfboard, you need to understand the history of surfboards and surfing in general. 

Surfboards were first created and used by ancient Hawaiians during the sixth century CE. These were solid wooden longboards. Surfboards were revolutionized in 1929 when Tom Blake invented the first hollow surfboard. Fiberglass surfboards were introduced in 1946, and large-scale commercial surfboards started being produced in the 1950s. 

Around the 1950s and ’60s was when surfing really started to take off. Soon it became highly fashionable, and the idea of surfing extended beyond just riding waves and became its own subculture. 

With this new surfing culture came things like surf fashion and decorative surfboards. As surfboards were produced in greater volumes, more and more attention was placed on how they were decorated. 

Soon decorative surfboards were taken to new levels when artists and designers customized boards with unique graphics. Today, you can buy beautiful decorative surfboards to capture the spirit of surfing in your decor. 

surfboards on beach

What to Look for When Buying Surfboard Wall Art

As we mentioned, surfboard wall art is a pretty broad topic so there are a couple of different things to consider when buying surfboard wall art.

Shape and Size of the Surfboard

Surfboards come in many different shapes and sizes, so when you buy a decorative surfboard this is an important consideration. Of course, the surfboard art needs to be the right size and shape for the space you plan on displaying it. When possible, try to measure the space you want to display it first to ensure the surfboard fits this. 

Then you have different styles and shapes of surfboards to choose from. This includes different degrees of sharpness and roundness in the surfboard curves, longboards, shortboards, and everything in between. 


Your surfboard art is designed for display purposes, so of course, you need to choose your design carefully. 

There are all kinds of design options to choose between. You can choose from different colors, different graphics, different patterns, and textures. This is a completely personal preference, and it should be chosen according to your interior style. 

Do you want a bold colorful statement piece? An old-school classic surfboard? A fun summery design? A faded wooden beach house surfboard? There are many design options to consider.


Surfboard art can be made from any materials that are used to make surfboards. This includes different types of wood, fiberglass, and more. Decorative surfboards are usually made from wood.

Choose a material that is practical and matches your interior style. If you’re going for exposed wood, you might want to choose the color of the wood to match any wooden furniture you have. 

8 Great Pieces of Surfboard Art to Put on Your Wall

If you want to spruce up your walls with a piece of surfboard art, here are 8 beautiful decorative surfboards for all kinds of interiors. 

Benjara Wooden Surfboard Wall Art With Block Stripe

  • 18 x 6 x 76 inches
  • Classic wooden surfboard with stripes
  • Mounting hardware on the back

This single piece of surfboard wall art showcases a classic block stripe print over a wooden board. The board has a retro wooden look that fits perfectly into all kinds of spaces and decor styles. 

The decorative surfboard includes mounting hardware on the back to make it easy to hang up. This can be hung horizontally or vertically to match your space. 

While many decorative surfboards feature artistic graphics and colorful designs, this one is plain and simple. The board simply showcases the natural grain of the wood and the hues of the different types of wood. Instead of just looking like a piece of wall art, this looks more like a real, rideable surfboard.

benjara wooden surfboard

MilanHome Surfboard Wall Decor

  • 76” x 18” x 1”
  • Wooden surfboard with a ‘worn-in’ look
  • Painted wave design

The MilanHome decorative surfboard for walls will add a vintage beach feel to any space. This wooden surfboard display has a worn-in look that adds real retro charm. The surfboard is painted with a simple wave pattern in blue, white, and red. 

The surfboard art is made from pine and MDF, although the distressed look makes it feel like a real used surfboard. Unfortunately, this board doesn’t include any mounting hardware, so this needs to be purchased separately. 

You can hang this board vertically or horizontally, and it has been designed to allow for invisible mount hardware on the back. 

milanhome surfboard

Benjara Wooden Surfboard Wall Art With Medallion Paint

  • 18” x 6” x 76”
  • Surfboard showcases medallion paint
  • Mounting hardware on the back

If you’re looking for surfboard art that’s a bit more artistic, then this is a good choice. This decorative surfboard features a detailed medallion painted design, with hues of blue and white creating a truly special artwork. 

The wooden surfboard has a classic shape, but its detailed graphics make it stand out as an artwork. The board uses soft colors to make sure it fits in with classic beach house decor. The solid wood construction makes this board durable. 

The surfboard includes mounting hardware on the back for easy installation. This is suitable for both vertical and horizontal hanging. 

surfboard wall art

HomeRoots Distressed Aqua Waves Surfboard

  • 76″ x 18″ x 1″
  • Distressed wood finish and wave graphics
  • Ready to hang with an invisible mount

This beautiful piece of surfboard art uses a naturally distressed wooden look to add character to any space. The surfboard features a faded blue and white wave design that looks fun and authentic. It’s colorful but subtle and will blend in perfectly with any beach house or vintage environment.

The surfboard is finished on both sides, so it looks great from any angle. The mounting system included on the board is totally invisible and hanging it couldn’t be any easier. The board hangs vertically and horizontally. If it’s a classic old-school wooden look you’re going for, then this is an ideal decorative surfboard for walls. 

homeroots display surfboard

HomeRoots Distressed and Rustic Yellow Surfboard

  • 76″ x 18″ x 1″
  • Distressed wood finish in yellow and green
  • Ready to hang with an invisible mount

Here’s another piece of vintage-looking surfboard art from HomeRoots. Just like the surfboard with the wave graphics, this one also features a worn-in wooden look. The distressed wood features a vibrant golden yellow color with splashes of green along each side. The surfboard makes for a bright and colorful addition to any room.

This surfboard art is finished on both sides, which makes it look more authentic however it’s hung up. An invisible mounting system is included, which makes the board really easy to hang both horizontally or vertically. 

In terms of surfboard art, this piece is pretty diverse. It can add a retro touch to any living space, it can add a bold splash of color into a room, but its classic distressed look is also subtle enough to blend into a casual beach house.

surfboard art yellow surfboard

HomeRoots Vintage Look Red Surfboard Wall Art

  • 18″ x 1″ x 76″
  • Distressed wood finish
  • Invisible mount and hardware included

This is the most classic-looking HomeRoots decorative surfboard. It’s got a classic striped design with the wood grain left visible. Like their other surfboard art pieces, this board is finished with a distressed look to give it an authentic vintage feel. It looks like a real one-of-a-kind surfboard.

The natural wood finish and simple stripe design make this an easy piece of surfboard art to fit into all kinds of different spaces. The surfboard comes with an invisible mount system with all hardware included. This makes it easy to hang vertically or horizontally in all kinds of spaces. 

homeroots vintage look red surfboard wall art

Creative Co-Op Coastal Surfboard Decor

  • 65.63” x 15” x 0.75”
  • Natural wood with a white striped pattern
  • Flat surfboard for easy mounting

This piece of surfboard art by Creative Co-Op is simple and elegant. Unlike other decorative surfboards, this one is clearly a purely decorative board. It doesn’t have the same curves that a real surfboard would have. It’s also only finished on one side, which means it’s best displayed flat against the wall. However, the flat nature of this board makes it easy to mount or prop up against a shelf.

The surfboard looks awesome with its natural wood finish and simple white and red stripe down the middle. The simple and subdued design will add just the right decor touch to any coastal interior. The simple design will also easily fit into different types of interiors. The board is made out of sturdy natural wood for an authentic retro look and feel.

creative co-op coastal decor

Malibu Rum Surfboard Art

  • 46.5” x 11” x ½”
  • Malibu branded surfboard art
  • Printed graphics applied to MDF

Having a branded piece of surfboard art may not be everyone’s first choice, but if you love Malibu then this decorative surfboard is a must. This is a really fun piece of surfboard art that will add a tropical touch to any interior space. It’s perfect to hang above your bar or to add an island vibe to any interior space. 

This decorative surfboard is made from MDF and is covered by a printed Malibu graphic. The board is flat, so it can easily be mounted flush against the wall. This piece of surfboard art doesn’t necessarily resemble a very realistic surfboard, but it’s a fun interior addition to any room. If you want to bring the spirit of summer all year round, then this is a great piece of wall art. 

malibu rum board


Surfboard wall art is a fun way to bring the beach home and add some real surf vibes to your room. A decorative surfboard for walls is the perfect way to make any space feel laid back and beachy.

The decorative surfboards we’ve chosen above are suitable for a wide range of interior styles and spaces. As soon as you hang one up on your wall, you’ll feel like it’s summer all year round!


Can you surf on a painted surfboard?

If you paint a regular surfboard with the right acrylic paints, then you can absolutely use it in the water. Just be aware that most decorative surfboards are designed as display pieces only, and aren’t actually meant to be surfed. 

Can you decorate a surfboard?

You can create your own surfboard art from an existing surfboard. If you don’t plan on surfing it, you won’t need to do much to preserve the paint and protect the board.

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