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Surfing at Morro Negrito Surf Camps

The Morro Negrito Surf Camps are located in the perfect position for intermediate to advanced surfers.


There are two surf camps – the Morro Negrito Surf Camp and Surfers Paradise Surf Camp.

Unlike some of the more well-known surf spots, it’s one of the lesser known surf spots in Panama but is an absolute gem.

It offers up six incredible surf spots, from beginner beach breaks to barrelling reef breaks. The most famous of them all is The Point, which is a barrelling wave that breaks over a lava rock bottom.

Morro Negrito Surf Tube
Morro Negrito Leftovers Surf Break
Paradise Island Surf

Morro Negrito Surf Camp

Morro Negrito is a small surf village located on the Pacific coast of Panama. It’s roughly 100km north of Santa Catalina. 

Morro Negrito Surf Camp is located on an island off the coast of Chiriqui, Panama.

When I visited, I loved Emily’s Surf Spot which is right out front of the camp and is suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

The camp has a very laid back vibe. One of my favourite things about the camp was the many relaxing hammocks scattered around for the ultimate chill out.

The private dining area provides a great opportunity to meet other surfers. I met everyone else at the camp as we congregated in the evenings to eat, watch videos, play cards and hang out.

The camp also includes a surf school for all levels of surfing. For intermediate and advances they offer boat to nearby breaks.

Morro Negrito Surf Camp
Morro Negrito beach

Morro Negrito Surf Camp Rooms

The camp accommodates a maximum of 25 peoples. The rooms are basic and typically are made up of twin rooms. The floors are tiled and each has a night stand in it. Fans are available to use on request. The camp has a total of three bathrooms.

Morro Negrito Surf Camp Front View
Morro Negrito Yoga Deck
Ocean View Rooms Morro Negrito Surf Camp
Morro Negrito Bedroom
Morro Negrito Surf Camp Bathroom

Surfers Paradise Surf Camp

This Morro Negrito Surf Camp spans two private islands. The Paradise Island Surf Camp island has the living accommodations and then there is a smaller island which is uninhabited. There are some epic surf around these islands which can be accessed directly from the shore or by boat.

Morro Negrito Paradise Island Surf Camp Huts
Beach huts at Paradise Island Surf Camp

The rooms are located on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Water is supplied by a fresh water spring on top of the hill and electricity is supplied by a generator. There’s a large sandy beach break directly in front of the surf camp which is ideal for beginner and intermediates surfers. There are also a plethora of other left and right breaks to choose from.

Paradise Island Ocean View
Paradise Island Surf Camp Bedroom
Paradise Island Surf Camp Guests

The Paradise Island Surf Camp was opened in 1998 and accommodates up to 15 surfers. In addition to surfing there are loads of other activities including diving, fishing, or just relaxing in the hammock.

Both islands have a wide variety of wild life including monkeys, tropical birds, parrots and deer.

Fishing is great at Paradise Surf Camp