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Morocco Surf Camp Guide

morocco surf camp guide

Morocco is an amazing place to surf for a few reasons. The combination of the crisp clear atlantic ocean and the dry, arid mountain terrain make for breathtaking scenery. Unlike Portugal or Bali, it’s not as mainstream which means the breaks are little less crowded.

It’s got a great climate all year round, which makes it an excellent winter surf break those Europeans craving a bit of sun between December and February. 

Most of the good surfing in Morocco is in the southern half of the country with the epicentre of surfing being a village called Taghazout. 

Taghazout is only a 25 min drive from the nearest airport in Agadir. This Morocco Surf Camp Guide will focus on southern Morocco and the surf village of Taghazout.

Best Places To Surf

Surfing in Morocco can trace its roots back to the 1950’s when a few American surfers from the military stationed at a base in Mehdiya, close to Rabat, started surfing on the northern coastline.

Before long the French and Italians living in Morocco took to the sport as did the some local Moroccan’s. By the 1970’s core surfers from places like the US and Australia were travelling to Morocco to explore its coastline in search of the perfect wave. Some may argue that Anchor Point in Taghazhout is that perfect wave – when it’s firing.

Over the last 10 years the surf camp scene in morocco has grown in a big way. Lot’s of young people from the European continent looking for some winter sun set their sights on learning to surf in Morocco. Surf Camps are the offering for beginner surfers. The majority of the surf camps are located in Taghazout. More recently other surf camps have opened in Imsouane, and Sidi Ifni

In this Surf Camp Morocco Guide we’ll share the best surf camps in southern Morocco for beginner and intermediate surfers. Explore the what each of the different areas below have to offer by clicking on the links

The Waves

Southern Morocco is blessed with an abundance of awesome waves with a high concentration within a 10km radius of Taghazout. Sidi Ifni about 200km south of Taghazout with uncrowded waves is also a great place to learn to surf. There are few other places in the world which can offer such a broad range of waves for beginner surfers all the way through to advanced rippers. Below are some of the best spots for beginners and intermediates.

Imsouane Bay

imsouane bay surfing

A longboarders’ Mecca, Imsouane Bay has one of the longest right hand point breaks in the world. The swell comes in and wraps around the harbour wall, breaks, and then peels for what seems like an eternity into the bay and all the way to the beach. The wave is a really mellow right-hand point break which is ideal for beginners. The ride on this wave can be so long that in many cases you’ll end walking back to the point depending on the tide.

Cathedral Point

Cathedral Point is the beach break in Imsouane which offers both a-frames and on bigger days a fairly punchy right-hander reserved for more advanced surfers. On small to medium swell, this is also great place to beginners to learn to surf.


surfing tamri morocco

It’s located at the mouth of a Oued river which is used to irrigate the banana plantations of the nearby farming village. It’s a consistent beach break which is very popular with the local surf schools as it makes for ideal learning spot for beginners. When the waves pick up in size one should be careful of rip currents.


A nice beach break that often overlooked in favour of the more famous surf spots in the Taghazout area. When there is a good swell rolling in the sheltered breach break is an excellent place for beginners to learn.

Devils Point

A nice, mellow, right-hand point break. It’s very popular with surf schools in the area. The beach gets crowded in the winter months. It’s advisable to start on a foam board at this spot due to the crowds in season.


A large beach break with multiple peaks, this is the spot that works when everywhere else is flat. There is a wave here for everyone, and plenty of space for those that are learning to surf.

Legzira Beach

morocco surf camp guide

This beach break is located down in the desolate south of Sidi Ifni. The wave is perfect for beginners and breaks fairly close into shore. The beach is renowned for being one of the most beautiful in Morocco thanks to the famous Elephants foot rock formation.


Morocco’s southern coastal climate is hot and dry. The cool breeze that blows off the atlantic helps to keep temperatures from soaring. In the summer months (May-August) temperatures average around 27 degrees celsius (77 Fahrenheit). In the winter months (November to February) temperatures average around 20 degrees celsius (68 Fahrenheit). Sidi Ifni being further south will see larger variations in temperature where summer temperatures can go into the mid 30’s (95 Fahrenheit) and in winter it can get down to as low at 8 degrees celsius in the evenings (46 Fahrenheit).

Water Temperature

In the summer months (May-August) water temperatures in southern Morocco range between 20-22 degrees celsius (68-71 Fahrenheit). In the winter (November-February) temperatures range between 15-18 degrees celsius (60-64 Fahrenheit). In the spring and Autumn water temperatures range between 18-20 degrees celsius (64-69 Fahrenheit). With this mind, a 3:2 wetsuit will be suitable for 3 seasons of the year, as well as in early winter. In January and February, you’ll most likely need to wear a 4:3 wetsuit.

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