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Fuerteventura Surf Camps

Fuerteventura Surf Camps

Surfers flock to Fuerteventura Surf Camps through the Autumn and Winter months. This is down to Fuerteventura’s unique position, just West of Morocco. Here it receives large, seasonal Atlantic swells, so it rarely lies flat. Fun waves still hit the East Coast between Spring and Summer however, so surfing here can fit any calendar!

Offshore wind conditions and warm temperatures cooled by Atlantic breezes generate perfect surf conditions in the morning and late afternoon. Even in peak season, Fuerteventura Surf Camps remain uncrowded and inexpensive. The locals are friendly, the waves are powerful, and of course the reefs are beautiful.

The North and North-West of the island are a mine of surf spots, many of which are unridden. Not only are waves here consistent, but they are suitable for any level of surfing. Both left and right hand waves are plentiful here. This guide will explore five of the best Fuerteventura Surf Camps in Corralejo, the main surfing town. We will also explore the islands huge variety of surf spots.

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The Best Places To Surf

Not only does Fuerteventura contain a huge cluster of surf spots, but many of them are untouched throughout the year. These feature a huge variety of breaks, including beach breaks for beginners, and reef or point breaks for more comfortable surfers. Make sure to check out Rocky Point, one of the greatest spots on the island located on the North Coast; and Cofete Beach in the South West is known to be brilliant for surfing out of peak season throughout Spring and Summer.

In this guide we are going to recommend some of the best Fuerteventura surf camps and surf spots. Beginner and intermediate surfers are particularly taken into consideration here, but we’ve highlighted spots for all abilities!

Fuerteventura Surf Camps

The Waves

For such a small island, Fuerteventura is a treasure trove of world-class waves and spots. Although Fuerteventura remains relatively uncrowded in peak surf season, some beginner spots such as rocky point can get crowded on excellent surf days.

Most surf spots cluster in the North of the island, with the occasional one down the West Coast. Most of these populate a dirt road – the North Track. This stretches from Bristol to El Cotillo, has a rough surface and few shops or facilities so make sure you’re stocked up!

Cofete Beach

cofete beach fuerteventura

Even if Cofete is out the way compared to other surf spots, it’s always worth a visit. Learning here couldn’t be easier, there are few crowds and plenty of waves for everyone. These waves are standard with the occasional barrel. The beach is well sign posted and parking is free, however the track to reach it is difficult without a 4×4.

La Pared

la pared fuerteventura

Another beach perfectly suited for beginners. This beach is never flat, although it can get too windy in summer. Waves here break on the beach, so no paddle out is required and the spot is easily accessible. Bigger swells from the North East transform the beach into one suited to intermediates and experts. Parking here is easy, and it is possible to hire equipment.

El Cotillo

el cotillo fuerteventura

This beach is flat and long enough to house multiple peaks and breaks over the sand. Beginners are well suited to this beach, since both left and right hand peaks are available and no paddle out is needed. Although advanced surfing lessons can also come here. Best surfed at medium tide, with a westerly swell – although this beach is never flat! This is beach is just 10 minutes from Corralejo, and parking is easy.

Playa de Esquinzo

playa de esquinzo fuerteventura

Another beach break, though harder to access than other surf spots. This means there are few crowds, and usually a wave for everyone! These waves break over the beach and are best surfed at high tide with a Westerly swell. Free parking, but not the best beach to learn at – Fuerteventura Surf Camps rarely teach here. Consistently good sandbars.

Spew Pits

spew pits fuerteventura

Located just North of Cotillo harbour – and it is not for the faint hearted! Waves here are best suited to intermediate and expert surfers due to their fast, powerful, barrelling nature. The break is over a sharp reef that has a reputation for snapping boards! For this reason, equipment cannot be hired here.

Derecha de los Alemanes

waves in fuerteventura

The sharp reef beneath the wave means this spot is most recommended for those at an intermediate level. It is a long right hand wave that breaks in two spots. These occasionally merge to form a fun, long, quick ride. Crowds are rarely a problem here. Best surf between low and mid tides.

The Bubble

Perhaps Fuerteventura’s most famous wave! Another reef break, and a favourite for advanced surfers. This wave is fast, shallow and hollow. It also breaks both left and right. Good swell and offshore winds means that great tubes can be caught from here. A true board snapper!


majanicho fuerteventura

Majanicho is a small village that lies at the end of the road from Lajares. Waves here break over the boulders in the small fishing bay. It is a tall, long, right hand point break which can be fun without the extremity. Recommended for intermediates and above. Best between low and mid tide, but easier at high tide.

El Muelle

el muelle fuerteventura

Confident surfers love this spot for the wrap-around, left-hand wave. This ride is long, fast and occasionally barrelling (though on occasion this can be dangerously shallow and powerful). Breaks over a reef just North of the harbour wall. A right wave also exists, though this is considerably shorter. Parking is available on the side of the road in the harbour.

Rocky Point

One of the islanders favourites! This is a reef break suitable for beginners located just outside Corralejo harbour. The right wave is close to shore, whilst the left involves a little paddle out. There is no cost to park, and a small path takes you down to the water’s front. Beware that this spot can get a little crowded.


Fuerteventura has the steadiest, most favourable climate of all the Canary Islands. Only subtle differences exist between seasons, and very little rain is seen all year round with the exception of a few winter months. Much of the island is a desert landscape, but still has the four seasons seen in the rest of Europe.

Primary Summer months are between June and August, where the island sees a lot of dry sunshine. December to February are the main Winter months. Between the two is the best time to surf in Fuerteventura, when offshore winds creates excellent surf and large swells from the Atlantic reach the North Coast.

Since the island is small, low-lying and surrounded by ocean the island is rarely without a breeze! A word of caution however, since these winds can reach dangerous speeds. So no matter how good the surf may look, make sure to take care!

Sunrise in Fuerteventura can be pretty late in the morning. In winter sun rise is approximately 9:50, and sun set around 20:15. This changes to 8:00 in June, and sunset to 21:50. This leave plenty of daylight hours for a day on the surf!

Day temperatures peak at 28°C (82°F) in August, and are at their lowest in January at 18°C (64°F). At night temperatures drop by only a few degrees.

Fuerteventura Surf Camps

Water Temperature

Between June and November temperatures range from 19.1 – 24.1°C. These drop to 17.4 – 21.3°C between December and May. On average they are pretty consistent, and occasionally waves can be surfed without a wetsuit (although this is definitely recommended in the Winter months).

Line up Kite & Surf Camp

Located in Corralejo – Fuerteventura’s main surf town, just 6km from the beach is Line up Kite & Surf Camp. This property is suited perfectly to families and groups. Guests can meet and bond in one of many communal spaces available. Barbecue facilities, a terrace, and a shared lounge/kitchen creates a friendly, social vibe that compliments a surfing holiday so well.

Line up Kite & Surf Camp

In order to meet the water sports requirements of it’s guests, the camp has been recently renovated. It’s one of few Fuerteventura Surf Camps to offer these activities.Whether it’s Kite, Surf and Sup facilities you’re after, this hostel promises to show you the best of the Northern Coast.

Line up Kite & Surf Camp

Pairs travelling together can book a twin room, a double room, or one with a bunk bed. Alternatively bunk beds in larger dormitories can be booked, these are mixed gender. Guests can also choose a room with a bathroom for a little more privacy. Guest rooms in the guest house are equipped with a coffee machine, a kettle and a toaster. Some rooms provide a patio.

Sol y Mar Surf Camp

Location alone should be enough to sell you this property over other Fuerteventura Surf Camps. The beach is just 3 minutes walk away from the hostel – which is in a traditional Spanish house. Decor is classic, bright, simple, and can be enjoyed from the roof terrace alongside a barbecue. Alternatively guests can cook up some delicious Spanish cuisine in one of the 24 hour kitchens.

Sol y Mar Surf Camp

Staff here have truly thought of everything. Guests can indulge in free parking, free wifi or make the most of the activities desk. From here visitors can truly make a holiday to remember, and book diving or windsurfing. General Fuerteventura information, airport shuttles, surf board storage and bike rental are also available here.

Sol y Mar Surf Camp

All bathrooms at this hostel are shared and contain a shower. Private single and double rooms can be booked. Or for a lower price two, three and four bed mixed dormitories can be booked.

Surf Riders Fuerteventura

This property is located strategically between the Corralejo beach, Waikiki Beach and the beautiful town centre. It’s proximity to the beach awards the hostel panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Lobos Island, to be spectated from the outdoor pool or rooftop terrace. Whilst the adjacent town can offer surf shops, restaurants and nightlife.

Surf Riders Fuerteventura

Surf Riders Fuerteventura emits a fun, laid-back and friendly vibe towards it’s guests. Meeting like-minded surfers couldn’t be easier thanks to it’s BBQ facilities, communal kitchen and shared lounges. This property is also rated for it’s excellent value for money. There is a laundry room, surfboard storage and free wifi offered to guests.

Surf Riders Fuerteventura

Travellers on a budget can check in to an eight or four bedroom mixed dormitory. Alternatively a double or twin room can be booked, with or without a private bathroom. Rooms have a simple but functional décor, and are flooded with natural light.

Bristol Sunset Beach

Attention surfers – because this property is right on the beach front, a mere 50m from the famous Bristol Beach. Apartments here are located in a complex which boasts an outdoor pool, rooftop bar and sports facilities. These include bicycle parking and lockers for sports equipment, as well as a cleaning area for sports material.

Bristol Sunset Beach

Bristol Sunset Beach features surfing and kite-surfing courses, Yoga lessons, Open Air functional training and Stand-Up-Paddle fun trips. Customers are greeted with a familiar language, since the check in and customer service point are multilingual. Unlike other Fuerteventura Surf Camps, Bristol Sunset Beach provides On-Line check-in to maximise ease for their customers.

Bristol Sunset Beach

Guests here stay in a selection of apartments. It is possible to book these for two people with or without a yoga/kite surf package. Alternatively, small groups of 3 and 4 can book a studio or one bedroom apartments. Four or a superior six person apartments can also be booked, each with two bedrooms. Each unit has a seating area, kitchen, and bathroom with a shower. Depending on level they may feature a terrace or balcony. Free WiFi is available in some apartments.

Apartamentos Corralejo Surf & Experience

Hosts here emphasise the special atmosphere of peace and relaxation that guests experience in this property. They state that it’s ‘a very quiet place where you can find peace and feel the freedom’. Fitness, massage and wellness regimes are offered to all guests. So those who value rest and rehabilitation after a day surfing the best waves in Fuerteventura should check in here!

Apartamentos Corralejo Surf & Experience

This property is just a 12 minutes walk from the beach, but car hire facilities are offered to guests so they can experience the brilliant surf spots that pepper the Northern Coastline. Staff say they value adventure and new experiences, so many extra activities are offered to guests that encourage them to do the same.

Apartamentos Corralejo Surf & Experience

Few Fuerteventura Surf Camps can offer what this property does. Studio apartments, and two or four bed dormitories can be booked with or without additional packages. These include surfing, cycling and sports packages. All studios include 2 single beds, a TV, a kitchen (fitted with a microwave) and a private bathroom with a shower.

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