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The Ultimate Sea Scooter Buyers Guide for Sea Exploration

Sea scooters provide a whole new thrill for any water user. Also known as water scooters they propel the user through the ocean without any effort. A sea scooter can be enjoyed by scuba divers, swimmers, adults and children. It can even be used as a surfboard accessory.

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With a sea scooter, you can achieve so much more in the water. Using these devices means you will spend less time wasting energy and breath, and more time enjoying what the ocean has to offer. Besides making swimming and paddling easier, they are also loads of fun to just zoom around on. 

Water scooters come in a range of different forms and budget options. Let’s take a deeper look into these cool underwater devices, and explore some of the top products available. 

What is a Sea Scooter? 

A sea scooter provides a convenient solution for propelling swimmers or divers through the water. These are small, handheld devices that feature one or two propellers. They are obviously completely waterproof and run off a battery. 

Most sea scooters will travel between 4-7 km/h. However, more advanced versions can pick up a faster pace. These devices offer a great way of exploring further and deeper in the ocean.

Sea scooters are easily held by the diver, swimmer, or surfer in order to thrust them through the water. This is done to eliminate the need for using up too much energy on swimming and paddling. For scuba divers, this can also mean saving on breath – allowing you to travel further and enjoy longer sessions. Being able to easily glide through the water is useful for exhaustion and getting through strong currents, but it is also plenty of fun. 

Whether you use them in the sea or the pool, for advanced scuba diving or just playing around, sea scooters are always a good idea!

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The History of Sea Scooters

The idea behind underwater scooters, or DPV’s, was inspired by human torpedoes dating back to WWII. These were weapons that Italy first deployed in the war, involving slow-running torpedoes steered by underwater divers. Although a whole lot less destructive, sea scooters follow a similar idea of propelling divers underwater. Except that they are now used to increase diving range instead of torpedoing ships. 

A number of other devices have been invented throughout history that helped to spark the idea for sea scooters. These include swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) used by the navy, subskimmers (a kind of submersible inflatable boat), wet subs (a type of small submarine), and towed sleds. 

Towed sleds are more similar to sea scooters in theory, as they are also used to carry divers around over greater distances. The difference is that these are boards towed by a boat as opposed to being independently powered. 

Over time, recreational water scooters have developed – offering a convenient tool for underwater users. Thanks to the many different inventions of the past, mostly used by naval forces, today’s underwater scooters are effective, easy to use, and accessible.

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What to Look Out for When Buying an Underwater Scooter

There are many different sea scooters on the market, each one with unique features. This can make choosing the ideal piece of equipment tricky. Depending on what you will be using the underwater scooter for, and how serious a diver/swimmer you are, there are certain factors to consider. Here are some important things to look out for when buying a water scooter. 

Running Time

Sea scooters are battery powered – so they are only as good as their battery life allows. It is really important to know how long your device will be able to run for. This will determine the kind of use that you can get from it and what its limitations will be. 

A typical beginners sea scooter should have a battery life of around 40 – 50 minutes. More serious divers may prefer one with a lifespan of around 120 minutes though. This will work better for deep-sea dives and long ranges. 


Speed is the other major criteria when choosing a water scooter. A model that can travel faster means that you will be able to cover greater distances – so any serious long-range divers will want more power. This will help you to get the most out of the devices running time as well. 

Beginner models start with speeds of around 3km/h. This is perfect for first-timers or those that dont need to move as far. As the models get more expensive, they become faster and more powerful. The speed and power that you choose depends on the kind of diving you plan on doing. 



These are items designed for underwater use, so an important buying factor is how deep you can take them. Sea scooters can range from being able to travel a depth of 15ft to a depth of 230ft. 

Again, the model you choose depends on the kind of diving or use you will be doing. If the sea scooter is a surfing accessory, pool toy or a gadget for beginner divers, then a lower depth will work perfectly. 

10 Best Sea Scooters

There are a plethora of sea scooters on the market today. Some a lot better than others. We’ve taken the time to find you the very best water scooters. Here they are.

Aquarobotman MagicJet Sea Scooter

  • Up to 100 minutes running time
  • 1.8 m/s fast speed
  • Depth of up to 50m
  • 2-in-1 modular design

This sea scooter by Aquarobotman offers a number of great features that any serious diver or ocean user will love. The powerful scooter can last for up to 100 minutes, allowing you to enjoy long distances and a solid dive session. Combined with its 1.8m/s fast speed and 50m depth, you can explore the ocean like never before. 

This sea scooter has a large removable battery on top and can be easily controlled with one or two hand operation. One of the cool things about this unit is its modular design. This allows you to attach two of these water scooters together for an enhanced experience. 

This scooter has three different camera mounts, allowing you to do multidirectional shooting underwater. It is also designed to be eco-friendly as not to disturb any creatures under the sea, or create any kind of pollution. The propellor is safely protected beneath a plastic covering, making this model easier to cruise around with. 

Aquarobotman MagicJet Sea Scooter

Windek Sublue Sea Scooter

  • 60 minutes of battery life
  • 2 m/s max speed
  • Depth of up to 40m
  • Double propellor design

The Windek Sublue sea scooter offers high performance for underwater users. This model has two propellers, providing good speed and stable control. Between the three-speed control (free, sport and turbo) settings, the scooter can reach a max speed of 2 m/s. This is coupled with a maximum depth of 40m. 

Although this DPV is a little bit wider than other models, it is still perfectly balanced and easy to control. It can be used with one hand and comes with a special buckle that attaches to the diver. There is also an OLED display unit, showing all necessary information and data on the dive status. 

This unit has universal features, meaning that it can accommodate all kinds of action cameras. There are also lights and counterweights to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Anyone wanting to take their underwater adventures to the next level will love using the modern and fast sea scooter.

windek sublue

Yamaha Seawing

  • 6.5 km/h max speed
  • 45-minute battery life
  • Double propellors
  • Neutrally buoyant

Yamaha has created a popular sea scooter through this well-designed model. The Seawing features two powerful propellors that are able to boost the user at a speed of 6.5 km/h. There is a two-speed interchangeable gear here.

The Seawing only lasts for 45 minutes underwater, although the impressive speed should be enough to allow you to travel plenty of distance. This unit is also specially designed to be neutrally buoyant – meaning that it will neither sink nor float. 

With complete camera integration, an LED battery light, and easy double handled control, this model is a firm favourite for many divers.

Yamaha Seawing

Sublue Whiteshark Water Scooter

  • 3.35 mph top speed
  • 40m depth
  • 30 minutes of battery life
  • Double propellors

This is a brilliant sea scooter for kids and beginners as it is so convenient and easy to use. The Whiteshark is lightweight (only 3.5kgs), completely safe to use, and easy to steer. Complete with a floater, this water scooter has zero buoyancy. The size is also compact, and easy to manage. 

The Sublue Whiteshark is neither the fastest nor the longest-lasting sea scooter out there. However, this doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or just having fun with it. The design is very user friendly and is completely compatible with different sports cameras. 

With double thrusters, a comfortable grip, and a good depth level, this gadget will help you to explore the ocean like never before. 

sublue whiteshark sea scooter

TUSA SV-7 Underwater Scooter

  • 2.6 mph maximum speed
  • 80-minute battery life
  • Saddle wings to pull 3 people
  • A single propellor system

The TUSA SV-7 underwater scooter is a powerful piece of equipment to help divers achieve the absolute most. This sea scooter only has a single propellor, but it can comfortably pull three divers at once. This is thanks to its saddle wings and strong 3-speed control. The maximum speed here is around 2.6 mph. 

The progressive acceleration system allows you to make precise speed adjustments while in motion. The propellor is also adjustable by pitch and angle. This allows you to find the ideal setting for a smooth and steady ride. 

This sea scooter is depth rated for 230 feet, is completely neutrally buoyant, and has an 80 minute battery life. Although it is a pretty large and bulky underwater scooter, this is a great choice for serious divers and those seeking top performance. 

tusa underwater underwater scooter

SeaDoo SD 15001 RS1

  • 7 km/h max speed
  • 90 minutes run time
  • 40 meters depth rating
  • 500W propellor

SeaDoo has always been a favourite choice for divers, and this powerful underwater scooter is no exception. The single 500W propellor can reach top speeds of 7km/h, and it will last for 90 minutes. This scooter can be taken to a depth of 40 meters.

With stabilizing glide fins, a gear locking system for triggerless cruising, and downforce spoilers, this device is smooth and makes it super easy to scooter underwater. The SD 15001 RS1 is a step up from other recreational sea scooters, offering more power and better performance. Overall, this product is a winner for any serious diver. 

Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1 Underwater Scooter

Jerry Rat Underwater Scooter

  • 100 minute running time
  • 9km/h top speed
  • Dives up to 66ft depth
  • Can carry four adults at once

High speed and high performance is what the Jerry Rat underwater scooter is all about. This slick, streamlined scooter is fast (9km/h), powerful (can carry up to four adults), and long-lasting. The 100 minute running time equates to a distance of 6km – that’s a whole lot of ocean to cover!

This water scooter has a special streamlined design which makes gliding through the water a seamless experience. There is a single powerful thrust propellor with wings branching off each side. The design is great for circling, fast diving, rotating, and even cruising on the water’s surface. The body is also fully compatible with cameras.

jerry rat

SeaDoo JetPilot

  • 4km/h propulsion speed
  • 2 hours running time
  • Rated for 100 feet depths
  • Single propellor design

The JetPilot is a popular SeaDoo model for many scuba divers thanks to its long-lasting power and solid build. You can easily use this sea scooter with one hand, making it a smart choice for divers, snorkelers and swimmers. 

The JetPilot travels pretty fast (4km/h), but it is the long-lasting battery that appeals to most divers. With a running time of 2 hours per charge, you can see loads underwater and travel great distances. 

The JetPilot may be a compact unit, but it really performs. Whether you are at a depth of 100 feet or cruising on the surface of the water, this water scooter is fast, easy to control, and comfortable to hold. An overall top choice for all water users.

seadoo jetpilot water scooter

SeaDoo Dolphin Water Scooter

  • 3.2 km/h propulsion speed
  • Runs for up to 90 minutes
  • 5m depth rating
  • Various safety features

The dolphin sea scooter is the introductory model by SeaDoo. This awesome little unit is a great choice for kids, beginners, or those that don’t take diving too seriously. Although it may be an entry-level model, it is still made with the quality that SeaDoo is known for. 

The dolphin travels at a pretty good pace (3.2km/h) and can cover an impressive distance during its 90 minutes running time. The scooter is very lightweight and compact – perfect for kids to use. There are also a number of clever safety features. These include a safety lock, positive buoyancy, and a firm safety grille.

Easy to carry, easy to use, and loads of fun to scooter underwater on, the dolphin is the perfect choice for beginner scuba divers.

seadoo dolphin water scooter

Sea Scooter by Surf Gear Lab

  • 300W single water propellor
  • PVC material
  • 597 x 372 x 311 MM
  • A compact handheld device

Surf Gear Lab offers some fantastic deals on watersports accessories – with this sea scooter being one of them. This is a powerful and incredibly user-friendly model that will appeal to beginners as well as more experienced divers. 

This water scooter has a single propellor with a 300W voltage motor. The propeller follows a bullet shape, making it streamlined and convenient to swim around with. Even though it is compact, the device offers plenty of force to get you moving around the ocean with ease. 

The Surf Gear Lab sea scooter is suitable for use in the ocean, freshwater lakes, ponds and pools. It is easy to steer, comfortable to hold, and safe to use thanks to the plastic covering over the propellor. Sure, this is not the most advanced sea scooter, and it won’t have you reaching insane depths. However, as a beginner or intermediate model, it offers great value, plenty of fun, and a powerful way to help you travel through the water.

Where Can You Buy a Sea Scooter

Sea scooters have become pretty accessible over the last couple of years, and ahave become a favourite accessory for divers. This means that wherever there are scuba divers, snorkelers or ocean users, sea scooters shouldn’t be hard to find. 

Buying a water scooter online os one of the best options, as this allows you to find the exact model that you are looking for. Sites like Amazon make the process easy, offering quality products at the click of a button. The other option would be to head to your local dive shop. Although they may not have as much on offer as online, any good dive shop should be able to kit you out with the right sea scooter for your needs. 


If you love being in the ocean and exploring under the sea, then a sea scooter will become your new favourite toy! These devices range from advanced and powerful machines to child-friendly beginner models. Whether you use them for deep-sea diving, swimming, surfing, or playing around in a lake, they will be sure to offer an amazing experience. 

Sea scooters allow you to reach further distances, cruise along with ease, and experience more. You can use them to shoot videos, do fast dives, or just ride along on the water’s surface. There are many different models available – each of them offering a great experience. We urge any avid ocean user to give underwater scooters a try, as they will become a very well-used accessory.

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How does a sea scooter work?

Sea scooters are handheld, battery-powered devices that thrust the user along with a propellor. You control them with an accelerator button, and easily steer them with your arms. These devices do not give off any emissions. 

How do you use a water scooter?

Divers simply hold out the underwater scooters and let the propellor thrust them forward. These devices have a switch and often use a speed control system. They are battery powered and rechargeable. 

Are underwater scooters worth it?

Although these gadgets can become pretty expensive, they will transform any diving experience. Sea scooters allow you to travel much greater distances underwater, save on breath, and see more. They also save plenty of energy. 

Is it easy to scooter underwater?

Yes, relatively easy. Being a strong swimmer and having good upper body strength will make it easier to scooter underwater. This is because you’ll be spending extended periods underwater where the ability to holds ones breath becomes a key factor.

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