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How to Choose the Best Inflatable Dock or Platform

An inflatable dock is the platform that you probably never realized you needed. Whether you need to extend the deck of your boat, create a swimming platform, or anchor your kayak and other inflatables, an inflatable dock is a great solution.

These platforms aren’t exactly as sturdy as a real dock, but they are easy to place wherever you want them and simple to assemble. Follow our complete guide below on the best inflatable floating dock to help you take your watersport’s experience to the next level.

inflatable dock buyers guide

What is an Inflatable Dock?

An inflatable dock is a flat floating platform that you can use for all types of purposes. These inflatable objects are smaller than actual docks and are obviously not as strong. However, inflatable docks can anchor firmly in place to act as a stable, float platform.

You can attach an inflatable dock to your boat to extend the deck and legroom. They can be dragged behind kayaks, or used as a free-floating podium for swimming from or relaxing under the sun.

You can use these soft docks as a platform for fishing, floating yoga, or any other activity that can fit on the dock. In addition, when securely anchored, inflatable floating docks make a perfect platform for docking your kayak or other inflatable water toys

What to Look Out for When Buying an Inflatable Dock

An inflatable dock may seem a pretty simple, straightforward item, but various components set them apart. Before choosing the right inflatable dock for your needs, you should consider the following considerations.

Floating Dock Size

The first essential consideration for any inflatable floating dock is the size. This helps to determine how you can use the platform, what activities you can do on it, how many people it can hold, and so on. When considering size, you need to look at the length and width and how high it sits out of the water. Float platforms with more height generally offer more stability.

Of course, the dock size needs to match your intended use. If you want to use it for floating yoga, the dock must be large and stable enough to support this. If you want to use the dock as a social space for groups of people, then you will need a bigger platform.

One of the main reasons that people use floating platforms is to extend the deck space of their yacht. If this is the case, you will need to ensure that the dock offers the right space to meet your needs.

Inflatable Dock Material and Durability

Being inflatable, these docks need to be rigid and durable. Resistance to wear-and-tear depends on the material of the inflatable dock. The best manufacturers of inflatable docks make their docks using heavy-duty PVC materials. Often this is reinforced with other materials or padding on top for extra strength.

The material on top of the dock should be UV-resistant and finished with an anti-slip coating. This makes the dock safer and more comfortable to use. For added comfort, many docks have EVA foam padding on top. Just make sure that the material of the platform is suitably strong enough for your intended use.

inflatable dock

Inflatable Dock Attachments

Floating docks are really just flat, plain platforms. However, you can vastly enhance your inflatable dock with accessories and room for attachments. For example, having stainless steel D-rings positioned around the dock will allow you to secure it into a position firmly. As an option, you can fasten two or more docks together for a larger platform.

Also, pay attention to space for fastening down things like cooler boxes or chairs. Some platforms are covered in handles strategically placed around the outer edge. These can make it much easier for people to mount the dock or relax on it.

Inflating and Deflating your Inflatable Dock

One of the most important considerations for any product is the matter of inflating and deflating it. Certain docks inflate faster and easier than others. This is due to the size of the air chambers and the type of valves used. In addition, some products come with electric air pumps included, making this job much easier.

Best Inflatable Dock: Our Top Picks

Are you interested in trying out these cool inflatable platforms? Then check out our list of the best inflatable docks below to help you find the perfect product.

Sport Boats Inflatable Dock

  • A 10 by 6 foot extended platform
  • UV resistant heavy-duty PVC
  • Inflates in 8 mins, deflates in 5mins
  • Includes 8 D-rings for mooring

This Inflatable Sports Boats yacht dock is the ideal platform for any boats that need a bit more deck space. The platform measures 10 feet by 6 feet, offering plenty of space for lounging, swimming, and relaxing. The platform extends 6″ out of the water, and is perfectly stable for relaxing. This dock can handle a weight capacity of 1500 lbs.

One of the great features of this inflatable dock is its teak deck print design on top. The dock will blend in perfectly with your yacht or sailboat. The heat-welded drop stitch platform is made from heavy-duty UV-resistant PVC material for extra durability.

The teak wood foam EVA foam top is a practical addition. This yacht swim platform has plenty of space and D-rings for attachments and mooring. In addition, it comes with space for a ladder, as well as some heavy-duty carry handles.

best inflatable dock

Island Hopper Patio Inflatable Dock

  • A 15 by 6-foot floating platform
  • Includes a 15 PSI auto-set portable power inflator
  • Durable non-slip EVA foam surface
  • Features 11 side welded stainless D-rings

This inflatable dock by Island Hopper is a spacious choice for anyone seeking a larger platform for the water. You can use this dock to float independently or attach it to your boat for increased deck room. You could even attach a number of these docks together for a really big float platform.

The non-slip EVA foam surface with a teak design looks sophisticated on all kinds of yachts and boats while still providing a high level of comfort and stability.

Island Hopper makes this inflatable dock from durable PVC material for a long-lasting dock. There are multiple D-rings for attachments and mooring. The inflatable deck even comes with a portable power inflator to make things even easier. So whether you use the inflatable dock for sunbathing, swimming, or launching your wakeboard off, this platform will offer a superior water experience.

island hopper patio dock

Bote Dock

  • A 7 by 7-foot inflatable dock
  • Features numerous grab handles for easy manoeuvring
  • Includes a burrito sling bag for easy storage
  • Durable military-grade PVC material

Bote Dock offers one of the most versatile floating dock platforms that you can put to all kinds of use. The 7×7-foot floating dock makes the perfect yoga podium or swimming platform. In addition, the dock can be attached to boats, or lashed together with other platforms for a really large lake float.

Bote makes their Inflatable dock from seriously durable military-grade PVC material. The Bote Dock is easy to store and transport when not in use. It rolls up into the convenient burrito bag provided. The anti-slip BVA deck pad is well-cushioned, and it is lined with handles for easier use. The Bote inflatable dock has a maximum weight capacity of 1050lbs.

bote lake float

Drift Inflatable Floating Dock

  • A great balance of stability and flexibility
  • Strong military-grade PVC skin
  • Includes a sling for storage and transport
  • Quick and easy to inflate

The inflatable lake float by DRIFT is a versatile and flexible platform for all kinds of uses. This inflatable dock is not too big, so it is easy to pack up and travel with. When folded up, the dock fits into a convenient sling for easy storage. When inflated, this dock makes the perfect platform for swimming, fishing, doing yoga, or simply just floating.

You don’t have to worry about punctures because the military-grade PVC skin is virtually indestructible. Due to its smaller size, this lake float is also really fast and easy to inflate and deflate. If you are worried about the float platform’s size, then you can easily attach more than one together for greater float space.

drift inflatable lake float

Blue Water Toys Four Person Floating Platform

  • Measures 8 feet by 6 feet and is 6 inches thick
  • Includes four large non-slip comfortable pads
  • Safety reflectors on all four sides
  • Military-grade material with heat-welded seams

This comfortable inflatable floating platform is a top choice when it comes to durability. Blue Water Toys makes their inflatable dock from extra-strong PVC material with heat-welded seams.

Then there is an additional layer of Blue Guard protection over the dock to make it even more resistant. In addition, four large non-slip extra comfortable pads are on top of the platform to make it easier to sit and stand on. These pads are UV protected.

All four sides of the dock have safety reflectors, and stainless steel rings are on each corner to tie and dock it into place. When inflated, the dock measures 8 feet by 6 feet. This convenient size still offers plenty of room for activity or lounging. The dock comes with a two-way bravo pump, storage bag, and patch kit.

4 person inflatable dock

Blue Water Toys 3-in-1 Floating Platform

  • Includes a dock, water lounge, and attachable deck
  • Can accommodate 6 people
  • Durable reinforced military grade drop stitch technology
  • Strategically placed handles and D-rings

Blue Water Toys’ product is much more than just a float platform. The entire platform includes three separate parts that join together. These are a dock, a water lounge, and an attachable deck. The range of options available offers loads of possibility for different types of fun and relaxation on the water.

Blue Waters Toys makes this inflatable dock with durable reinforced military grade drop stitch technology that can withstand plenty of heavy use. When inflated, the entire inflatable floating dock can comfortably hold six adults. In addition, there are numerous strategically placed handles for easier use and a slip-resistant EVA pad for better comfort and durability.

If you are looking for a large floating platform that offers the most versatile use available, then this option by Blue Water Toys would be your best bet.

3in1 floating swim platform

Happybuy Floating Dock

  • Rigid drip-stitched PVC material
  • 6 inches thick, and can hold 4 to 6 people
  • Rolls up small and is easily portable
  • Comes with an electric air pump

One of the best things about this inflatable dock by Happybuy is that it can stay rigid. The 6-inch thick dock will keep flat when being dived off. This is the perfect swimming platform or floating dock for fishing or yoga. Happy Buy makes this inflatable dock with extra durable PVC material. The float platform will withstand heavy use, and you can comfortably use it with chairs, umbrellas and cooler boxes.

Beyond just being sturdy, this inflatable floating dock is easy to inflate and deflate. When deflated, the dock rolls up into a convenient size and can be easily packed away and transported. There are plenty of stainless steel D-rings to secure stability to the platform or attach other docks or inflatables. The instant inflating air pump offers a major benefit.

happybuy floating dock

Where Can You Buy an Inflatable Dock?

These are fairly specialist products and they can be quite tricky to come across in shops. Therefore, the best option is to buy inflatable docks online because you can choose from the widest product selection available to select the exact product that matches your needs. You can also look for floating docks in boating and watersports shops, but the selection will likely be very limited.


An inflatable dock will offer you plenty of joy in your pool, on the ocean, lake, or river. These platforms are versatile, and can be put to all sorts of watersports and flotation uses. You can use them as a base for busy activities, swimming, or just the perfect float platform for lying in the sun. Whatever the case, having an inflatable floating dock is always a good idea for anyone that loves to spend time on the water!

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What can you use an inflatable dock for?

Inflatable docks can be attached to yachts and boats for extending the deck space. They can be secured in place to be used as a dock for kayaks and small boats, or used as a free-floating swimming platform. They are also perfect for water-based activities – such as floating yoga or fishing.

Are inflatable docks stable?

Inflatable Dock producers design their docks to be rigid and stable and can be walked on or jumped off. They are not as stable as real docks, but they offer a superior level of rigidity compared to other inflatable products.

How do you find the best floating dock?

Inflatable docks should be large enough for your needs and strong enough to withstand heavy outdoor use. Try to find a product that offers an anti-slip surface that is comfortable to sit or stand on.

Can floating platforms sink?

These products have been specially designed with heavy-duty materials to resist harsh outdoor conditions. They are also not designed for much movement, so there is very little risk of them becoming punctured and deflating. In the worst-case scenario, you can easily repair the dock with a patch.

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