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Ho Stevie! Poncho Review

For those of you who don’t know the brand Ho Stevie!, it’s a one-man brand founded by a chap called Steve. Steve was born and raised in Wisconsin, but ended up going to live in California so he could live the dream and surf everyday. He’s got a pretty cool little YouTube channel which you can see here.

ho stevie!

I have a surf poncho which I made myself. Well, I sourced the material, drafted the design and then got a seamstress to sew it together. I like it a lot, but the one major problem is that it’s made from a fluffy, fleece material, which means it gets a little hot in the summer sun. In the winter it’s great, as it provides extra warmth on those cold and windy days.

Needles to say I needed a poncho I could use all year round. A poncho that would also be perfect for the summer months. I ended up trying the Ho Stevie! Poncho. The most immediate observation is that the poncho is made from a microfibre towel, meaning it is highly absorbent.

ho stevie surf poncho folded

I normally take a towel along with me to dry off before putting on my poncho. However, with this poncho, there is no need for a towel. It’ll dry you off while you’re wearing it. you an also use to dry off your surfboard.

It’s made from a thick microfibre material coming in at 280 GSM which means it also dries super fast. There is also a cotton version (330 GSM) which is slightly thicker and softer.

It’s got a very low lint count which means you won’t having to remove those fuzzies from your body after drying off.

It’s also very soft and comfy. Unlike my poncho, it’s completely sleeveless, which makes for less restricted arm movement but potentially a little colder.

ho stevie surf poncho

It also has a nicely shaped hood for the colder and windier days. The hood also comes in handy for sun protection. I’m 1.78m (5’11) tall and the poncho fits perfectly sitting halfway down by shins.

It’s a nice square, boxy fit, which makes for loads of space around your body so you can easily get your wetsuit on/off and get your clothes back off/on without feeling too confined. It’s got a loop on it which makes for easy hanging up to dry.

ho stevie surf poncho full

It’s safe to say the Ho Stevie! Poncho is a keeper. I looks like it’s well made – solid stitching and a nice embroidered logo. I’m hoping this poncho will last a long time. If you want to get yourself one of these super comfy surf poncho’s you can buy it on Amazon.

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