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Xcel Wetsuit Size Chart

Xcel wetsuits have three different size charts, namely, men’s, women’s and kids. Without further ado, here they are.

Men’s Size Chart

Mens Xcel wetsuit size chart

Women’s Sizing Chart

Women's Xcel wetsuit size chart

Kids Sizing Chart

kids Xcel wetsuit size chart

Xcel Wetsuits

Founded in 1992 in Hawaii by a chap names Ed D’Ascoli, they’ve been a core part of the surfing world ever since. At the time the surfing wetsuit industry lacked performance oriented wetsuits.

D’Ascoli set our to change this, and although he was creating his product in a warm water surf spot, the Hawaiian North Shore demanded wetsuits that could perform in heavy swell.

D’Ascoli found no shortage of inspiration from the world-class performances on display at his doorstep. The opportunity to create and to connect high-performance products with the athletes who demanded them was too good to refuse. Xcel’s passionate focus on product development would become the defining characteristic of the brand.

D’Ascoli soon laid the foundations of a core wetsuit company that would revolutionize the industry and push the boundaries of material and product design.

Today Xcel transcend the surfing market, and offer world class wetsuits across many other ocean pursuits. They are presently headquartered in Haleiwa, Hawaii but also have a large warehouse in California to better serve the US mainland market.