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Hurley Wetsuit Size Chart

Hurley is one of the newer surf brands to enter the market. The have entered with a bang, and now offer up a range of wetsuits which comfortably hold their weight against the other big brands. They only make mens wetsuits. Here is the size chart.

Men’s Size Chart

Hurley Wetsuits

Hurley was officially founded in 1979 by Bob Hurley. However it ended up taking 20 years for the brand to come to fruition. A few years later Hurley licensed the U.S. rights to the burgeoning Australian surf brand Billabong, and formed Billabong USA in 1983.

In 1998, the U.S. licensing rights for Billabong were up for renewal after the company had grown its revenues to over $70M. The US management team decided against renewing the licence for Billabong USA. As a consequence of this, in 1999, Hurley International was born.

In the early 2000’s Hurley saw meteoric growth as a surf brand, backing some of the biggest names in surfing including, Rob Machado, Filipe Toledo, Michel Bourez, and John John Florence.

In 2002 Hurley was bought by Nike for an undisclosed sum. Since then the brand has integrated many different Nike apparel technologies into its own line, helping the it remain at the cutting edge of surf innovation. Its wetsuits are no different and over the years they have become known for being top quality, performance oriented wetsuits.