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Gul Wetsuit Size Chart

Gul is a well known British surf brand with its wetsuits being geared towards the beginner and intermediate market. Here are the size charts for men, women and kids.

Men’s Size Chart

Men's Gul wetsuits size chart

Women’s Size Chart

Women's Gul wetsuits size chart

Kids Gul Wetsuits Size Chart

Kids Gul wetsuits size chart

Gul Wetsuits

Gul wetsuits were founded in Cornwall, England in 1967. Dennis Cross, the founder was a passionate surfer, and was getting tired of having to brave the cold Atlantic bare skinned. 

After he decided that enough was enough, Dennis began designing and constructing the first wetsuit. The first model consisted of two pieces, a jacket with a beaver tail and separate trousers.

This first wetsuit is rumored to have been made in the back of his camper van at Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall. After many iterations, and a lot of trial and error, Cross finally came up with a single piece wetsuit in 70’s.

He named it “The Steamer” because of the steam that emanated from it when it was being taken off on cold days. The term ‘Steamer’ is still used to this day to describe a full-length wetsuit!

By the 80’s Gul wetsuits had begun to get traction on the European continent. In the decades to follow Gul would branch out into other watersports including sailing and kayaking. These days Gul wetsuits is firmly established in all three sports.