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One of the greatest challenges starting out in any sport is knowing what equipment to buy as a beginner surfer. You don’t want to overspend on a sport which you may not continue to pursue. At the same time you want to get kitted out in gear which is going to perform properly.

If you know people you have recently started the sport you can always ask them, but if you don’t have this luxury it can be challenging finding this key information. This beginner surfer gear guide will take you through exactly what is needed to get started.

We’ve created this beginner surfer gear guide to help those learning to surf find the relevant information on surf gear that they can’t find anywhere else. There are major differences in the form, function and technology of beginner and advanced surf boards, wetsuits and accessories.

Without knowing these, you may end up diving in at the deep end of the surf gear market (excuse the pun), and being too overwhelmed by the equipment. This beginner surfer gear guide outlines everything you need to look for when buying your first surfboard, wetsuit and other surf accessories

beginner surfer gear guide

We’ve broken this beginner surf gear guide down into three categories, namely, surfboards, wetsuits and accessories. If you wish to navigate straight to the categories, then follow the quick links below:

beginner surfing gear guide

Surfboards for beginners

As a beginner surfer choosing the right board can be tricky process. Which shape of board should one choose? What is the optimal board length? What is the best material for a beginner surfboard? These are all prescient questions, and the answers to these questions will often depend on a set of personal variables.

These variables are height and weight. Above and beyond this, one of the fundamental shifts in the beginner surfboard market has been the advent of the soft top surfboard. These boards are also known as foamies.

Before the soft top surfboard was invented surfers could either ride a traditional fibreglass board or the newer epoxy surfboards. Plain and simple, soft top surfboards have revolutionized surfing for beginners.  On our Surfboards page we provide a detailed breakdown of the different types of surfboard construction and the different shapes. More importantly we also explain the why soft top surfboards are the best boards to learn on.

Wetsuits for beginners

There are no particular wetsuits suited only to beginners. The most important factor as a first-time buyer of a wetsuit is price. No beginner surfer wants to spend exorbitant amounts on a wetsuit. After all they’re not sure if surfing is a sport they will continue to pursue.

In our Wetsuits page we provide all the information you need to know about wetsuits and help you narrow down your decision making by cherry picking a bunch of wetsuits that are best suited to the beginner surfer and conditions you’ll be surfing in.

Surf accessories for beginners

Surfboards and wetsuits are the two most costly elements of your beginner surf gear setup. If you live in a tropical part of the world, then you most likely won’t require a wetsuit – lucky you!

There are however a few other key accessories you will need to ensure that you are fully setup to go surfing. These include things like fins, leashes, surf wax, boards bags etc. In our Accessories section we cover all of the essential as well as the non-essential surf accessories.

If you’re looking for in-depth product reviews on all of the above then be sure to read our blog where you’ll find reviews of surfboards, wetsuits and a wide range of different surfing accessories.

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