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The Ultimate Hanging Egg Chair Buyers Guide

An egg chair is a fun and comfortable seating option for all kinds of spaces. These unique chairs work well both indoors and outdoors and come in a range of different materials and styles. They’re modern, relaxing, sophisticated, and enjoyable for the whole family. A hanging egg chair offers more all-around support than regular chairs, providing a cosy nest for relaxing, swinging, reading, or sitting back and enjoying the view. 

An outside egg chair can be a real focal point of your seating area. Everyone loves sitting in these chairs, and wherever you place them will soon become the centre of attention in your home or garden. 

Interested in refreshing your space with a fun and stylish egg chair? Then follow our guide below for the best product picks and some valuable buying advice.

egg chair buyers guide

What is an Egg Chair?

The egg chair was originally designed for Copenhagen’s Radisson SAS hotel in 1959. The original design was a deeply curved chair that had an encapsulating effect on the person sitting in it. The shape of the chair is inspired by (you guessed it) an egg. While the original style of the egg chair is still available, this type of chair has evolved quite a bit, taking on new forms that are inspired by the original.

Today, an outside egg chair is a very deep type of chair that is fully rounded at the back. The chair wraps right around the seating area, creating an encapsulating effect over the top of the chair. These cocoon type chairs allow you to sink right into them, offering support from all angles. 

Hanging egg chairs are the most popular variation of this. These are suspended by a chain and hang above the ground, allowing you to rock, swivel, and swing. Hanging egg chairs can be suspended from the ceiling, an overhead beam, or they are attached to a special hanging egg chair stand. 

This style of chair is popular both indoors or outdoors. While these chairs come in various design styles, they are usually made with some kind of woven rattan finish.

What to Look Out for When Buying an Egg Chair

Egg chairs are usually a lot bigger than regular chairs, and they can become quite a focal point of your living space. This means you should choose your outside egg chair wisely to make sure that it fits your needs perfectly. Here are a few important considerations for buying one of these chairs.


The first important consideration for these chairs is their size. Egg chairs are available in a range of sizes to suit all kinds of spaces. Some chairs are suitable for two people, while most of them are single-seaters. 

Egg chairs are generally quite a lot bigger than regular chairs because they offer a lot more room to sink into them, with wider and taller backs. Your egg chair will need a fair amount of space.

Bigger chairs are usually more comfortable, offering more space to sit back and relax. Of course, the size of the chair you buy also needs to be suitable for the space you have available. 

With or Without a Stand

If you’re getting a hanging egg chair (which you most likely are), you will need to figure out how to hang it. You have two options here: it could either be hung on a stand or from an overhead surface. 

Both of these have their perks, and it really just depends on the space you will be placing them. Chairs hanging from a stand are more convenient to place anywhere. These chairs can be moved into different positions easily, and they can be placed out in the open. This makes them a good choice for outdoor seating. 

Egg chairs that require fixing to an overhead point are more restricted with where you can place them. Once they’re up, you can’t really move these chairs around. The advantage is that they don’t have the extra stand taking up space, and they offer a cleaner, more minimalistic look.

egg chair stand

Durability and Weather Resistance

Egg chairs are usually placed outdoors. If this is the case for you, then you will need to make sure that the chair is durable and resistant enough to be able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. You dont want the chairs to start fading, rusting, or decaying when left outdoors. 

The best materials would be some kind of aluminium or powder-coated steel for the frame. If the chair is woven, a polyurethane rattan weave offers better resistance to water and sunlight. The cushions should also be water-restistant and UV protected. Another useful consideration is how easy the cushion covers are to take off and clean.


These chairs all follow the same basic design shape, but each one offers a unique look and feel. It’s important to consider your options and choose a chair that matches your taste and the style of your space. 

Some chairs offer a very basic framework with a lot of open space, while others are more tightly woven together, like a nest. Some chairs have colourful cushions, while some are made up of completely neutral tones. Some chairs are taller than others, some are rounder, some are deeper, and some are flatter. 

There’s no best or worse when it comes to the overall look and feel of your chair, just be aware that there are various different styles to choose from. 

7 Best Hanging Egg Chairs

There are many different egg chairs available, with various brands, materials, sizes, and styles to pick from. We’ve put together a list of the seven best outside egg chair options that suit a variety of spaces and budgets.

Island Gale Luxury 2 Person Chair

  • A two-seater egg chair
  • Hand-woven all-weather PE rattan wicker
  • UV protected
  • Includes a solid powder-coated steel frame

If you’re looking for a spacious, two-person hanging egg chair, then this is a great option. This outside egg chair by Island Gale is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The chair is made from commercial-grade all-weather PE rattan wicker. This is further protected with a UV coating, making it safe to leave outdoors without risking any sun damage. 

The chair is handwoven, ensuring a high level of quality. It also comes with a solid steel frame kit. This steel is powder-coated and includes two stands for extra stability. The adjustable spring kit is easy to incorporate into all kinds of spaces, without the need for mounting the chair to the ceiling. 

This egg chair can hold up to 568 lb’s, and it includes thick cushions that wrap up into armrests. The chair is durable, versatile, and comfortable. 

island gale egg chair

Modway Wicker Outdoor Swing Chair

  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Durable rattan weave
  • UV and water-resistant cushions
  • Available in a range of different cushion colours

The Modway egg chair is a great choice for any outdoor space. This outdoor egg chair can stand completely independently thanks to its sturdy steel frame. This frame is powder coated and weather-resistant. 

The rest of the outdoor egg chair is also highly durable. The cushion can be safely left outside due to it being UV and water-resistant. This material is also easily machine washable and fade-resistant. The egg chair is coated in a durable synthetic rattan weave. This is a great weather-resistant material that offers a contemporary look and feel. 

The single chair is perfect for hanging and relaxing in all kinds of outdoor spaces. You can choose between a range of different cushion colours to perfectly match the chair to your decor.

modway egg swing chair

Sunnydaze Cordelia Hanging Egg Chair

  • Polyurethane rattan resin wicker
  • Weather-resistant steel frame
  • Includes a headrest pillow and seat cushion
  • Designed for outdoor use

This outdoor egg chair by Sunnydaze is the perfect addition to any patio. The setup includes a cocoon chair and a durable stand, so no difficult hanging is necessary. All of the different elements of this swinging chair have been designed to withstand all weather conditions. 

The chair is made from polyurethane rattan resin wicker which is wrapped around a sturdy steel frame. There is a thick cushion and headrest included. These are made from polyester material with a polyester fiberfill core. The cushions can be left out in the rain or sun without any risk of damage. 

The entire hanging chair is really easy to assemble and set up. With a simple, comfortable design and a neutral colour scheme, this chair works well in any outdoor space. 

sunnydaze hanging chair

Giantex Hanging Egg Chair

  • Heavy-duty steel frame for all weather conditions
  • Coated in durable PE rattan
  • Removable cushion and headrest
  • Reinforced base with non-slip pads

This egg chair by Giantex offers everything you would need in a versatile hanging seat. The chair blends perfectly into both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is made from heavy-duty materials that are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The chair itself is spacious and attractive with its unique rattan woven design.

There’s no need to worry about hanging this chair as it comes with a reinforced steel base. This strengthened steel frame is corrosion-resistant, so it can be hung outside near the sea without weathering. There are also durable non-slip pads underneath the frame that make it more stable on any kind of surface. 

The chair comes with two removable cushions – one headrest and one main pillow. These are particularly soft, easy to clean, and are designed to be left outside in the sun or rain.


Sunnydaze Penelope Outdoor Egg Chair

  • Durable steel frame egg chair
  • Wrapped in polyurethane rattan wicker
  • Nylon rope backrest
  • Includes a seat cushion and a headrest pillow

Here’s another egg chair from Sunnydaze, but this model differs in design. Unlike many other hanging outside egg chairs with detailed woven exteriors, this chair has a very simple frame with nylon rope backing. The modern, simplistic design works well in all kinds of indoor or outdoor spaces.

The chair is made from a durable steel frame wrapped in smooth, weather-resistant polyurethane rattan wicker. You also get a soft cushion and headrest pillow. These are also weather-resistant for easy outdoor use. 

This egg chair does not come with a hanging frame, so it can be attached to the ceiling, an overhead beam, or a separate stand. The chair does come with a safety strap, a chain, and a carabiner. When not in use, this outside egg chair folds up into an easy-to-store compact size. If you are after a simple, modern egg chair, then this would be a great pick. 

sunnydaze penelope

YeSea Egg Chair

  • Handwoven polyurethane rattan 
  • Aluminum egg chair frame
  • Includes a powder-coated steel stand
  • Large cushion and headrest included

This is a luxurious egg chair that works perfectly in interior spaces. The chair is highly durable with weather-resistant polyurethane rattan and powder-coated steel, but if you are after an indoor chair then this one offers a design that works particularly well inside. The design is simple and modern, with a handwoven aluminium frame and nylon rope backing. The polyester fibre cushion is soft, strong, and UV protected. 

This swing chair makes use of 304 stainless steel hardware accessories. The sturdy frame has four points of support, and it can hold a weight capacity of 330LBS. When not in use, this chair easily folds up into a convenient space-saving size. The chair is also quick and easy to assemble.

yesea chair

Christopher Knight Swivel Chair

  • A swivel egg chair
  • Polyurethane rattan woven finish
  • Water-resistant cushions
  • A simple grid design backrest

This is not a hanging egg chair, but it still offers a fully encapsulated cosy experience. The chair is fixed onto a swivel base which makes it easier to position anywhere inside or outside your home. This chair is made from a sturdy frame coated in a smooth polyurethane rattan weave. The extra-large cushion extends all the way up as a back and headrest for a greater level of comfort. 

The chair is incredibly durable and versatile. It blends easily into all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces. The swivel function also makes the chair easier to get into and out of. If you are after an egg chair without a frame, but you dont have a place to hang one, then this would be the ideal option. 

christopher knight

Where Can You Buy an Egg Chair?

Although egg chairs have become quite popular for anyone seeking a modern and comfortable seating solution, they can also be quite tricky to come across. You can buy these chairs at many good furniture stores, but your options will be limited. It’s best to shop for these chairs online, as there will be a wider range of products to choose from. 


Everyone loves an outside egg chair. Whether they’re swinging from a tree outside or making a statement in your living room, egg chairs are fun, comfortable, and unique sitting solutions. These chairs work well in all kinds of spaces, and they never seem to go out of fashion. 

Take a look through our highly recommended chairs above and you will be sure to find an option that perfectly matches your space. Once you get an egg chair, you will never want to sit on your regular armchair again.


Are egg chairs worth the money?

Absolutely. A good outside egg chair is highly durable and will last you a seriously long time. These chairs are versatile, comfortable, and incredibly fun. Once you hang up and experience your unique egg chair, you definitely won’t look back. 

Why are some egg chairs so expensive?

Egg chairs have a very special shape that is not easy to mass-produce. These chairs are often hand-woven, and they require the upholstery materials to be stretched at unique angles. These chairs are also made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials because they are generally made for outdoor use. 

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