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best underwater flashlight

Best Underwater Flashlight (2022)

An underwater flashlight is one of the most important pieces of diving equipment. You will use one whether you’re diving at night or in the day. They’re necessary for filming underwater, making poor visibility waters easier to navigate, illuminating caves, or for properly observing coral and fish. Without the right underwater flashlight, you could be …

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best mini mal

Best Mini Mal Surfboard (2022 Review)

Mini mal surfboards are loved by surfers all over the world. They’re the perfect board for beginners, they’re loads of fun for cruising on smaller waves, and they’re a smart alternative to traditional longboards.  Every surfer should own a mini mal. They offer the best qualities of both longboards and shortboards, making them a versatile …

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perception kayaks

Perception Kayak Buyers Guide (2022)

Perception Kayaks is dedicated to making kayaking fun for all kinds of paddlers. This brand offers a versatile range of kayaks for all experience levels and types of water users. Whether you’re looking for the perfect fishing vessel, a high-performance ocean kayak, or just a fun recreational kayak for splashing around the lake, Perception Kayaks …

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banzai water slides

Banzai Water Slide Buyers Guide (2022)

Bring the waterpark home with a banzai water slide. These thrilling inflatable slides will make any kid’s dreams come true. They offer a completely superior experience compared to your average slip and slide. Banzai water slides offer something extraordinary for the ultimate summer experience.  When looking for a banzai water slide, the basic idea of …

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