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What are the Best Swim Fins?

Whether you’re a bodyboarder, snorkeller, lifeguard, or swimmer, you will need a great pair of swim fins. Swim fins are a must for anyone wanting to glide through the water and become a stronger swimmer. Unlike long diving fins, swim fins are short and compact, offering a convenient and comfortable solution to swimmers. 

Swim fins come in a variety of shapes and sizes for specific use. You get fins designed for ocean use, and you get fins designed for training in the pool. Whatever style you are after, a pair of swim fins offers a serious advantage to water users.

swim fins

What are Swim Fins?

Swim fins are short types of flippers worn on the feet. Unlike long fins used for diving, swim fins are designed for kicking on the surface of the water. These fins add power and propulsion to the swimmer wearing them. 

Not only do swim fins make swimming easier, but they can also be used as efficient training tools to help strengthen the ankles and legs for better kicks. Swim fins are commonly used for bodyboarding, swim training, snorkelling, and recreational swimming in the ocean. 

What to Look Out for When Buying Swim Fins

There are all kinds of different swim fins available, each one suited for specific uses. When choosing the right swim fins for your needs, there are a couple of important considerations to keep in mind. 

Length of the Blade

Different fins have different blade lengths. These can vary a great deal, from super short to medium length. Very short blades are best for use in pools and swim training, while longer blades are better for use in the ocean. Also pay attention to the shape of the blade. Different curves and angles add a unique experience to the swimmer.


The material of the swim fins makes a big difference in their performance and durability. Swim fins are generally either made from rubber, silicone, or composite materials. Try to choose a pair of fins that offers enough comfort in a soft foot pocket, but enough strength in the blade for power. The material also affects the flexibility of the fin.

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Foot Pocket or Strap

Swim fins can either have full foot pockets or a simple strap. The style you choose should depend on your own personal preference. Straps are more convenient and lightweight, while full foot pockets offer a tighter fit for greater comfort. Just make sure that you get the right size. Fins with straps are easier to adjust to different sizes, while full foot pockets can only take one size foot.

9 Best Swim Fins

Interested in finding the best swim fins for your needs? We have rounded up 9 of the top products available, ranging in different shapes, sizes, materials, and specialities. Whatever type of fins you are after, the 9 products below offer the best options in their category.

Kpaloa Triton Rescue Swim Fins

  • Made from 100% vulcanized rubber
  • Ultra rigid rubber for better propulsion
  • Low profile marine anatomical strap
  • Super elastic and soft foot pocket

Kpaloa designed these swim fins based on some of the fastest and most agile creatures in the ocean. The result is a pair of fins that provide the perfect combination of power and fluidity while being completely comfortable to wear. Thanks to the dorsal keels and shark tail blades, these fins offer more propulsion with each leg kick without being a hassle to manoeuvre in the water.

The fins were created with lifeguards in mind to offer a highly effective product that is quick and convenient to put on. The fins use a central reinforcement structure based on a marlins body to provide structure without weighing the fins down. 

Beyond the marine animal design, these fins are made from 100% vulcanized rubber that offer the right amount of flexibility and stiff strength. The fins have an ultra-elastic and soft foot pocket for a perfect, comfortable fit. You can get the fins in a wide range of sizes to perfectly match your body. 

For something as seemingly simple as a pair of swim fins, Kpaloa has used advanced levels of hydrodynamic design to make sure the fins provide do more for any swimmer. 

kpaloa fins

Kpaloa Triton Storm Swim Fins

  • Made from 100% vulcanized rubber
  • Traditional drainage holes with hydrodynamic escape
  • Low profile marine anatomical shape
  • Great for all ages and athletic levels

These fins by Kpaloa are very similar to the previous Triton Rescue swim fins in the way they are based on marine anatomy for better performance. They use elements from the bodies of sharks, tuna, marlins, and dolphins to provide swimming fins that offer maximum propulsion with fluidity and flexibility. 

The fins are perfect for any age and skill level. They are best designed for bodysurfing, bodyboarding, and water rescue. However, the fins can be enjoyed by any kind of water user for perfect surface kicks. 

These fins are made from high-quality vulcanized rubber for just the right blend of durability and flexibility. The foot pocket is soft and elastic for a comfortable fit, while the blades are enhanced with four structural ribs for stronger, more powerful motions. 

With these Kpaloa swim fins, you get a high level of energy efficiency, manoeuvrability, power, and comfort. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-performance fin built to last a long time. 

kpaloa swim fins

Kpaloa Pro Model Swim Fins

  • Made from high-quality vulcanized rubber
  • The fins float in saltwater
  • Recommended for bodyboarding and water rescue
  • Strategically located drainage holes for maximum efficiency

Kpaloa offers various different swim fins especially suited for specific purposes. Sure, they can all be used for water surface leg kick activities, but each design differs slightly for an enhanced experience. These fins are the ultimate choice for bodyboarding and water rescue, offering a convenient but incredibly powerful fin for superior performance. 

The full foot pocket is made from ultra-soft rubber for maximum comfort, while the blade uses medium-hard rubber for better propulsion. Different thicknesses and flexibility level of rubber are spread out across these fins, offering just the right level of stiffness where it’s needed. 

There are strategically placed drainage holes on the fins to keep them moving freely in the water, avoiding any breaking forces. The blades are perfectly symmetrical to avoid twisting the legs. The edges have a lateral design that offers a greater level of fluidity in manoeuvres.

Overall, these are high-performance swim fins for excellent results. The fins are available in a wide range of sizes, so any age should find a set that fits them perfectly.

kpaloa pro model

FINIS Training Swim Fins

  • Angled blades to align with the foot
  • Designed for fitness training for swimmers
  • Increased ankle flexibility
  • Super short blade

These swim fins are specially designed for training. The super-short blade helps competitive swimmers to improve their cardiovascular conditioning while training. The fins also help to promote a better kick due to the blades that are specially angled to align with the natural angle of the foot. If you are after a pair of fins for bodyboarding, then these wouldn’t be your first choice. For pool training and improving your swimming skills though, these swim fins are an incredible tool. 

The fins have great ankle flexibility for more efficiency in the water. The foot pocket is made from soft natural rubber for a completely comfortable fit. These fins are fantastic for all levels of swimmers looking to improve their fitness and technique. 

yellow finis

TYR Sport Burner Fin

  • A short fin designed for swim training
  • Footpocket designed to reduce ankle strain
  • Wall gripper footpad for better takeoffs
  • Designed to develop stronger muscle

This pair of swim fins is also designed for training to help develop stronger muscles for swimming without fins. The seriously short blades help to keep your kick pace up while still providing an excellent level of propulsion. You won’t feel ankle strain while training with these fins thanks to the specially designed foot pocket, which is soft and flexible. There is also a wall gripper footpad included which keeps the fins tight on your feet while you push off the wall. 

If you want a better way to train at a race pace, then these fins are a great tool. The fins are made from 100% natural rubber for a high level of buoyancy. The fins are available in a range of different sizes and colours.

tyr burner

Cressi Short Full Pocket Fins

  • Specially designed for pool use and swim training
  • Highly reactive and lightweight blade
  • Ensures perfect muscle training without discomfort
  • Soft rubber elastomers foot pocket

Cressi is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to making fins. This pair is of the highest quality, offering the ideal practice fin for any serious swimmer. The fins are specially designed for pool use and swim training. They have a super short blade made from lightweight, flexible rubber. These blades are highly reactive, offering an impressive level of propulsion considering their size. This means that the fins can still be used effectively for snorkelling and swimming in the ocean. 

The full foot pocket design means more comfort without the fin becoming loose or slipping off. The foot pocket is made from high-quality soft rubber elastomers that let you train without feeling ankle cramps or strains. 

These short swim fins are a good choice for muscle training in the pool, but they also work well in the ocean for recreational swimming and snorkelling. Overall, this is a versatile, quality choice of fins that will last you a long time. 

cressi full pocket fins

DMC Elite Silicone Water Fins

  • A uniquely shaped fin to suit all levels of swimmers
  • Specially designed for swim and strength training
  • Asymmetrical fin shape for less resistance
  • The fins are made from silicone that offers less abrasion

These swim fins are also designed for swim and strength training to enhance muscles and fitness levels. The unique shape of the fins has been specially created to make sure they glide through the water without any resistance or difficulty, This means an easier fin to swim with, while still offering the right amount of power. These fins can be used by all ages and all levels of swimmers for better results. 

The fins use a “V” shape on the rail along the edge of the blade. This shape helps to channel the water smoothly and add a certain level of lift to the fins – keeping them at the surface of the water at all times. 

These fins are made from silicone that doesn’t cause the type of abrasion you get from rubber. The silicone also has just the right amount of density to keep your feet under the water as you kick. This helps with training performance. Although these are classified as short blade swim training fins, they do have slightly longer blades than others which makes them suitable for recreational swimming and snorkelling in the ocean.

dmc elite silicon

HYDRO Tech 2 Swim Fins

  • Contour ankle strap design
  • Asymmetrical design based on the body’s natural movement
  • Features 3 drainage holes
  • Soft silicone design

These swim fins are the ultimate choice for bodyboarders, snorkellers, and recreational swimmers. With short blades made from super soft silicone, these fins offer convenient comfort while still providing the power and propulsion needed for effective swimming. In fact, these fins won the Australian Design Award thanks to their smart features. 

The fins are designed to avoid the fin catching when bodyboarding in the drop knee position. There are three drainage holes to prevent unnecessary drag, making sure that any excess water and sand is quickly flushed. 

The fins have a contour ankle strap design which offers comfort and convenience to wear. The asymmetrical design of these short fins is based on the bodies natural movement in order to naturally distribute the force around the foot, This means you dont feel fatigue, cramps, or discomfort while swimming with these efficient silicone fins. 

hydrotech 2

Deep Blue Gear Aqualine Short Fins

  • Full-foot fitting design
  • Short length blades
  • Lightweight and durable composite materials
  • Offers effective muscle training without causing discomfort

These short blade swim fins by Deep Blue Gear are the perfect choice for swimmers and snorkellers looking for a versatile solution. The fins can be used effectively for strength training in the pool, and they can be used in the ocean. Their short size also makes them very travel-friendly. 

The fins use a full foot design for a tighter, more comfortable fit. There is less friction and chaffing while kicking which makes these fins perfect for training. The foot pocket is made from soft rubber, while the blade is much stiffer to help with propulsion. The fins give you a great blend of comfort, durability and agility a perfect all-around swimming accessory for all kinds of skill levels and ages. 

deep blue gear short fins

Where Can You Buy Swim Fins?

Swim fins can be bought at various sports and watersports stores. You can find short fins in most diving and surf shops. However, the best place to buy these fins is online, because you get a greater selection of products and brands to choose from. Shopping online allows you to find the perfect pair of swim fins to match your needs. 


Swim fins are essential items for many water sports. These fins are convenient to wear, offering a great deal of power to the swimmer without being too long or bulky. With all of the different options and styles available, it can be tricky to find the right pair of swim fins for your use. 

Whatever kind of water user you are, the products listed in our guide above will be sure to offer the greatest experience in the water. Happy swimming!


How do you take care of swim fins?

Only put your fins on in the water, and don’t wear them while walking on land. Rinse the fins off after use, and store them safely away from direct sunlight.

Should beginners use swim fins?

Beginners and pros should use swim fins to enhance their training and strength. Swim fins are suitable for all skill levels to help them swim better.

How tight should swim fins be?

Swim fins should fit snugly around the foot. They should not be too tight so that they are uncomfortable. Just make sure that the fins are not loose, as this can cause serious discomfort, chaffing, and blisters while in use. 

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