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What is the Best Surfboard Bike Rack?

There’s nothing quite like being able to just grab your board, hop on your bike, and cruise straight down to the beach. Bicycles are one of the best ways to reach the surf. They allow you to miss the traffic, they help you warm up, you can easily take the quickest route, they’re healthy and eco-friendly! Needless to say, a surfboard bike rack is must have accessory.

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If you’re planning on cycling to the beach, you will need a surfboard bike rack. Trying to ride a bike with a surfboard under your arm is near impossible. It also adds all kinds of dangers to you and your precious board. With specialised surf bike racks though, transporting your board becomes a breeze. If you’re one of the lucky ones riding to the beach, then a great surfboard bike rack is a must.

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What Is A Surfboard Bike Rack?

In order to travel on a bike with your surfboard, you will need to use a surf bicycle rack. These are specialised racks that mount onto the side or back of your bike. They provide a safe and comfortable place to hold your board while you cycle. These racks are designed to keep your board held tight while still providing enough space for you to pedal, steer and see everything around you.

You can find a surfing bike rack made to fit any kind of bicycle, and carry all shapes of surfboards. These are versatile products that have been designed with the travelling surfer in mind. They will be sure to make your commute to the beach a whole lot better!

Trying to ride without one of these can end up in disaster. Surfboards are heavy to carry, difficult to balance, and awkward to hold. Steering through traffic or heading down hills can be seriously tricky if your board isn’t properly secured. Not only do these racks make cycling easier, but it also becomes safer as you are more alert. On top of this, your board will be better protected, and much less likely to fall or ding. 

Why Should You Buy A Surfboard Bike Rack

There are loads of benefits to cycling to the beach – something you just can’t enjoy without a surfboard bike rack. Riding to the beach leaves no carbon footprint, it’s great exercise for your body (especially good for a pre-surf warm-up), and it’s loads of fun. Parking also becomes simplified.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to cycle down to your local lineup, then you will need a way of transporting your surfboard safely. These bike racks are designed to tightly hold your board while you ride. While they follow a similar idea to roof racks on a car, bike racks are way easier and more efficient to use. 

surfboard bike rack

Having a surfboard bike rack also allows you to focus better while you ride, as you don’t need to worry about your board. They may be seriously simple pieces of equipment, but they can drastically help with your safety while on the roads. Any cycling surfer would be crazy not to have one. 

What To Look Out For When Buying A Surfboard Bike Rack

At face value, these may just seem like very basic accessories. However, there are a number of different considerations involved. With so many different options and products available, picking the right one can be a challenge. Here are some important things to look out for when finding the right bike rack setup.

Type Of Surfboard Bike Rack

The first thing to consider when buying a surfboard bike rack is the style of carrier you want. These racks come in three different types – side-mounted, rear-mounted and trailer-mounted. The one you choose will depend on your bike and the size of your board. 

The most typical kind of surf bike rack is side-mounted. These racks are easy to install and easy to use. They don’t require much special balance or skill. They are a great choice for just about any shortboard or longboard and can fit onto practically any bike.

Rear-mounted racks allow for slightly better performance on your bike. People enjoy this style because they don’t counterbalance the weight on a single side. This style of bike rack works best for shortboards, as a longboard may provide too much weight at the back.

If you’ve got a really big board, like a SUP or heavy log, then a trailer-mounted system can be a good idea. These racks make steering a little bit more tricky, as they make your bike extend quite a bit further at the rear. However, they make carrying a heavy load easy. 

Type Of Surfboard

Before choosing a surfboard bike rack, you will need to make sure that it’s the right fit for your stick. Certain sized boards can only be used with certain racks, so this is an important consideration. There are bike racks available for shortboards, longboards, and SUPs. Just make sure that you check your board’s dimensions first to make sure that it is suitable for the bike rack.

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The kind of materials used is an important selling point, as this can have an impact on both your board and your bike. You will want a rack that is strong and durable, but still lightweight and easy to manage. It will also need to be able to handle being in contact with salt water, sand, and salty sea air. 

The kind of materials will also impact how your board is protected. Make sure that the surfboard placement area is well padded, while the part that attaches to your bike does not leave any damage. What your bike rack is made out of can also impact your comfort as the rider. 

Installation And Compatibility

Some surfboard bike racks clip on without any hassle. Others require a more permanent installation job. Not all bike racks line up with every bicycle, so you will need to make sure that your product is compatible. Check out how the rack is installed, and whether the connection points will fit your specific bike. 

Best Surfboard Bike Rack

Interested in cycling your board straight to the beach? We have chosen some of the top surfboard bike racks available to make choosing the right product easy. 

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack

  • A side-mounted bike rack
  • Designed for longboards
  • Easily adjustable arms
  • Quick installation

This simple bike rack offers a smart solution for anyone wanting to ride around with either a shortboard or a longboard. It handles boards up to 12 feet long. Installing the arms to your bike, and slotting your board into place is seriously quick and easy. 

This rack consists of two arms that hole either end of your board. These arms mount to the head tube, and rear rack seat post on your bicycle. The attachment mechanism is a super simple screw and lock system, making installation really efficient. 

One of the best features of this rack is that it can easily adjust thanks to the simple push buttons. The frame is also pretty lightweight, allowing you to carry a heavy board without being overwhelmed. To make storage and riding without a board easier, the racks can fold in towards your bicycle. Oh, and there’s even a dog leash loop found on the end of each rack! 

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Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack

  • A side-mounted bike rack
  • Single point of installation
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Fits most bikes

No matter what kind of bike you’re riding, this rack can most definitely be utilized. The design uses a single clamp that connects to the seat post. This extends into a triangular shape, providing a convenient place to slot in your surfboard. 

This rack by Ho Stevie! Uses aluminium construction for a strong but lightweight design. This product won’t rust after exposure to saltwater, and the anodized colour won’t chip off.

The carrier arms can also be easily adjusted, allowing this product to fit a range of different shortboards up to 8 foot in length. To make sure that your cargo is held in tight, additional carrier cords are used to wrap around the surfboard. 

ho stevie surfboard bike rack

Carver Surf Bicycle Rack

  • A side-mounted bike rack
  • Designed for shortboards up to 8ft
  • Single installation point
  • Fits on all bikes

Carver has mastered the surfboard bike rack using simple design and quality materials. This shortboard-friendly rack is quick to install, easy to use, and built to last. With a single point of installation, it clamps onto the seat post of the bicycle. This makes it compatible with basically all bikes. 

The rack is made from a durable non-rust material to be able to withstand saltwater. There is high-strength aluminium welded construction that makes the rack seriously strong, while still being lightweight enough to easily ride around. The seat post mount is also fully adjustable. 

This rack has been designed for shortboards – specifically those under 8ft. With soft padding on the arms, as well as bungee cords to fasten the top, any surfboard will be really secure in this rack. 

carver surf bicycle rack

Cor Surfboard Bike Rack

  • A side-mounted bike rack
  • Mounts directly to the seat post
  • Lightweight aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Works with all kinds of bikes

This classic surfboard bike rack by Cor is a smart choice for anyone cycling with a shortboard. It installs easily, offers great protection to your board, and works with any kind of bike. This system simply clamps onto the seat post for a painless installation. 

The rack is made using aluminium and stainless steel. These materials are strong, lightweight, and are completely rustproof. The board is held safely in place by bright green foam padding and some bungee cords to wrap over the top. This padding isn’t only protective, but it also helps cars to see you while cycling. 

This rack has been designed to carry shortboards up to 8ft in length. The arms are fully adjustable to make fitting and mounting easy.

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The Wheele Board Rack

  • A trailer-mounted bike rack
  • 3 rubber pads around the frame
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Accommodates 9 – 12’ boards

The idea of cycling with a longboard or SUP may seem impossible. However, with this Wheele Board Rack, it becomes incredibly convenient. This trailer-mounted rack uses two wheels with sealed bearings. These wheels can handle a range of terrains and don’t require any maintenance. 

The frame of this rack uses three cushioned rubber pads to make sure that your board is well protected. There is also a clever Velcro fastening system here which makes the pads movable in order to fit multiple boards into the rack. 

The wheels are made from EVA puncture-proof foam, the pull strap provides great UV protection to your boards, and the finish of the rack is powder-coated for extra protection. This bike rack may not be the most subtle, or easy to just fold away. However, if you need to carry large, heavy boards, then this convenient trailer really handles the job well.

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Bike Balance Surfing Bike Rack

  • A rear-mounted bike rack
  • Recommended for boards under 8ft
  • Ultra-strong aircraft aluminium construction
  • Can carry two shortboards at a time

This rear-mounted surfboard bike rack is an awesome choice for those wanting to cycle with absolute ease. Having your board mounted at the back allows you to ride at speeds of 60 miles per hour. With stainless steel components and seriously strong aircraft aluminium construction, you don’t need to worry about your boards going anywhere! In fact, this strong rack can hold up to two boards at a time. 

This design is best suited towards shortboards up to 8ft. It is also skateboard and boogie board friendly. The design fits most bicycles and can be installed incredibly easily. The only limitations are that it can’t be used with bikes that have disc brakes or rear suspension systems. Once on, it is also fully adjustable and simple to use. 

The benefits of a bike rack like this are that they are easier to manoeuvre, simple to use, and offer excellent protection to your boards.

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Carver Scooter Surf Rack

  • Mounts to mopeds and scooters
  • High strength aluminium welded construction
  • Suitable for small and large boards
  • Rust-free

If you would rather choose a scooter over a bicycle, then this surf rack is a top choice. One of the major benefits to mounting your boards on a scooter is that you can carry a heavier weight with more ease. This rack is made using seriously strong aluminium, welded to take a heavy load. You can carry small and large boards with this system. 

Mounting the scooter surfboard rack is not as simple as bicycle racks. However, it still won’t require too much time or expertise. And once it’s on, it’s on firm! The arms are well padded and are complete with bungee cords to hold your surfboard firmly in place. 

This side-mounted scooter design looks great, holds up well, and provides great protection for your boards. This is a simple solution for anyone travelling to the beach on a scooter or moped. 

scooter surfboard rack

Surf Gear Lab Bike Rack

  • A side-mounted bike rack
  • Single point of contact on the bike
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Works with all kinds of bikes

This rack has become the gold standard in bike racks. It’s light, durable, and really easy to assemble. We were able to get this bad boy up and running in a matter of minutes. It comes with an Allen wrench and about 8 screws. Once we’d put the rack together all that was left was to attach it to the bike. It attaches to the seat post using a single contact point which is very secure.

The rack comes with really nifty elasticated cords with hooks on the end so you can secure your board in place once in the rack. The arms of the rack can be easily adjusted fit any surfboard up to 8ft long.

This bike rack can be quickly removed and packed down when not in use, making it easier to ride your bike. If you are after an incredibly simple solution to cycling around with your surfboard, then be sure to check this bike rack out. 

Where Can You Buy A Surfboard Bike Rack? 

Wherever people surf, bike racks should be available for your boards. It is probably easiest to find the exact bike rack you need online – all of the top products listed above are available this way. However, many good surf shops should be able to provide you with these accessories. Just make sure that what you choose is in line with your bike and surfboard. 


Riding to the beach on your bike is one of the best ways to get to the waves. There are many benefits to bike travel, and those close enough to the beach should definitely give it a go.

In order to do this, you will need to be equipped with a surf bicycle rack. These are generally pretty simple pieces of equipment that will provide a long lifespan and an amazing experience. Choose a bike rack that fits your needs, and you will be sure to enhance your surfing experience a great deal! 

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Do you need a surfboard bike rack? 

Riding a bike without one of these racks can be extremely difficult. Not only that, but it is also dangerous for the rider and your board. These racks are necessary for anyone wanting to keep their board protected while riding a bike. 

Are surfboard bike racks hard to install?

Different products install differently. However, they are generally incredibly easy to install, and usually, just require a simple click into place. 

Are surfboard bike racks easy to ride with?

These products have been specially designed to provide riders with a comfortable experience. Surfboard bike racks don’t take up much space and are suitable for easy use by all kinds of bikes. 

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