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What is the Best Snorkel Gear?

Snorkelling is an activity that doesn’t require much equipment. That being said, procuring the best snorkel gear possible make a massive impact on your experience. Having a mask that lets water in, or fins that cut into you will make your snorkelling session no fun at all! 

Whether you are a diver or snorkeler, choosing the right gear is paramount. The right mask will help you to see clearly underwater, the right snorkel will allow you to breathe, and the right fins will make gliding through the water easy. 

Interested in exploring the ocean and seeing all that it has to offer? Then its time to invest in a great snorkelling kit. Here is our complete guide on the best snorkel gear available. 

best snorkel gear

What is Snorkelling Gear?

A snorkelling kit can differ depending on where you are snorkelling, and what kind of diving you will be doing. There are four main elements to a complete snorkelling kit though. These include the mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit. 

Needless to say, a snorkel is essential for snorkelling. This is your breathing apparatus, and what will allow you to spend your time face down in the water as opposed to just swimming around. Then there is the mask, fins and wetsuit. 

The different bits that make up a snorkelling kit can all be bought separately, and chosen specifically for your requirements. Snorkelling gear can range pretty dramatically depending on the kind of snorkelling that you want to do. 

Types Of Snorkel Gear

There are all sorts of different snorkel gear available. The pieces available differ depending on how serious you are about the sport and the condition that you will be snorkelling in. The four main pieces of gear are outlined below. 


Quite simply, you can’t go snorkelling without a snorkel. The snorkel is what you use to breathe underwater. This is the “pipe” that allows you to keep your face down and observe the fish, coral, rocks, and everything else under the water’s surface. 

You can get different kinds of snorkels with different performance levels. Some will have a special cap on top to prevent water entering, some are flexible, some are longer, and there are all sorts of different mouthpieces available. It’s often best to choose a snorkel that will work with your mask. 



The mask, also referred to as goggles, is what allows you to see underwater. Masks can range in their sizes, shapes, and materials used. 

Always make sure that the mask is watertight, comfortable, and offers the best amount of visibility. You will also want a mask that doesn’t fog up easily. 


Also known as flippers, fins are what help you to glide through the water. You get short fins, long fins, fins that cover the whole foot, and fins that just strap around the heel. If you will be snorkelling in rougher waters or currents, then having a great set of fins is a must. 

Fins will help to make swimming way easier – allowing you to see more and travel further distances with less exhaustion. 


A wetsuit isn’t always necessary for snorkelling, but wearing one comes highly recommended. The main purpose of a wetsuit is to protect the body from the cold. This allows you to snorkel deeper, in colder waters, for a longer period of time.

Even in warmer waters though, a wetsuit can offer advantages. They help to protect the body the cold, as well as things like jellyfish stings, sharp coral or rocks. When choosing a wetsuit for snorkelling, make sure it is thick enough for thermal regulation, long enough for the cold, and flexible enough for comfort. 

diving wetsuit

What To Look Out For When Buying Snorkel Gear

As there are all kinds of different bits and pieces involved in a snorkelling kit, there are different considerations for each different item. However, there are a few common things to look out for when buying the best snorkelling gear. 

Always make sure that each item is suited to the conditions you will be swimming in. For example, if you plan on snorkelling in cold waters with strong currents, you should consider a thicker, long wetsuit and longer fins. If you will just be swimming around in warmer, calmer waters, you may could wear a shorty wetsuit and use short fins. 

Materials are always an important consideration too. You will need something that is durable and comfortable at the same time. Some people prefer a flexible snorkel, while others prefer a more hardy version. 

Best Snorkel Gear By Category

As there are many different pieces of equipment that snorkellers use, we have broken down the best snorkelling gear into four different categories. Below are all the top products available for the ultimate underwater experience. 

Best Snorkel Sets (Mask & Snorkel)

The most important bits of gear for snorkelling has got to be the mask and snorkel – you just can’t do this sport without them! Here are three of the best sets available.

G2 Full Face Snorkel Mask

  • A full-face snorkel mask
  • Complete panoramic broad view
  • Double anti-fogging design
  • Anti-leak snorkel

Forget about impractical, leaky snorkel sets with this awesome full face snorkel mask. This mask has a tight silicone seal to make sure that no water comes through. There are double air chambers in order to prevent any fogging.

The breathing tube features a clever floating ball design that prevents any leaks into the snorkel while submerged underwater. There is even an action camera mount on the snorkel mask. This cool mask allows you to get a better and more comfortable view underwater, without having to worry about fogging or leaking.

full face snorkel

Cressi Panoramic Snorkel Set

  • Wide view diving goggles
  • Easy adjustment strap
  • Durable tempered glass
  • Dry snorkel

These goggles offer a wide panoramic view and fit snugly with the silicone face skirt and easily adjustable strap. The UV-tempered glass lenses are anti-fog, and shouldn’t leak under any conditions. 

The snorkel is protected by waves with a low capacity drain valve design. This offers a totally dry breathing experience. The soft silicone mouthpiece is comfortable to bite down on. The shape is also specially designed to be more streamlined in the water. 

cressi panoramic

Surf Gear Lab Professional Snorkel Set

  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Leak-proof silicone fit
  • Polycarbonate frame
  • Dry top snorkel

This set by Surf Gear Lab is a serious step up from your regular goggles and snorkel. You get a completely leak-proof and comfortable fit thanks to the silicone skirt and nose piece. The lens is made from tempered glass for a clear underwater view. This proprietary lens is also anti-fog.

The frame is durable polycarbonate and is made fully adjustable with the large head strap. To take the set to the next level, the snorkel has a useful dry top – meaning that you won’t be swallowing any water. 

Best Snorkels

You cant go snorkelling without a snorkel! Here are three of the best snorkels on offer right now.

Seac Liquid Snorkel

  • 100% hypoallergenic silicone design
  • Extremely flexible and durable
  • Resistant to thermal changes
  • Offers effective water expulsion

If you are serious about diving and snorkelling, then you will need a quality snorkel. This product by Seac has some amazing features and is the ideal option for snorkellers that care about their gear. 

The complete silicone design means that this tube is totally flexible. It can bend in all directions, but will always maintain its shape. This makes it convenient for travel. The snorkel is also resistant to thermal changes and is very durable. 

seac liquid snorkel

Seac Top Flex Foldable Snorkel

  • A foldable snorkel
  • Great for scuba diving
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Best combined with a reduced volume mask

This folding snorkel can easily fit into the jacket pockets – making it a practical and travel-friendly design. It is also great for scuba diving and is perfect for those that practice diving in Apnoea. The mouthpiece is comfortable, the snorkel is durable and easy to manage. 

seac top flex

Cressi Diving Snorkel

  • Specially designed for free diving and deep fishing
  • Completely flexible 
  • Super comfortable mouthpiece
  • Excellent shape memory

Cressi has created a simple snorkel that really performs for deep divers. The silicone snorkel is completely flexible and can fold and bend easily. However, it will quickly spring back into place with its excellent shape memory polymers. The hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece uses an anatomical design for extra comfort.

cressi snorkel gear

Best Masks

Masks offer visibility, comfort, and allow you to experience what is going on under the sea. Here are three of the best masks available. 

Cressi Calibro Mask

  • Ultra low-volume
  • Integrated dual-frame
  • Tempered glass
  • Adjustable buckle

Exceptional field of view can be experienced with this integrated dual-frame mask. This design means that you get an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape with a particularly wide lens. The membranes around the eyes and noise will prevent any leakage while remaining very comfortable. The strap is quick and easy to adjust to the right fit.

cressi mask

Cressi Anti-fog Goggles

  • High quality inclined lenses
  • Durable silicone skirt
  • 100% thermoplastics
  • Superior comfort

This mask by Cressi offers exceptional comfort thanks to the new High Seal material. This type of silicone is particularly soft, durable, and allows for an open angle between the mask and face. The quality inclined lenses offer 25% more visibility and are made from 100% thermoplastics. Comfort may be at the core of this mask, but it also performs really well in terms of being leak-free and not misting up.

cressi goggles

Cressi Superocchio Mask

  • Designed for freediving
  • Small and low profile
  • Low volume design
  • Reduced skirt size

This classic mask by Cressi is a hit with freedivers but works perfectly for snorkelling (or any kind of diving). The mask is compact and with a low profile. There is also a reduced skirt size and minimal internal volume. This all helps the mask to adapt to different face sizes, and be easy and comfortable to wear. The lenses are separate, and offer great visibility in all directions. 

cressi super occhio

Best Fins

Fins will help you to swim stronger, faster, and further. Here are three of the best options available. 

Cressi Palau Flippers

  • Ideal for travel
  • Anatomic foot pocket
  • SAF design
  • Can accommodate 3 – 4 consecutive sizes

Short Adjustable Fins (SAF) are ideal for travel. These short fins by Cressi are a great choice for snorkellers, as they are practical to get around with, easy to wear, and totally comfortable. The foot pocket can accommodate a variety of foot sizes and is quick to adjust. They are comfortable and are made with premium quality materials.

cressi short fins

Cressi Gara Fins

  • Long blade fins
  • High performance
  • Premium quality materials
  • Made with a softer blade

These fins by Cressi are made for the serious diver. They are designed for long-distance, powerful swimming. The blades are also made using a softer material which makes them better suited for cold waters. These fins are comfortable, incredibly powerful, and are made with top quality materials.

cressi gara long fins

Cressi Rondinella Fins

  • Light and powerful
  • A medium-length fin
  • Enveloping and anatomical foot
  • Soft but durable

The Cressi Rondinella fins offer a great middle-ground that appeals to snorkellers, divers, swimmers and freedivers. These fins are light and flexible, but still very powerful. This is thanks to the reactive polypropylene and flexible thermo-rubber construction. The fins are easy to wear, easy to use, and offer great power for their size. 

cressi rondinella fins

Best Snorkel Wetsuits

Keeping warm is important as it can really alter your experience in the water. Here are some of the best wetsuit options for snorkelling.

Cressi Men’s Endurance Short Wetsuit

  • Shorty wetsuit for temperate waters
  • 3mm thickness
  • Double-lined neoprene
  • Front zipper

This shorty wetsuit is all about core warmth and maximum mobility. The front zippered design slides on with ease and is comfortable and unrestrictive to wear. It may not provide the necessary warmth for very cold conditions, but it will certainly enhance any snorkelling session in temperate waters. This wetsuit is lightweight and easy to wear.

cressi short wetsuit

Cressi 3mm Men’s Morea Wetsuit

  • A long 3mm wetsuit
  • Provides protection in warmer waters
  • Rubberised neoprene on the chest
  • High elasticity

This wetsuit is the perfect piece of snorkelling gear for warmer waters. It will provide plenty of thermal protection in conditions that aren’t too cold, while also providing protection to the body against abrasion. The wetsuit is made from top quality neoprene and is notably comfortable and flexible.

cressi 3mm wetsuit

Cressi Men’s Otterflex 5mm Wetsuit

  • A complete 5mm wetsuit
  • Includes a hood
  • Premium soft neoprene
  • An open-cell wetsuit on the inside

If you are a serious cold-water diver, then this is the wetsuit to get. The 5mm full-coverage suit offers maximum warmth and thermal protection against harsh conditions. The neoprene is soft and comfortable (although very tight on the skin). This is ideal for those snorkelling in deep waters and colder destinations

cressi otterflex 5mm wetsuit

Where Can You Buy Snorkel Gear?

Snorkelling is a popular activity wherever there is access to the ocean, so finding snorkelling gear is not that difficult. Any good sports, dive, or surf shop should supply these items. Shopping online is often the best bet, as it allows you to find more specific items. Sites like Amazon make finding the best snorkelling gear easy.


If you love spending time in the ocean and are curious to see what lies beneath the surface, then snorkelling is a must. Snorkelling is an easy activity to get into, and the gear involved is relatively inexpensive. However, getting quality gear can make a major difference. 

Be sure to choose the right pieces of equipment to make up your snorkelling kit, as it can seriously alter your enjoyment in the water. Each of the items outlined above provides some of the best solutions for all kinds of snorkellers.

snorkelling gear


What is a dry snorkel?

A dry snorkel uses an innovative design that prevents water from entering the top opening of a snorkel. This helps to prevent the swimmer from swallowing water when waves pass overhead.

Does snorkelling need training?

Snorkelling is an easy sport to get into and will require minimum training and practice. As long as you know how to safely swim in the ocean, you can easily go snorkelling.

What snorkel gear is best for a beginner?

Beginner snorkelers should consider getting shorter fins, a simple mask/snorkel set and a shorty wetsuit (if the conditions are not too cold).

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