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Best Soft Top Longboard Surfboard

Soft top longboard has been increasing in popularity lately, thanks to the amount of sheer, simple fun it provides. Many surfers caught their first wave on a longboard surfboard, and many continue to revert back to them when the waves aren’t ideal. 

Longboard foam surfboards may not provide the same level of performance you get from the modern shortboard. However, these boards are incredibly beginner-friendly, stable, and easy to enjoy. Longboard foam surfboards are all about reconnecting with the simplicity of surfing, allowing all kinds of surfers to enjoy riding waves. 

Whether you’re a total beginner or want to add a new board to your quiver, there are plenty of good reasons to go for one of these soft top long boards. Here we look at some of the best soft top longboards and what makes riding them so enjoyable. 

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What Is a Longboard Foam Surfboard?

As the name suggests, a longboard surfboard is larger and longer than your typical shortboard. These boards typically range between 8 – 12 feet, have a wide rounded nose, and often only a single fin. Some longboards, also known as malibus, reach around 14 feet in length. These boards are specifically designed for the surfer to walk up the board and nose ride. 

Longboards are all about stability, buoyancy, and cruising. They are often the first choice for anyone learning how to surf, as they allow you to find your balance easier. They are also easier to catch waves on with less effort. This doesn’t mean that soft top long boards should be restricted to beginners, though. These boards allow for a new style and approach to surfing that appeals to all ages, sizes, and skill levels. 

Soft top longboards are made entirely of foam and are more suitable for a first-timer. These boards are lighter, have a soft surface, and provide many benefits to those learning how to surf. Soft top boards are all about the simplicity of surfing and playing in the waves.

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How To Choose a Longboard Surfboard? 

Choosing a longboard surfboard involves several factors that will be unique to each rider. Like with any surfboard, every different longboard will provide a one-of-a-kind experience in the waves. Here are some important considerations when choosing the right board. 

Size and Length

The first thing to consider is the size and length of the board. This often translates to the size and weight of the surfer. Typically, the larger and heavier the surfer, the bigger they might want the board. This is especially true with beginners, although it is not always the case. 

Basically, the longer, thicker, and wider the board is, the more stability and buoyancy you will have. However, the overall performance of these boards may be more limited. Those that want to cruise or walk up and down their board easily will prefer something with more volume. Those looking to do more carving and turning may prefer something shorter. Understand what kind of surfing you want to do with your longboard before you choose one. 

Dimensions (most notably length) are the most important consideration for any surfboard. Choosing the perfect board here will involve a decision between your own size and the kind of experience you want in the water. 

Fin Setup

With a longboard surfboard, you will generally choose between a single-fin, twin-fin, or thruster (3-fin) setup. A twin-fin setup will give the board slightly more control and speed than the traditional single-fin. However, this can also make bottom turns more difficult. 

The three-fin setups are most popular, especially among soft tops. These boards utilise the best of both kinds, with a combination of stability and manoeuvrability. 


When buying a foam board, it’s always important to consider the kind of materials used. Many of these soft top long surfboard come with special tops that feature grip patterns. Much like a traction pad, some of these boards don’t require any wax.

The materials used to make your longboard surfboard also help to determine the board’s weight and manoeuvrability. Foam boards will be lighter than traditional longboards.

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7 Best Soft Top Longboard

Interested in having some fun with a soft top long board? Choosing the right board can be tricky with all the different options. Here are 7 reviews of the top products out there right now. 

Wave Bandit Easy Rider 9’0 

  • An egg-shaped longboard
  • EPS core
  • Tri fin setup
  • 9’0” x 24.0” x 3.50”

This awesome soft top board is an excellent choice for beginners all the way through to experienced surfers. The 9’0 length is a convenient size that can suit a range of different styles and waves. This length is great for learning or for those wanting to have fun in gentler waves. 

The EPS core surfboard has a smooth top, so it does require surf wax for grip. With a pop thru TPU 4.5-inch tri-fin setup, you get some great stability blended with smooth carving capabilities. This board is lightweight, versatile and easy to ride. 

Surfers will like the simple bright colours that the board is available in and the double maple-wood stringers. Overall this board is a great choice for anyone wanting to experience the magic of a soft top longboard. 

longboard surfboard

Kona Surf 9’0

  • EPS core & out9’0epoxy shell
  • Tri fin setup
  • 2 stringers
  • A 9’0 Malibu longboard

Kona Surf has created the perfect starter board for kids and adults of all sizes. This soft-top longboard has plenty of volume and rocker – allowing beginners to catch waves easily. The 9’0 size is an easy choice for any sized surfer. 

One of the best things about this board is its durability. You don’t need to worry about being gentle here because this longboard can take a beating. With double stringers, an EPS core, and an outer epoxy shell, the board is practically invincible for beginners. There is also a slip-resistant IXPE deck and an HDPE bottom with a no-scratch pattern. Even the fins are lined with rubber to make surfing this board safer and more durable. 

For easy travel, the board also has removable fins and a carry handle. You can also choose from a wide range of colours. 

The Kona Surf 9’0 longboard is a9’0about enjoying yourself in the water. This brand has been going for a long time, and they have been innovating for years to create some amazing products. 

kona surf 9'0

Wavestorm 9’0 Original

  • 9’0” x 24” x 3.5” 
  • Superior grade EPS core
  • HDPE high-impact bottom
  • Tri fin setup

Wavestorm created a soft top longboard surfboard that offers more than just a sturdy platform for beginners. This board has been designed for specialised performance, and all kinds of different surfers can enjoy it. 

The surfboard has a super-strong EPS core with three marine-ply stringers. The outside deck has textures for extra grip and contains a durable elastomer barrier skin foam. There is also a built-in traction pad at the back for extra grip. 

One of the cool features of this board is the specialised silica rings for water absorption prevention – allowing for better stability. The board also has removable fins and comes with a leash. 

This longboard is sturdy and stable, but it can offer plenty of fun in all kinds of waves. It is durable, well thought out, and easy to ride. Overall a great foam longboard.

wavestorm original

Boardworks Froth 9’0

  • 9”0 x 24”0 x 39’0
  • EPS foam core, EVA outer skin
  • Maple stringer
  • Single fin

Boardworks created a longboard surfboard that rippers, beginners and wake surfers can all use. The versatility of this soft top long surfboard comes from its slightly sharper shape and user-friendly design. 

This board is very lightweight but still incredibly durable, thanks to its fully glassed EPS foam core with a soft EVA outer skin. The high-impact areas of the nose and tail use a high-density EVA block for better protection. A maple stringer runs down the centre. 

The board comes with a built-in traction pad for the rear foot. However, you will still need a wax coating over the rest of the upper surface. You also get real Future fin boxes and fins – not rubber fins like other foam boards. 

Although we are focused on the very beginner-friendly longboard, Boardworks makes a wide range of different shapes with these soft top boards – perfect for any surfer. The high volume, lightweight and durability make these boards a fun and easy option. 

boardworks froth

Rock-It Big Softy 8’0 

  • 9.6”x 22.7”x 8’0”
  • Three marine wooden stringers
  • EPS foam core and UV-resistant soft top layer
  • Three safety fins

Looking for the ideal longboard surfboard for learning? This user-friendly option by Rock-It is a great choice. The widely rounded board is thick, long and full of volume – perfect for learning or taking out on smaller days. The board is suitable for kids and adults of all sizes. While the board is big and buoyant, it also turns well and paddles easily. 

Made using environmentally-sensitive processes, this board consists of three marine wooden stringers coated with a special epoxy nano-coating to help resist water absorption. Then, the board is surrounded by a proprietary EPS foam and finished with a colourfast and UV-resistant soft top layer. This entire top layer is textured, so it doesn’t necessarily need a layer of wax while you are surfing. All materials here are recyclable. 

The underside of the board features a zebra stripe pattern, which helps ward off sharks. The Big Softy also comes with three removable fins. This board is easy for beginners to find their balance, yet tough enough to take a beating while still manoeuvring pretty well—an all-around top choice.

big softy foam surfboard

South Bay Heritage 8’8″

  • 104” x 22.5” 8’8”
  • Classic longboard shape
  • EPS closed cell foam core
  • Three fin setup

South Bay Board Co makes a wide range of soft boards, and their longboard is ideal for anyone interested in logging. This 8’8″ board may be8’8ightly shorter than a traditional longboard surfboard, but the extra volume in its thickness provides the paddle speed and float that you would expect from a longboard. This means that you get great stability while still being able to move around a bit. 

This is an entry-level board that is best suited for those learning how to surf. However, anyone can have fun on this chunky foam board. It’s durable, easy to ride, and still performs well when the waves aren’t ideal. 

It also has a rubber tail bumper, allowing you to stand it up without damaging it. There is also a 2 + 1 stringer system, a wax-free textured top deck, and a diamond weave HDPE bottom deck. The board features tapered rails and a very beginner-friendly nose/tail rocker. 

Whether you are trying surfing for the first time or just want a foam board for smaller, sloppier waves, then this option by South Bay Board Co is a good choice. 

longboard surfboard

Wavestorm 8′ Longboard Surfboard

  • 8’0x 22′ x 1.5′
  • Strong EPS core
  • 3 Stringers
  • 3 fin setup

This is a classic longboard surfboard made using soft foam construction. With a volume of 86 litres, this board can take a heavy rider and is a comfortable choice for beginners. The foam board has a soft water barrier skin with an HDPE polyethene slick bottom skin. There are also three removable bolt-through fins and a traction pad included. 

This longboard is easy to handle, soft, and lightweight. It performs well for a learn-to-surf board, but any surfer will have some fun riding this longboard. 

Made using quality materials and a tried and tested shape, anyone after a soft-top board will be pleased with this product. The water barrier skin is also textured, which adds to the grip. To finish it off, the board comes with a cool sunburst colour graphic.

wavestorm 8'0

What Makes Longboarding Rad

Longboarding takes a totally different approach to wave riding than surfing with a shortboard. This style of riding waves is all about lowering the tempo and cruising. That’s not to say that longboarding isn’t dynamic; far from it actually. You can still carve and move around the wave (and even up and down your board) – but it’s just done with a wider approach.

For many surfers, longboarding is their first introduction to the sport. This is because longboard surfboards are much more stable, and catching waves on them is easier. They are faster to paddle and easier to control. With a longboard, you get greater volume. This means that even the heaviest riders have a sturdy platform to balance. 

Soft top longboards are perfect for beginners as they are safer, more durable, and lightweight. Beginners can use these boards in all kinds of sloppy conditions, and they provide the ideal platform for first-timers finding their feet. 


If you want to start surfing, soft top long surfboards may be the best vessels for beginners. These boards are easy to ride, have loads of volume, and above all, are super fun! Their advantages include their durability, safety, ease of travel, and solid stability. 

Longboarding is the most classic surfing style, and it is where most surfers start. No matter how experienced you are or where you surf, having a longboard surfboard in your quiver is always a good idea. 

minimal surfboard


Are longboards good for beginner surfers?

Longboards are easier to paddle and provide more stability when standing up. Anyone learning how to surf will have a much easier time starting on a longboard.

Is a longboard easier than a shortboard?

Yes, these boards have way more volume and catch waves faster and with less effort. They are also easier to balance and often easier to control.

Are soft-top surfboards easier? 

Foam surfboards, or soft-tops, are very easy to paddle, durable, stable, and incredibly forgiving. Catching waves and standing up on these boards is much easier.

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