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What is the Best Kayak Trailer for Easily Transporting Your Kayak?

If you love kayaking, then you’re only too aware of the trouble of transporting your kayak. Unless of course you have an inflatable kayak. Traditional kayaks are big, heavy, and awkward to carry. If you plan on traveling a long distance with your kayak, then you will need a kayak trailer. 

Kayak trailers are available in all kinds of designs to match different needs. You can get trailers to hitch up to the car for road trips, handheld trailers to make handling a kayak easy while you walk with it, and even bicycle trailers for kayaks.

If you don’t live right next to the water’s edge, then you will need to invest in a good kayak trailer to help you get your vessel to the water. Follow our complete kayak trailer guide below to help you find the perfect trailer for your needs. 

best kayak trailer

What is a Kayak Trailer?

Kayak trailers are simple platforms with wheels that are used to hold and carry kayaks, canoes, small watercraft, and possibly other cargo. These trailers are specially designed to securely and conveniently hold kayaks, which can be quite an awkward shape to carry on a regular trailer. You can’t simply pop your kayak in the boot of your car, so if you’re traveling with one then you will either need a kayak trailer or roof racks.

A kayak trailer can also be a handheld device that helps a single person manage a heavy kayak. This makes it easier to pull or push a kayak down to the water to launch them. 

Kayaks are large, heavy, and awkwardly shaped to carry. Using a suitable trailer for them is necessary if you plan on taking your kayak long distances or carrying it without help.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Kayak Trailer

There are actually many different types of kayak trailers out there, each one with its own unique benefits. Here’s what you need to consider before choosing the right kayak trailer. 

What You Will be Hitching the Trailer to

The first important consideration comes down to how you will actually be using the trailer. You can get kayak trailers designed for being towed behind cars, dolly trailers for manual pulling, or kayak trailers for bicycles. 

Each of these trailers offers s completely different design. Dolly trailers are much smaller and more compact, but they can’t be used for road trips and long-distance journeys. If you’re looking for a kayak trailer for your car, then pay attention to how big and bulky it is. You can get trailers that are made to carry additional cargo, or trailers just designed for a single kayak.

Size and Capacity

Your kayak trailer needs to be the right size for your needs. You get trailers designed for one kayak or multiple. Some trailers can hold a kayak as well as other cargo, like bicycles or storage boxes. Make sure that you know what you plan on carrying, and get a kayak trailer that matches your needs.

Then you also need to consider the size of the trailer when it’s not in use. You get some seriously compact kayak trailers that can fold up flat for easy storage. However, larger trailers for cars will require a big enough area to store them when they’re not in use.

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Trailers are designed to carry a heavy load and be dragged around in different kinds of terrain. This means you will want them to be durable. 

Kayak trailers can be made from aluminum, powder-coated steel, or even plastic and rubber. Make sure that the trailer will hold up against rain and water, and that it will be strong enough to use on whatever terrain you plan on taking it. 

Weight Limit

Every trailer has its weight limit, so make sure that yours is suitable for your kayak. If you just plan on carrying a single kayak, then any kayak trailer should work fine. If you want to carry additional items, then pay attention to the weight limit on the trailer. Weight limits can vary a lot between different trailers. 

Wheel Size

The wheel size makes a big difference to the overall experience of the kayak. Larger wheels are generally better suited to all kinds of terrain, while smaller wheels may not do that well on bumpy offroad paths. If you’re looking for a dolly trailer, then remember that trailers with bigger wheels are also more difficult to pack up and store. 

7 Best Kayak Trailers

With so many different options available, choosing the right kayak trailer for your needs can be challenging. We’ve rounded up 7 of the best kayak trailers available to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Ironton Personal Watercraft Trailer

  • Rolls on 12” tires 
  • Durable white powder-coated finish
  • Includes lights and protective fenders
  • Suitable for jet skis and personal watercraft

The Ironton personal watercraft and boat trailer is perfect for kayaks, jet skis, and small boats. This trailer offers plenty of space, with a particularly roomy bed. However, the kayak trailer still feels pretty compact, and it won’t be too restrictive while driving.

This kayak trailer uses two 12 inch tires. The trailer is seriously durable with its white powder-coated finish. This allows it to be used in all kinds of harsh weather conditions without having to worry about rust. 

You can also adjust the angle of the bunk boards, allowing you to fit wider watercraft. This should generally allow for two kayaks. Just be aware that longer kayaks like some Perception Kayaks will stick out of the back of the trailer. The trailer comes equipped with lights and protective fenders for easier, safer use. 

ironton watercraft trailer

Krypt Towers Small Boat Trailer

  • Small hand dolly trailer
  • Perfect for any small watercraft under 300lbs
  • Fully adjustable length
  • 16” oversized beach tires

If you’re looking for an easy solution to carry and launch your kayak, then this is the ideal trailer. This kayak trailer by Krypt Towers uses a handheld dolly design. The trailer is made from aluminum, and it easily adjusts to match the size of your watercraft. This makes carrying your kayak down to launch a seriously easy task to do alone.

This is not just a kayak trailer though. It’s perfect for all kinds of watercraft under 300lbs. Use it on your sailboat, paddleboard, small boat, and more. The oversized 16” air-filled beach tires make the trailer easy to pull across difficult terrain. 

And once you’re finished with this trailer, it can be collapsed back into an easily manageable size. This is a smart and simple solution for all kinds of water users.

krypt towers

WZH Universal Kayak Cart

  • 240lbs carrying capacity
  • Solid aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware
  • Spring-loaded stand for extra stability
  • Folds into a compact size

Kayak trailers dont get much more convenient than this. This little device is really just two wheels with a simple stand to rest your kayak on. It’s incredibly simple, but it still makes carrying your kayak long distances a total breeze.

The kayak trailer is made from a solid aluminum frame complete with stainless steel hardware. This makes it long-lasting and durable in all kinds of conditions. Drag it around the beach and get it wet in the ocean, you won’t have to worry about rust. 

The mini trailer features a useful spring-loaded stand to add stability when you need it. And when you’re not using the trailer, it folds up into a seriously compact size. Simply pop the folded-up trailer in the boot of your car, and you can take it with you wherever you go. 

This is not the ideal product for larger watercraft or boats. If you’re after a convenient kayak trailer though, then this is a great option. 

wzh kayak trailer

Ruff-Sport Trailer

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Large 12” wheels
  • Crossbars support all roof rack accessories
  • Fold-up locking tongue stand and LED lights

If you’re in need of a larger kayak trailer, then this option by Right-On Trailer Store is a winner. The Ruff-Sport trailer can accommodate all kinds of cargo. You can comfortably fit two kayaks alongside each other, as well as bicycles, paddleboards, and other small watercraft.

This trailer is made from a galvanized steel frame with large 4.80 x 12” wheels. The sturdy frame includes soft springs, which makes it easily absorb shocks and bumps while on the road. There’s a fold-up locking tongue stand to support the trailer when it’s unhitched. The trailer also includes LED lights.

This is a simple, durable trailer that’s perfect for road trips, families, and small groups. The high-speed trailer can be carried behind small cars pretty easily, and it’s more fuel-efficient than using roof racks. 


2 Wheel Kayak Trailer

  • Durable rubber surface
  • Easy kayak or canoe trolley
  • Compact and easy to store
  • 70kg weight limit

This two-wheel kayak trailer is incredibly compact and easy to use. The trailer can hold canoes and kayaks up to 70kg, but the handheld weight of 3kg will be maintained. The design is of a small rubber and plastic trolley that is attached to the end of your kayak. This makes pulling the kayak an easy job for one person. 

The rubber plastic material of this kayak trailer is environmentally friendly. It’s also a smart choice for use on the beach and bumpy roads, as the rubber is tough and durable while being soft and protective. 

The kayak is firmly held down with a strap against the soft rubber. When not in use, this mini kayak trailer can disassemble into a convenient size – perfect for putting in the boot of your car and traveling with. 

2 wheel kayak trailer

Wike Kayak & Surf Trailer

  • Ultra-light design, suitable for biking
  • Two folding padded supports
  • Can support 70lbs of load
  • Aluminum wheels

The Wike kayak and surf trailer is the perfect option for cyclists. This lightweight kayak trailer is easy to pull behind a bicycle. The quick hitch makes sure that the kayak will stay behind the rear wheel, without bouncing off the wheel. The smart stick towing assembly is also easily removable

The trailer uses two folding padded supports to hold the kayak. This system can support up to 70lbs of weight. When not in use, you can easily fold the trailer flat and remove the aluminum wheels. This is a genius kayak trailer for any cyclists out there. Its lightweight, easy to use, durable, and highly convenient.

surf trailer

Seattle Sports Kayak Cart

  • Treaded solid airless wheels
  • Adjustable padded top bars
  • 300lbs maximum load capacity
  • Works with all kinds of watercraft

Dolly carrier carts for kayaks don’t come much more solid than this option by Seattle Sports. This is a versatile kayak cart that can be used for canopies, paddleboards, Jon boats, and all kinds of other small watercraft. The dolly design of this cart is simple but highly effective. The cart can hold up to 300lbs and is suitable for use over all kinds of terrains. 

The large wheels are airless and made from a powder-coated steel frame. There is a spring-loaded kickstand included on the trailer which adds useful support. The kayak is held on two padded top bars with a cinch strap. These are fully adjustable to perfectly fit your watercraft.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to handle your kayak, then this might just be it. This dolly cart is slightly larger than other more portable options, but this just makes it a more natural height for pulling and pushing. The larger wheels are also easier to manage over difficult terrain.

seattle sports kayak cart

Where Can You Buy a Kayak Trailer?

Kayak trailers should be available at good kayak or watersports stores. These items can be pretty tricky to find, and most shops that do stock them will have a very limited selection. This is why it’s best to buy a kayak trailer online. You get a far greater selection of products and are able to choose the perfect one to match your requirements.


Kayak trailers are here to make your life a whole lot easier. If you’re traveling long distances with your kayak, then these trailers are a must. They make transporting a big heavy kayak an easy job.

There are many different options available when it comes to finding the right kayak trailer, so make sure that you choose your trailer carefully. It will make a world of difference to your entire kayaking experience. Kayak trailers are often purchased in conjunction with kayak hoists.

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Do you need a kayak trailer?

Kayak trailers are important for carrying your kayak long distances. These trailers are easy to load and unload, and they are specially designed for conveniently and safely carrying your kayak.

How do you secure a kayak to a trailer?

Kayak trailers have special padded areas to hold your kayak. The kayak can be fastened to the trailer with straps. Each kayak trailer is slightly different, and each one has its own way of securely holding your kayak in position.

How do you transport a kayak trailer?

Kayak trailers can be hitched to a car for an easy way to transport your kayak. You also get handheld kayak dolly trailers, as well as kayak trailers designed for bicycles. These options can fold up into a fairly small size, making them easy to transport when not in use. 

What sized kayak can you put on a trailer?

Kayak trailers are generally limited by the weight of the kayak, not the length. These trailers should be adjustable to be able to hold kayaks of all sizes. Just be aware that longer kayaks will stick out over the edge of shorter trailers. 

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