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What is the Best Kayak Cover?

Kayaking depends heavily on weather conditions. This means that there will be plenty of days where you can’t get into the water – resulting in storing your kayak away for another day. Taking care of your kayak while it’s out of the water is essential for making sure it’s ready for the season ahead. 

One of the best ways to ensure the safety and protection of your vessel is with a kayak cover. These simple accessories will help to keep your kayak safe from the elements – things like sunlight, rain, dust, mould or bugs. 

Due to their size, kayaks are often stored outdoors. Keeping kayaks outdoors without proper protection can really shorten the lifespan of your beloved vessel, and affect its durability So, finding the best kayak cover is an easy solution for keeping things safe. These are items that can provide loads of long-term value through a very simple product.

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What Is A Kayak Cover? 

In order to store and travel with your kayak without affecting its durability, a cover should be used. Quite simply, kayak covers are a kind of protective covering that surrounds your kayak while not in use. This helps to keep out the elements that could damage your kayak while it is exposed. 

Kayak covers generally come in the form of a kind of durable, waterproof material held down by ropes or bungee cords. They should be easy to slip around your kayak, and quick to take off. The material is also usually UV protected. When not in use, kayak covers should be able to be folded up and stored pretty easily. These accessories differ in size and materials based on the kind of kayak you need to protect, and where you will store it. 

Some products offer complete cover, while others only cover the top. You can also get covers that strap down, covers that zp up, and covers with an elastic drawstring.

Although kayak covers are such simple accessories, they offer valuable and long-lasting protection. These items can help to keep your kayak in a new condition and keep it from any unwanted surprises when not in use. For those that store their kayaks outdoors, or travel frequently with their gear, having a durable cover is a must.

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What To Look Out For When Buying A Kayak Cover?

Kayak covers are not all the same. These pieces of valuable protective gear need to perfectly suit your kayak and needs, so they differ for all kinds of circumstances. Here are some important features to consider when looking for the best kayak cover. 


Different covers come in different materials, and it is important that you choose one that is suitable for your storage conditions. Basically, more durable materials are more suitable for outdoor storage and transport. If you will be storing your kayak outside, or travelling with it on the roof of your car, having a thick, waterproof material is best. However, if it is being stored indoors then something thinner and less durable will work. 

With indoor storage, your biggest concern is dust, with outdoor storage it is the elements (sun, rain, etc). Make sure that the material you choose can hold up against whatever it is you are trying to protect your kayak from. 


Of course, the cover doesn’t just need to be durable, but it also needs to properly fit your kayak. As kayaks come in different sizes, so do their covers. Make sure that you get one suitable for the length and width of your kayak. Having a properly sized cover offers enhanced protection, as well as making it easier to take on and off. 

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Always consider the compatibility of the cover you are getting in terms of the kind of use you will need from it. Are you travelling or simply covering the kayak in a quiet area? Will the cover be under motion and pressure, or will it simply sit still?

The way that the cover straps down to your kayak and fits it is critical to the kind of use you want to get out of it. Some covers have rigid straps, some feature a drawstring end, and some just wrap loosely around the kayak. 

The Best Kayak Cover

There are loads of great options out there. The best kayak cover, however, depends on your specific circumstances and equipment. Here are some of the best options available right now. 

iCOVER Kayak Cover

  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Fits most kayaks and canoes
  • Easy carrying

The iCOVER kayak cover offers a smart solution for keeping your kayak protected. This durable full-cut design allows extra room for paddles, life jackets and fishing accessories while still being able to fit most kayaks. The heavy-duty fabric and reinforced sewing stitches make sure that this cover can withstand the elements. 

There is a strap handle sewn in to make carrying easy. The zipper also extends about half the length of the kayak – making it easy to slip the cover on and off. When not in use, this cover also conveniently packs away into a compact storage bag. 

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Classic Accessories StormPro

  • Full-cut for extra room
  • Fabric coating technology
  • Heavy-duty 600D polyester

The StormPro heavy duty kayak cover is suitable for canoes up to 12’long. This cover offers maximum protection and water repellency thanks to its durable 600D polyester construction. The material is PVC free, won’t shrink or stretch, and offer great UV protection. 

This cover is not designed for rooftop travel but can be left outdoors in the elements. The product also includes a stuff sack for easy cover storage. For an easy to use cover, the zipper extended about halfway along the length of the kayak.

Classic Accessories StormPro

Kohree Kayak Cover

  • Premium Oxford polyester
  • Tight strapping design
  • Elastic drawstring for easy use

The Kohree kayak cover uses a stretchy drawstring design to cover the tops of kayaks, canoes, or even small boats. This design is incredibly easy to slip on and off and can provide excellent protection against the harsh outdoors. 

The durable material is silver coated for better waterproofing and UV protection. There are also two straps which make sure that the cover is on tighter and wont go anywhere in winds or rain. This cover can work for a range of different size options, allowing you to get a wide kind of use from its user-friendly design

Kohree Kayak cover

Vulkin Kayak Cover

  • Industrial strength materials
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Unique sling carry design

Vulkin has designed one of the best kayak covers thanks to a handful of innovative design features. The attention to detail here really enhances its usability. The cover follows an elastic drawstring design to slip over the top of the kayak., Two adjustable straps help to hold everything in place. 

This cover is made using super durable industrial-strength materials to add total protection against the elements. For easy storage and carrying, this cover has a clever sling handle as well as ergonomic oar loops.

The Vulkin kayak cover will keep your mind at ease while your kayak is being stored away. Quality protection, easy to use, and suitable for a range of different sizes. 

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RONGT Kayak Canoe Cover

  • Thickened and fade-resistant material
  • Waterproof polyester with UV coating
  • 7 size options

The RONGT kayak cover is a convenient choice for avid paddlers. This cover comes in seven different sizes and can fit just about any kayak, canoe, or small boat. The cover is made from a thickened and fade-resistant oxford Taffeta material with a silky hand feel and glossy finish. This material is waterproof and features PU and UV coatings. Wherever you leave your kayak, it will be well protected with this wrapped around it. 

The cover is easy to put on and off and is held down tightly by three straps. With double-stitched seams, this material is also really durable. Whether it is wind protection, water resistance, UV or dust protection – this cover will be sure to provide it. 

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iiSPORT Kayak Cover

  • Waterproof and durable polyester
  • Elastic drawstring design
  • Adjustable for different sizes

Made from sun ray reflecting and waterproof polyester material, this cover offers excellent weather protection for your kayak. With a fully adjustable elastic drawstring, the iiSPORT cover can be used for different kayaks, hobies, fishing boats, paddleboards, and just about anything else that needs protection from the elements!

Basically, this heavy-duty cover is made from quality material and will keep out any potential damage. Whether it is water, snow, dust, UV rays, bugs, wind (or just about anything else), your kayak, boat or board will be left safe! 

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Waterproof Kayak Cover by Surf Gear Lab

  • Camo design
  • Made from oxford cloth
  • Available in a range of sizes

This premium kayak cover by Surf Gear Lab offers ideal protection against the elements. This cover is thick and waterproof, made from quality Oxford cloth. The cover is great for those keeping their kayak outdoors, as it offers protection against rain, snow, dirt, dust and UV rays.

Anyone serious about getting longevity from their kayak will be happy to use this cover. It comes in a range of sizes to fit various lengths and models. The cover also comes in a cool camo print. 

Where Can You Buy A Kayak Cover

Kayak covers are a necessary accessory for those wanting to preserve and protect their kayak. This means that you should be able to get them wherever you are able to buy a kayak. Buying a kayak cover is best done as soon as you buy a kayak in order to keep is in the same condition from day one. 

While you can look at most good surf or watersports shops for these items, the best kayak covers are usually found online. Sites like Surf Gear Lab help you to find the perfect, premium products with absolute ease. 

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If you love paddling and getting out on the water, then you will want to take good care of your kayak. Kayaks can be a pretty big investment, so you don’t want them to get damaged while in storage. No matter where you store your kayak, there is always the risk of the elements leaving some kind of lasting damage. This could include rain, dust, wind, bugs, sunlight, extreme temperatures, or anything else that you don’t want to come into contact with your kayak. 

Finding the best kayak cover for your needs can provide serious benefits. You will get a longer lifespan from your gear, and won’t have to worry about its durability when you take it out onto the water. This is a must for any keen kayakers – especially those that paddle seasonally. 


Do you need a kayak cover?

One of the biggest dangers to a kayak is sun damage. Having a cover will protect your kayak from this, as well as any other possible damage from outside elements. If you want to protect and preserve your kayak, then getting a cover is highly recommended.

How to choose a kayak cover?

Be sure to get a cover that is the right size and shape for your kayak. You will also need to choose a material that is resistant enough for your surrounds and storage situation.

Is it OK to store a kayak outside?

It is perfectly ok to store a kayak outside. However, exposure to weather conditions can cause lasting damage to your kayak. Using a cover during storage is an easy way to help protect your kayak from the elements. 

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