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What is the Best Electric Air Pump?

We all love inflatables, but there is always one common problem with them. Getting them inflated. Manually pumping up SUP boards, pool toys, mattresses, yoga balls, inflatable kayaks, or any other inflatable item is a complete mission. Not only is it exhausting, but it is time-consuming and inefficient. This is why an electric air pump is a must for any frequent inflatable user. 

Electric air pumps make life way easier, providing a simple solution to a usually strenuous task. Before you go out and grab the first electric air pump that you see, you will need to make sure that it is suitable for your application. Follow our guide below on electric air pumps, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

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What is an Electric Air Pump?

An electric air pump offers a convenient solution to manually pumping up inflatable items. These pumps either use a battery or are plugged into a power source. When turned on, they can produce a steady stream of air that can inflate all kinds of items. 

Electric air pumps can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different features. The common idea is that they are used to inflate items with a motor, so no time-consuming physical inflation is required. 

Often, electric air pumps will have adjustable settings and special features to control the pressure. They can also be used for deflating items. 

What to Look Out for When Buying an Electric Air Pump

Electric air pumps come in a wide range of options. Here are some important buying considerations to keep in mind before you choose your air pump.

PSI Capabilities

The first thing to know is what kind of pressure level the pump can achieve. This should be chosen depending on your specific use. If you just need a SUP pump, maximum pressure of around 16-20 PSI is perfectly suitable. If you need a pump for your car tyres, then consider a product that can reach around 150 PSI. 

Size, Portability and Convenience

These products are designed to simplify your life and make a difficult task easy, so it’s important to choose a pump that offers the right amount of convenience for your needs. Most electric air pumps are small and compact, designed for easy travel.

Some are much more travel-friendly than others though. Be sure to also pay attention to things like the amount of noise that it generates. This could have quite a big effect on how convenient the pump is to use and where you can use it. 

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Power Source

An electric air pump needs a power source. These items can either battery powered (rechargeable), plug into a wall socket, or they can connect to your cars cigarette port. Pumps that can connect to a car are often the most convenient for campers, paddleboarders, and outdoor users.

Wall plugs can be quite restricting. Battery-powered pumps are highly convenient and travel-friendly, but they can lack power and will have to be recharged regularly. 


The best electric air pumps have an auto-stop feature. This is when you set the desired air pressure and the pump automatically shuts off when this pressure level is reached. This allows you to get to the perfect pressure setting each time without over-inflating. 

Some pumps also have a display screen that offers real-time tracking of the pressure as the pump inflates. This can be incredibly helpful to achieve the right air pressure. 

7 Best Electric Air Pumps

Whether you are looking for a SUP pump or a way to inflate your camping mattress, an electric pump is the ultimate solution. We have put together a list of 7 of the absolute best electric air pumps available to help you choose the perfect product for your needs. 

OutdoorMaster High-Pressure SUP Air Pump

  • A specialised SUP air pump
  • Designed with an active cooling system
  • Fast and powerful dual-stage inflation
  • 12V DC car connector and a full set of nozzles

This SUP pump by OutdoorMaster offers one of the most convenient solutions for quickly getting your paddleboard inflated no matter where you are. Forget about manual air pumps that take ages to inflate, require a lot of space when packing, and are exhausting to use. This electric pump can plug into your car to quickly and efficiently inflate your board or any other inflatables.

The pump inflates incredibly easily with its dual-stage and easy off inflation. The first stage offers a maximum inflation speed, and the second stage offers a higher pressure. When the target pressure is reached, the pump turns itself off automatically. 

This convenient pump also has a deflation feature to make it easier to pack up and head homes. Quickly deflate your boards as you roll them up for minimal effort. The pump has a digital display unit for pressure monitoring as inflation happens. All you need to do is set the pressure to your desired result and watch the pump work until this is reached. 

The OutdoorMaster high-pressure SUP pump allows for total accuracy when inflating to maintain your SUP in the best possible condition. This pump works fast and efficiently, making life a whole lot easier when you travel with your paddleboard. 

outdoormaster electric air pump

Tuomico Rechargeable Electric Air Pump

  • Built-in dual motors for efficient inflation
  • Includes inflation and deflation settings
  • LCD real pressure display
  • Auto shutoff for more accurate use

The Tuomico electric air pump is the perfect choice for a convenient portable unit. This pump is battery-powered, and it offers great battery life for plenty of extended use. The pump is fully rechargeable, so there’s no need to buy more batteries when it runs out.

This unit has dual inflator and deflator motors that are perfectly designed for a SUP pump. The pump can inflate items up to 16 PSI, taking about ten minutes to achieve this. 

There is a convenient LCD screen for real-time pressure display. You can easily monitor the pressure as inflation occurs to reach your desired capacity. To make this even more accurate, the pump can automatically shut off at the desired pressure. This is ideal for safely pumping up your SUP without taking it too far.

This electric air pump is fully portable, and it can be connected to cars cigarette plugs to recharge. This makes it perfect for road trips and camping excursions. The pump includes a full set of valve adaptors to fit all common valves. There is also a smart thermal detector in the pump that monitors the internal temperature of the pump to prevent overheating. 

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Swonder High-Pressure Electric Air Pump

  • Fully adjustable PSI settings
  • Dual-mode for more powerful inflation
  • Includes 6 nozzles and 3 gaskets
  • Uses an intelligent digital controller

This is an advanced electric air pump that is incredibly easy to travel with. The portable pump offers various smart features to provide the ultimate level of efficiency and convenience. This pump offers adjustable PSI settings, ranging from 0 to 20 PSI. The pump can automatically shut off when it reaches the desired pressure. 

The air pump includes a digital controller with dual-stage inflations. This makes it faster to inflate for those in a hurry. The pump offers easy digital controls to make sure you achieve the exact setting and pressure level desired. 

Simply plug the pump into your cars cigarette port, target your PSI/BAR, and sit back as it inflates. The pump includes a 3.6 ft long hose, 3 gaskets and 6 different nozzles. This makes it a suitable pump to fit all kinds of paddleboards and inflatables such as an inflatable fishing boat


STARTSMART 12V SUP Electric Air Pump

  • A fast dual-stage air pump
  • Auto-shutoff that matches your PSI setting
  • Includes a full set of nozzles
  • Uses a 12V DC connector

This STARTSMART SUP pump offers the perfect level of convenience for any avid paddleboarders. Simple plug the pump into your cars cigarette lighter port. The pump may be small and convenient, but it can inflate at serious power. This pump can reach a maximum pressure of 20 PSI. It just takes a few minutes to get your SUP board inflated to perfect capacity. 

Simply set the desired PSI on the digital screen, connect the pump, and wait for it to inflate. The pump will automatically shut off when it hits the right level. You can watch the pressure increase with the convenient real-time pressure gauge.

This electric air pump comes with a 3.3-foot high-pressure hose. There is also a full set of nozzles to perfectly match your SUP, or whatever else you need to inflate.

startsmart 12v

HPDAVV Power Air Pump

  • Hassle-free insert and pump operation
  • Fully adjustable PSI settings
  • LCD screen and button controls for easy operation
  • Inflates quickly and easily with a DC 12V outlet

This is possibly the easiest solution to inflating your SUP, yoga ball, mattress, kayak, or anything else. Just plug the pump into a 12V DC outlet or your cars cigarette port and start inflating. The pump offers fully adjustable pressure settings, ranging from 0 to 16 PSI.

This is controlled via a simple adjustment knob. You can just set the desired PSI level and leave the pump to inflate. It will automatically shut off when it reaches this. Unfortunately, the pump does not offer a real-time pressure display screen. 

This pump works very efficiently to get the job done. It includes 6 replaceable nozzles, a flexible conduit adaptor, and non-slip pads at the bottom. This is a simple pump that works with maximum efficiency – perfect for any camping trip or outdoor excursion.


Pumteck Electric Air Pump

  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • A completely portable electric pump
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Comes with 4 nozzle options

If you are looking for the ultimate portable electric air pump, then this would be your best option. The pump includes a USB port for charging the 4000mAh battery. Once charged, the pump requires no plugging in to operate., The battery has a good lifespan and is perfectly suitable for a wide variety of inflations. 

Use this pump for pool toys, mattresses, yoga balls, bounce houses, inflatable pools, and more. The pump operates very efficiently, with speedy inflation and deflation settings.

Take full advantage of the safe, travel-friendly design. The pump can operate for a long time without getting too hot. It also comes with 4 different nozzle options to make sure that it is suitable for a wide range of applications. 

pumpteck electric air pump

Teromas Tire Inflator Air Compressor

  • A unique ACDC outlet for wall plugs or car cigarette ports
  • A powerful pump that inflates up to 150 PSI
  • Auto-off function when it hits the desired pressure
  • Digital display and LED lighting

This is a serious portable air pump suitable for tyres and other heavy-duty inflatables that require more pressure. While the other electric air pumps listed above only operate at a maximum pressure of around 20 PSI, this pump can inflate up to 150 PSI.

This makes it suitable for a wide range of inflatables that require more pressure – such as motorcycle and car tyres, inflatable boats, and more.

The pump is still highly portable and can be plugged into your cars cigarette port for easy portability. On top of this, the electric air pump is also compatible with wall plugs, which makes it a more versatile tool.

The electric air pump has an auto-off function that stops inflation when the correct pressure is reached. There is a digital display screen that tracks real-time PSI while inflating.

It can also display the pressure in BAR and KG per square cm. This pump includes bright LED lights and can be used in the dark. This is the ultimate portable pump that offers a high level of pressure for inflating anything from a ball to a tyre.

teromas air compressor

Where Can You Buy an Electric Air Pump

The best place to buy an electric air pump is online. While you can find these items in certain stores, shopping online offers a much wider variety of product selections. This way, you can choose the exact electric air pump that meets your needs. If you look for these items in stores, the product selection will be limited. 


Whether you are inflating your SUP on the beach or your mattress on a camping trip, doing it manually is always a pain. An electric air pump will make your life so much easier. These tools take all of the effort out of inflatables, saving loads of time and energy. 

Follow our guide above and choose an electric air pump or SUP pump that perfectly suits your needs. You will never look back again at handheld pumps once you go electric!


How do electric air pumps work?

Electric pumps use a power source to create air pressure which is released from the pump. These pumps can create a constant supply of pressurized air to inflate various items. 

How much PSI does your electric air pump need?

This depends on what you will be inflating. SUP pumps for paddleboards need to reach a maximum of about 16 – 20 PSI. This is suitable for smaller inflatables that don’t require serious pressure. Look for a pump of around 150 PSI for tyre inflators. 

Can you use an electric air pump for balloons?

Absolutely. Electric air pumps can be used for all kinds of applications. They can in flare balloons, mattresses, SUP boards, pools, and more. 

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