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What Is The Best Car Key Lock Box For Surfers? How To Keep Your Car Safe!

What is a car key lock box?

A car key lock box is like a mini safe where you can store your car keys while doing activities such as surfing or swimming. You can generally securely attach the lock box to your car like a padlock and can lock and unlock the box using a combination code.

A car key lock box is a handy accessory if you need somewhere to store your keys while surfing safely. Of course, you can also stash cash, credit cards, or other valuables in these boxes.

best car key lock box
Check out some of the different car key lock box designs

Spend as much time as you want in the ocean, and return to a safe car and a dry set of keys. Here’s our guide to help you find the best, 100% safe car key lock box to give you peace of mind while out in the water.

Car Key Lock Box Considerations

A car key lock box is a straightforward gadget that allows you to store your possessions securely. But, first, you should consider a few core features to ensure your car key lock box meets your needs.

Understanding these features will help you choose the perfect car key lock box.

  • Shackle: The shackle is what locks the box onto your car. There are several options, such as a padlock-style shackle or a chain shackle. Some lock boxes also allow you to remove the shackle so the box can be wall mounted.
  • Box: Your lock box must have a compartment large enough to store your keys. Always pay attention to this size to ensure it’s big enough for whatever you want to keep safe. 
  • Lock: The type of locking mechanism is also an essential consideration. In most cases, a locking code secures the lock box. 4 digit codes have 10,000 possible answers, which will undoubtedly keep your lock box safe.
  • Durable materials: The lock box needs to be strong if it’s going to protect what it contains. It should also be made of salt-resistant, weather-resistant and rust-proof materials – especially since you will likely be parking near the beach. Pay attention to the grade and strength of the materials used and how much protection they offer.

The 7 Best Car Key Lock Boxes

Looking for the best car key lock box? Here are 7 of our top picks.

Master Lock Portable Combination Lock Box

  • 5 key capacity
  • Four-digit combination lock box
  • Weather and dirt resistant
  • Vinyl coated salt-resistant shackle
  • Adjustable shackle allowing it to be secured with more options
The Master Lock Combination Portable Lock Box has a large capacity to safely hold your keys. The car key lock box can fit up to five standard house keys, so there’s more than enough room for your car keys – even if you’ve got some bulky keyrings on them.

The box has a special weather protection cover to protect the combination dials from the elements. If you’re parked at the beach on a windy day, this will be very useful for keeping the box in good condition.

For added durability, the key safe is also built with a metal body and a vinyl-coated shackle. 

With an adjustable shackle design, this car key lock box will fit many different knobs or anchor points. Of course, it will also fit perfectly on the tow hitch of your car.

You won’t have to worry about safety with the four-digit combination code. This gives you thousands of options that you can reset, so nobody will crack it. 

Master Lock Combination Portable Lock Box Features

Ram-Pro Words Lock Stor-More Key Storage Box

  • Oversized cylindrical storage container
  • Four-digit combination letter pad
  • Weatherproof and rust-resistant
  • Grade 4 security features

The Ram Pro Words Lock Box is an excellent option if you want a car key lock box with a large capacity. The unique cylindrical storage container gives you more space for keys or whatever else you want to store. Of course, you can easily fit bulky garage door openers and credit cards in there too.

Ram Pro makes the grade 4 security lock box with a solid stainless steel shackle and locking head, while the body is a high-quality zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel. High-quality materials make it difficult to saw through, hammer, or break into it. The box is also rust and corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it outside in the rain or near the salt water at the beach.

The four-digit combination letter pad makes it easier to remember your code and gives you thousands of pin options. The shape of the lock is also very versatile. You can use it on doors, cars, fences, or anywhere else. 

AMIR Key Lock Box

  • 5 key storage capacity
  • Removable chain shackle
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Shutter to shield the combination dials

Instead of a regular shackle, this car key lock box has a removable chain. This makes it much easier to lock the box onto practically anything. If you’re worried about getting a lock box that fits your car, then this option certainly will. You can also remove the chain if you just want to mount it on the wall.

This box is made from high-strength zinc alloy and hardened steel. The combination lock will keep your keys secure, and the reinforced metal molded body can withstand hammering and sawing. The box is also totally weatherproof. This includes a shutter to protect the combination dials. 

You can store 5 standard-sized house keys in this lock box, but they will fit in pretty tightly. It’s not the most spacious car lock box, but if you’re just using it for a set of car keys, it will do perfectly well. 

amir car key lock box

Locker BOXX

  • Extremely strong magnetic box
  • Made from polymer hard plastic
  • Waterproof
  • 3.25″ L x 1.75″ W internal dimensions’

This car key lock box is a little different. It’s not a classic combination lock box, but rather a magnetic locker box that doesn’t come fitted with a lock. The box has actually been designed to hold GPSs to track vehicles, but it also works perfectly as a car key storage box.

The magnets are incredibly strong and convenient to use. You just stick them onto your car and they will hold up even while driving on the bumpiest roads. The box itself is solid and very convenient to use. 

The downside is that the box doesn’t lock, so it will have to be well hidden. It’s also quite small, and won’t fit all car keys. 

That being said, it’s a seriously helpful box to stash away your keys, GPS, or even to store a spare set of emergency keys when you go on a road trip.

locker boxx

Buteny Key Lock Box

  • Four combination lock box
  • Zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel construction
  • Capacity to hold 6 standard keys
  • Two-way installation with a removable shackle

This car key lock box is simple, secure, and does exactly what you need it to. The box is made from seriously strong zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel. It’s rust-resistant, and protected against hammering, sawing, or prying. There’s also a durable shutter board for rain and snow resistance. 

The box can either be mounted on a wall with the shackle removed, or locked onto a car, door handle, or anything else that the shackle can fit onto. You can comfortably fit 6 standard house keys into the box, so there’s plenty of room for your car keys.

combination key lock box

Amazon Basics Storage Box

  • Padlock-style key box
  • 4 digit combination lock
  • Made from durable aluminum and zinc alloy
  • Can hold up to 8 keys

This car key lock box by Amazon Basics is a really cool and convenient gadget to own. The padlock-style lock fits onto cars, door handles, and more. Even though the box can hold eight standard-sized house keys, it’s not a very bulky lock box. This makes it much easier to lock into different positions. 

As you would expect, the box is incredibly durable thanks to the aluminum and zinc alloy construction. It’s also totally rust-resistant. 

The only real downside is that the box doesn’t have a combination code cover, so the digits could get wet or build up some dirt over time. The slim box also isn’t very suitable for holding anything other than keys.

amazon basics storage box

Master Lock Mini Safe

  • A mini safe with a 15cm cable lanyard
  • 3 digit combination lock
  • Weathertight lock cover
  • HD camo pattern

This is the smallest lock box with just enough room to store about two or three standard-sized keys. If you have a big key set with a fob, this might not be the best car key lock box. However, if you just need to store a single key, this mini-safe is awesome. 

The box comes with a cable lanyard that can attach to just about anything. The lanyard won’t lock, but it’s very easy to just tie to a fixed point on your car. With a three-digit combination lock, your key will be totally secure. 

The tiny safe has a cool camo pattern, and it’s really convenient for a wide range of uses. You can attach it to your backpack while you travel, or tie it to your tent on a camping trip.

masterlock cammo


A car key lock box will make your life a lot easier. Once you invest in a good lock box, it lasts for ages. Now you’ll never have to worry about stashing your keys under a rock again. The options above are some of the safest, most convenient lock boxes around. Owning one is a total game-changer for any surfer.


How do you keep your car keys safe when surfing?

The best way to keep your keys safe is to keep them in a car key lock box safely secured to your vehicle. You can also wear the key around your neck on a string, but this won’t work for keys with a fob.

Are surf key locks safe?

Yes, key lock boxes are very safe. Just make sure that you choose a quality, trusted brand and that the lock is securely attached to your car.

Why I use a car key lock box when surfing?

A car key lock box became an essential part of my surf accessories after my partner’s car got stolen while surfing a few years ago. Previously he had hidden his car key in the bushes, with a towel on the beach, or under his car while surfing, but when a robber stole his car, we knew we needed a new solution for keeping our car safe!

On that particular day, he hid his car key on the tyre of his limited edition Lexus. So when he came out of the surf, initially he thought he had forgotten where he parked his car!

Spend as much time as you want in the ocean, and return to a safe car and a dry set of keys. Here’s our guide to help you find the best, 100% safe car key lock box to give you peace of mind while out in the water.

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