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What is the Best Beach Towel?

If you’re planning a day at the beach, then being equipped with the best beach towel is essential. You could be drying off after a surf or swim, taking it to the pool, or simply lounging on it under the sun. 

Beach towels are certainly not all the same. Using a soft, fluffy, absorbent, and sand-free towel is a completely different experience from a dry, scratchy, and thin towel that has lost all its color.

Seeming as this is a must-have item for anyone visiting the beach, having a quality towel will really improve your experience.

We have tried and tested all kinds of options to help you find the best beach towels available. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without them!

best beach towels

Types of Beach Towels

Beach towels are not all made equal. There are different types of beach towels available to suit your specific style and taste. Sure, they all serve the same basic function of drying you off.

However, some towels are more compact for carrying around, some are thicker for more comfort, and some are better used as a blanket to sit on. When looking at all the best beach towels available, there are two main umbrella categories that the towels fall under.

Rectangular Beach Towel

We’ve all seen rectangular beach towels. These are the typical type of beach towels for everyday use. They are a great option because they are easy to roll up, wash, fold, store, and use. Rectangular beach towels are a practical choice. 

When looking at rectangular beach towels, there are various sizes, thicknesses, and textures available. Choose one that is most practical for your lifestyle.

Round Beach Towel

A round beach towel is a fun and unique choice. These towels are usually quite a lot bigger than standard rectangular beach towels. Besides looking really cool, they offer the perfect base for lounging over on the beach. 

Round beach towels are ideal for use as picnic blankets, are very Instagram-friendly, and they still work perfectly for drying yourself off. Many round beach towels have beautiful designs and prints on them, and they add a luxurious element to your beach day. 

round beach towel

What to Look Out for When Buying Beach Towels

Beach towels are certainly not made equal. There are all kinds of different finishes, textures, materials, and considerations to choose from. The best beach towels should be soft, efficient at drying, sand-free, and practical to use. Below are some important things to take note of when buying beach towels. 

Fiber Content

The fiber content of the beach towel is what gives it its soft plush feel. Most beach towels are made up of 100% cotton terrycloth. This has a good level of softness and absorbency. You do get other options though, including microfiber towels.

These are smoother, faster-drying, and resist collecting sand. Having a soft and fluffy finish for drying your body is probably the most important factor when buying the best beach towels.

Sand Resistance

Who wants to dry their wet body with a sandy towel? Nobody! As these towels are made for use on the beach, you want to find one that doesn’t collect loads of sand.

The sand resistance of a beach towel comes down to the type of material and thread count used. Microfiber towels are the best option for repelling sand. 

pink towel


Some people use their towels more for lounging on or using as a barrier between the sand. Others just want a towel for drying off after a surf or swim. Plush and absorbent towels are better for drying off with, while sand-free towels, or even beach blankets, are a better option for lounging on. 


You get the standard rectangular towel that has a pretty universal size. These are the most popular options. However, various other sized towels are also available. Some people prefer very big towels because you can bundle up in them and they provide more space when laid out on the ground.

These towels are more difficult to fold up, carry around, and store. You get very compact towels that are good for things like hiking or taking along on camping trips. Choose a towel that is the right size for how you plan on using it.

Best Beach Towels

Now that you know what to look for in a towel, it’s time to find the right one for your next beach day. Out of a massive range of options, we have selected ten of the best beach towels to choose from.

Great Bay Home Cotton Beach Towels

  • A pack of four or two beach towels
  • 100% cotton towels
  • Choose between 8 different stripe colors
  • Heavy plush material

These towels by Great Bay Home are a high-quality option for anyone wanting classic beach towels. The towels come in a set of two or four which is ideal for anyone wanting a matching set of beach towels. They have a simple stripe design and are available in a range of different colors. 

Besides just looking good, these towels offer a luxurious experience. They are all oversized for extra warmth and are made from 100% pure cotton. The cotton provides ultimate softness, absorbency, and durability. They are also easy to machine wash and will retain their softness and color for a very long time. 

summer beach towels

Nova Blue Beach Towel

  • Extra-large rectangular towel
  • 100% velour cotton
  • Vibrant and colorful design
  • Soft and absorbent natural fibers

This is one of the best beach towels thanks to its oversized rectangular shape, plush material, and colorful pineapple design. The towel is made of 100% natural cotton fibers for enhanced softness and water absorbency. These towels are also more environmentally friendly, being made in an OEKOTEX  standard factory. 

For the beach, these towels are a useful size. Being 86 x 160cm, they work well as beach blankets and will keep the sand away from you. The towels also have really vibrant, colorful designs. This allows you to stand out on the beach, and display some personal style. 

bright beach towels

Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

  • The towels come in a pack of four
  • 100% ring-spun cotton weave
  • Lightweight and highly absorbent
  • Has a simple stripe design in different colors

This set of striped towels by Utopia Towels is ideal for use on the beach, or at home by the pool. The set is included on our list of best beach towels thanks to the excellent value for money and quality of the towels. You get a pack of four towels, each with a different color and white stripes. They are made from quality 100% cotton. 

These are classic beach towels that are perfect for everyday use. Like beach blankets they are lightweight and easy to carry around or pack away. They are also very absorbent, comfortable to lie on, and easy to machine wash. This is a quality set of towels at a good price. 

soft summer towels

Kaufman Striped Beach Towel

  • High-quality cotton velour towels
  • The towels come in a set of four
  • Available in a vibrant color scheme
  • Incredibly soft and absorbent

These cotton velour towels are thick, soft, and have a superior feel compared to many others. This is because the towels are made with high-quality 100% cotton velour. Even though the towels are a good size and are thick and absorbent, they are still lightweight and very easy to carry around. This is what you want from a beach towel.

The striped design of these towels is elegant and can be enjoyed by all. Each towel in the set is a different color. They can also be washed pretty easily, and the towels are versatile in terms of where they can be used. For a set of four cotton towels, you also get superior value for money with this product.

kaufman goods

Henbay Fluffy Oversized Beach Towel

  • Made from 100% combed cotton
  • Striped cabana towel in various colors
  • Fast drying
  • The dye won’t fade over time

This is one of the best beach towels out there thanks to its large size, breathable material, and plush velour top. These towels are made from super soft cotton that helps to expel water. The double stitching on these towels adds durability – making them a good choice for busy beach days and lying on under the sun. The towels are also extremely soft thanks to the high-quality cotton used. 

Some other benefits of the fluffy oversized towel by Henley include its fast-drying abilities, the non-fade dye, and breathable material. For an oversized towel, this product is also pretty lightweight and easy to fold up and store. The towels come in a simple white stripe and color design, with a range of different colors to choose from. 

oversized towel

Microfiber Beach Towel

  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Made from quality microfiber
  • Sand-free material
  • Super absorbent material

When looking for the best beach towels, you may want something that is incredibly lightweight and easy to travel with. If this is the case, then you will love this microfiber towel.

The towel has an extra-large size, yet it easily rolls up into a super compact travel bag. Even though the towel is so thin, the microfiber material is highly absorbent, very quick to dry, and extremely soft. This towel can be used for a wide range of activities and is perfect for easy travel.

The lint-free microfiber is a good choice for the beach because it repels sand. You dont have to worry about any sand sticking to this towel and coming home with you.  It is also machine washable, and very durable considering its lightweight size. The towel is a classic navy blue.

microfiber beach towel

JML Microfiber Beach Towels

  • 100% microfiber beach towels
  • The towels come in a pack of two
  • Has a useful hanging loop design
  • Comes in a simple white stripe pattern

The best beach towels dont get much more practical than this option by JML. These complete microfiber towels are seriously lightweight and portable. However, the quality material makes sure that they are also highly absorbent, durable, and soft on the skin.

Even though they are so lightweight and thin, the towels can absorb up to 9 times their weight in water, and they will dry way faster than a regular cotton beach towel.

The towels are very user-friendly, thanks to their hanging loop design and easy machine wash capabilities. If you want to keep your load light while heading to the beach, traveling, hiking, camping, backpacking, or swimming, then this is the towel to use. The towel also works well as a picnic blanket or yoga mat. 

jml towels

Whale Flotilla Beach Towel Set

  • Super soft 100% cotton
  • A set of four cabana stripe beach towels
  • Oversized rectangular towels 
  • More absorbent than most beach towels

This set of four beach towels by Whale Flotilla offers a superior level of comfort and softness to anyone drying off. The towels have a count of 420 GSM of cotton. This makes them one of the softest and most water absorbant towels out there. You get these towels in a convenient set of four. They have a classic cabana stripe design, with a variation of colors available. 

For added strength, the edges of the towels are professionally hemmed. The extra-large size makes them perfect for comfortable beach days or lounging by the pool. These towels are good for keeping at home or taking with you on your next adventure.

The towels are completely machine washable and have no risk of shrinkage, color running, or pilling up. If you are after a towel that feels amazing and absorbs water with absolute ease, then this would be a good option. 

beach towel set

Hundred Dollar Bill Beach Towel

  • A rectangular beach towel
  • Measures 140cm x 70cm
  • The towel is printed to resemble a hundred dollar bill
  • Soft and absorbent

Make your beach day a whole lot more fun with this giant hundred dollar bill beach towel. Because who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves up in a soft hundred dollar bill? This rectangular towel is a nice large size (140cm x 70cm) and offers a good level of softness and absorbency. It is also easy to roll up, fold up, and bring down to the beach. 

Besides being a practical item, the real reason to buy this towel is its design. Looking just like a one hundred dollar note, you can bring a whole new level of luxury with you to the pool or beach. Some people even just keep this towel as a decoration for their home.

Round Beach Towel

  • A large round beach towel
  • Has a 150cm diameter
  • Various designs are available
  • Frayed outer edge

You get beach towels that are simply designed for a practical purpose, and you get beach towels that offer something a bit more special. This option by Surf Gear Lab is definitely the latter. This large round beach towel is the ideal accessory for a photo-worthy beach day. 

The towel is available in a range of fun designs – including pineapple, sea turtle, tropical leaf, and under the sea prints. Thanks to its large round shape, this towel is works really well as a picnic blanket or base to lie on. Besides looking great, it is also soft, comfortable, and incredibly inviting after a cold surf.

Where Can You Buy Beach Towels

Beach towels are versatile and widely used items, so they can be found pretty easily. Most department stores, surf shops, sports shops, or even clothing and homeware stores will stock them. However, the kind of towels that you get in these shops can be of lower quality.

For the best beach towels, it’s best to shop online in order to choose the exact product you are after. Searching for towels on a site like Surf Gear Lab is easy, and it allows you to find the best rectangular and round beach towels out there. 


If you are going surfing, swimming, or are simply spending some time on the beach, then you will need a beach towel. Beach towels are pretty simple things, but the difference between a soft, plush beach towel and a dry, unabsorbent one is massive.

Buying the best beach towel will make your summer experience so much more enjoyable. Be sure to check out the products listed above for the best options out there.



What is the size of an average beach towel?

Beach towels vary in size and shape, but the regular rectangular beach towel is about 150cm x 75cm. These are bigger than bath towels for more comfort on the beach. 

What is the difference between a bath and a beach towel?

Beach towels are thinner for faster drying, larger for lying on, and more durable for outdoor use. Bath towels are generally a bit smaller and thicker.

What material is best for beach towels?

Cotton is the best and most common material for beach towels as it is more absorbent than polyester. Different types of cotton are available. Some towels are made from a special microfiber which is very lightweight, soft, and fast-drying. 

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