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What is the Best Beach Blanket?

Anyone that loves to relax on the beach understands the struggle you face with sand. Whether you’re having a picnic, a tanning session, or just want to set up a beach base – sand can get everywhere and can really affect your comfort. This is where a beach blanket comes in to save the day. 

Beach blankets allow you to relax in style, without having to worry about the hassle of sand or water getting everywhere. Beach blankets can also be used in any other outdoor setting, such as on hikes, forest picnics, or camping trips. After a surf, a beach blanket is great for getting changed over and thawing out on under the sun.

If you love to spend time outdoors, then owning a beach blanket is a must. Read on to explore some of the best beach blanket options, and what to consider when buying one. 

beach blankets

What is a Beach Blanket?

A beach blanket is a kind of large sheet that is used to protect yourself and your belongings from the sand. They come in all kinds of different sizes and are waterproof and sand-proof. Laying down a beach blanket provides you with a protected area where you can picnic and relax.

Beach blankets are available in all kinds of different colours, designs, and materials. They can pack up into compact, lightweight bundles, and are easy to travel around with. Laying down a beach blanket gives you the perfect little base for post-surf relaxing, or a convenient groundsheet when out camping or sitting anywhere outdoors. 

Types of Beach Blankets

There are various designs and styles available when it comes to beach blankets. While these items all serve the same general purpose, there are a number of different types available. 

Some blankets offer a single weatherproof layer, while others offer 2 or 3 padded layers for additional comfort. Some feature soft fleece covers while others are a more robust waterproof material. Many beach blankets also combine these – with one waterproof layer and one fleece layer. 

beach blanket

The way the blanket folds up is also a defining characteristic. Some are thin and light enough to shove into a stuff sack, and some fold up and are strapped up with built-in straps. 

When considering the different types of beach blankets, the most important factors are the material used, the size, durability, and the way it packs up. 

What to Look Out for When Buying a Beach Blanket

Although these are pretty simple outdoor accessories, different types of beach blankets can vary greatly. Below are some of the most important considerations when buying a beach blanket. 


Like with inflatable kayaks the material used is possibly the most important consideration when buying a beach blanket. For use on the beach, you will need something that is sand-proof and waterproof at the least. Preferably, the material will also be easy to clean and will be able to withstand long hours in the sun and under pressure. Durability is important in these items. 

Some blankets offer enhanced comfort through thick layers and soft fleece, but they are more difficult to carry and less waterproof all around. Others may be thinner and less cushioned, but they offer greater durability and water-resistance. 

lying on a beach blanket


Beach blankets are usually pretty big and generally accommodate around 4 people. The size of the blanket you choose depends on what your needs are. Having a larger blanket is usually preferred, as it allows you to stretch out more and accommodate more belongings and friends. However, this could mean a bulkier blanket to carry around. 


If you will be carrying your blanket down to the beach often, or taking it on hikes, camping trips, and outdoor holidays, then it is important to take note of its portability. How the blanket packs up, and the size it packs up into is always something to consider.

You don’t want to get frustrated spending ages trying to figure out how to fold up the blanket. And then when it is folded up, it should be compact and light enough to easily carry around. 


Of course, the blanket will need to be comfortable if you want to lounge around on it for long periods of time. If you plan on taking many picnics, or relaxing on the beach extensively, then make sure that the blanket is thick and soft enough to keep you comfortable and happy.

Our Beach Blanket Top Picks

Interested in enhancing your experience on the sand with a beach blanket? We have selected 10 of the top product options below to help you make the right choice. 

Bertte Outdoor Blanket

  • A 200cm x 150cm blanket
  • A comfortable triple-layer design
  • Folds into a convenient velcro bag with a handle

The Bertte outdoor blanket offers the ideal base for a comfortable picnic. This beach blanket is well-padded with its triple-layer design and ultrasonic quilting. The design is completely waterproof and sandproof, making it the perfect beach accessory. You can simply wipe and brush it clean, and there’s no need to worry about tearing as the ripstop fabric is very durable. 

To make travel and setting up easy, this blanket folds up into a compact velcro carry bag. Once packed up it is very portable, and great for taking along on camping trips or carrying down to the beach. 

The blanket is also completely baby and kid-friendly, being phthalate and BPA free. There are no chemical smells, and it is specially formulated to be easy on the skin. 

bertte outdoor blanket

ECCOSOPHY Sand Proof Beach Blanket

  • A ripstop parachute nylon blanket
  • Completely weather-resistant
  • Travel light and compact

This may not be the thickest or most padded beach blanket, but it does offer a whole load of other benefits thanks to its thin material. The Eccosophy beach blanket is lightweight and seriously easy to pack up and carry around. It stuffs into a small pouch and can be taken absolutely anywhere. 

The ripstop parachute nylon material is also very durable. This blanket is sand proof, heat resistant, 100% breathable, and soft to sit on. It can be enjoyed in all kinds of environments and is easy to shake off or wash after uses. 

The blanket comes with pegs to make sure it stays in place on the beach and offers plenty of space for you to stretch out on. 

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Brawntide Large Outdoor Waterproof Blanket

  • Waterproof, windproof, sandproof
  • A thick and warm fleece blanket
  • Extra-large and lightweight

This blanket by Brawntide offers a superior level of comfort and quality through its thick fleece material. The double-layered blanket uses ultrasonic quilting for better durability. Even though this blanket offers great warmth and soft comfort, it is still very lightweight and easy to handle. 

The main feature of this beach blanket is that it has a waterproof layer on the one side and a fleecy layer on the other. This means that it can be used as a picnic blanket, or a water-resistant blanket to keep you warm.

To make things more convenient, the blanket comes with a stylish stuff sack that is easy to carry and pack up. 

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Leisure Co Extra Large Outdoor Blanket

  • A 195cm x 140cm beach blanket
  • Fleece insulated inner lining
  • Waterproof, sandproof and windproof

This blanket has a durable ripstop polyester outer layer to provide weather resistance, and a soft fleece insulated inner layer for comfort. This makes it a great blanket for providing comfort and warmth wherever you go. 

The ultrasonic stitching helps with weather resistance – making it a great blanket for use on the windy or wet beach. This blanket also packs up into a small bag and is very lightweight to carry around. 


Elixire Life Waterproof Picnic Blanket

  • Unique and stylish colourful design
  • Foam padded middle layer
  • Waterproof backing

If you are after a stylish and unique looking beach blanket, then this would be a great choice. This waterproof picnic blanket by Elixire has three layers – a soft outer layer for comfort, a padded foam middle layer, and a durable waterproof backing. This allows you to use the blanket in all kinds of environments for a comfortable and warm surface. 

The blanket also folds up easily and can be strapped together into a compact size for excellent portability. It also has an extra-large size to accommodate groups and families. This blanket is stylish, functional, and practical – everything you need for the perfect beach setup. 

waterproof picnic blanket

BMHNOONE Outdoor Picnic Blanket

  • An oversize outdoor picnic blanket
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Soft, thick, and foldable

This is a classic picnic blanket that can be used in all kinds of different outdoor settings. This blanket is extra-large with a soft fleecy layer on top for comfort and warmth. Underneath, the blanket is waterproof and durable. 

For added comfort, this blanket is thick, soft and spongy. It has an attractive striped colourful design and can be used happily in a wide range of situations. 

blue beach blanket

ISOPHO Outdoor Picnic Blanket

  • Ultrasonic stitching technology
  • Double-sided waterproof design
  • Suitable for 4 – 6 people

Like some beach towels, this large picnic mat offers the ideal ground cover while on the beach. Both sides are sandproof and waterproof. The mat is soft, thick and comfortable, while still being lightweight enough for easy portability. 

This mat is particularly durable, thanks to its tough material and ultrasonic stitching construction. You get comfort, water-resistance, and easy use from this blanket – making it the perfect outdoor accessory. 

chilling on the grass

Scuddles Picnic Outdoor Blanket

  • Durable and waterproof
  • Easily folds and straps up
  • Unique and colourful design

As a beach blanket, this product by SCuddles offers everything you need. The durable acrylic material is completely waterproof with a PEVA backing for comfortable seating. The blanket has an attractive tartan design and folds up really easily. 

You can shake off and wipe the blanket for simple cleaning, and it can be used on all kinds of surfaces without any trouble. 

lawn picnic

Mission Relax Picnic and Outdoor Blanket

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Features a colourful striped design
  • Durable and waterproof

The Mission Relax outdoor blanket offers a very convenient design for anyone that enjoys getting outdoors. This blanket folds up with minimal effort and can be strapped up into a compact bundle and carried around with the built-in strap. 

When unfolded, this blanket is weather-resistant, durable, and comfortable. The colourful striped design looks impressive, and the PEVA backing eliminates any moisture that could come through. This is a smart choice of blanket for the beach – or any other outdoor setting for that matter!

green beach blanket

Surf Gear Lab Beach Blanket

  • A 200cm x 140cm blanket
  • Includes set pegs to keep it in place
  • Comes with a handy stash bag

This beach blanket by Surf Gear Lab offers the ultimate protective sheet for relaxing on the beach. The blanket looks great with its simple blue and grey design and is made from appropriately durable material. 

The spacious blanket includes set pegs in order to keep everything down and in place in case of wind. For easy carrying and packing up, the beach blanket has a very nifty little stash bag which allows you to quickly pack everything up. When stashed away, the blanket is extremely lightweight and compact for travel. 

Surf Gear Lab offers a product that will protect you from the elements on the beach, is convenient to use, and looks great. You really don’t need much more for the perfect beach day. 

Where Can You Buy a Beach Blanket?

Beach blankets can be found at any good outdoor or camping supply shop. They may be fairly easy to come across, but it can be difficult to get your hands on the exact blanket that you want. For this reason, shopping online is often best.

Sites like Amazon offer excellent quality products that are easy to find. Looking for a beach blanket online allows you to find a product that meets all of your specifications and requirements.


Relaxing on the beach is always fun, but when the sand gets in the way it can get irritating – especially if you are having a picnic or want to protect your belongings from the beach sand and water. This is why having a beach blanket is so useful. 

These items keep you protected from the elements, keep you comfortable, and offer a convenient base for any outdoor adventures. If you enjoy hanging out under the sun, then you should definitely have a beach blanket.

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What makes a good beach blanket?

A good beach blanket needs to be durable, waterproof, sandproof, and comfortable. They should be easy to pack up, easy to clean, and lightweight.

Are beach blankets necessary?

Beach blankets keep away the sand and water and provide a protected place to sit. If you enjoy sitting on the beach or having a picnic, then a beach blanket is always a good idea. 

What kind of blanket is good for a picnic?

The best beach blankets for picnics need to be durable and weatherproof. They should be easy to wipe clean, and easy to carry around.

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