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What is the Best Beach Bag?

Spending the perfect day at the beach often involves bringing along lots of things with you. Having the best beach bag will make your life so much easier.

If you will be spending a typical day at the beach, you may require food, towels, sunscreen, bats, balls, kids’ toys, books, and all more. Like a beach blanket a great beach bag will not only store these easily but keep them organized and protected.

We have picked out some of the best products available to help you find the perfect bag for your needs. 

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What is a Beach Bag?

Throwing your belongings into any old bag and taking it with you to the beach does not make a beach bag. They are specially designed to store a range of items, providing easy access and simple packing.

Generally, a beach bag has one large compartment to just throw in towels, snacks, magazines, and anything else you need. This compartment is open at the top for easy access, as is carried with handles.

An important feature of a beach bag is that it is suitably designed for the beach. This means that it should be able to withstand sand, sea, shells, and rocks.

Ideally, the material should have a level of water resistance. You also don’t want a material that gathers and holds sand. These bags need to be robust and durable.

Types of Beach Bags

There are loads of different bags out there that can be suitable for use on the beach. Proper beach bags have specific features though for an enhanced experience on the sand. Most beach bags will have one main compartment with easy-carry handles. Beyond this, you can get all kinds of variations.

Some bags have a single compartment, while others have many separate compartments and pouches. Some are open, and some are zippered. You get soft tote bags or more structured firm bags.

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Some bags can be used as a backpack or slung over the shoulder, while others are simply carried with handles. Then there are beach bags that are also suitable for shopping, gym, overnighting, used as carry-on luggage, etc. 

What to Look Out for When Buying a Beach Bag

Beach bags are not created equal. There are many different variations that suit different people and functions. Here are some key considerations for buying a beach bag.


How big is the beach bag and how much can it carry? Beach bags should be quite large, as they may need to hold a number of towels, a picnic blanket, food, games, sunscreen, and all sorts of other things.

Bigger bags allow you to pack more, but they are more difficult to carry. Consider your size requirements before purchasing a one. Also take a look at how the bag can pack up, and how you might be able to store it if not in use.


The material that the bag is made from makes a huge difference to its experience. You will need something durable, water and sand-resistant for a good beach bag. Some bags have a perforated or mesh material which has many practical advantages on the beach.

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Choose a material that looks good, but will also hold up against the elements on the beach. The most important things for the beach are water resistance, sand resistance, and durability for heavy use.


Some beach bags are simple totes with a single compartment, and others have multiple compartments of different sizes. Depending on your preference, both can be useful.

Try to get a bag with a small inner compartment, ideally zippered, for storing valuable like your keys and money. It can also be very useful to store food and drinks separately from your towels, clothes, and other belongings. 


While a beach bag is a practical item, you should also be able to show off your individual style with it. Like beach towels some bags are plan in color while others have artistic designs. This also gives you more confidence to use it in various other scenarios – such as taking it to the gym.

Best Beach Bag: Our Top Picks

Now that we know what to look out for in a beach bag, it’s time to sift through some of the best products. There are loads of beach bags available, but we have chosen ten of the all-around best products for your next day at the beach.

Shylero Beach and Pool Bag

  • Waterproof bag with cotton lining
  • Magnetic closure
  • Big inner pocket, two outer pockets
  • Built-in key holder and bottle opener

This stylish beach bag is the ideal accessory for a day out. The large bag has a very spacious main compartment lined with soft cotton. There is a big protected inner pocket for storing fragile things like phones, watches, or sunglasses.

The bag has two outer pockets which are ideal for water bottles. The bag is really durable with a canvas-like fabric enhanced with ripstop construction. This is waterproof, dust, and sand proof.

Not only is this bag very practical, but it is also stylish. The bag has a blue and white striped design with twisted rope handles. The bag closes with a magnetic system to keep out the sand and make access easier. For a cool bonus feature, this bag has its own built-in bottle opener and key holder pouch. 

striped beach bag

Keho Fashion Beach Bag

  • Waterproof interior lining
  • Two side drink holder pockets
  • Long over the shoulder handles
  • Includes a free phone protector

This beach bag by Keho is a practical choice for any beach day, picnic, or weekend adventure. The bag is big, spacious, and can be comfortably carried over the shoulder with the long handles. You can pack plenty of towels and beach accessories into this bag.

The fully waterproof interior lining makes the bag a great option for throwing in wet towels and clothes without worrying about the water seeping through. The bag also comes with a free clear waterproof phone protector which is a brilliant accessory for any beach day. 

The bag folds up easily into a flat and convenient form, making it a good option for packing away or traveling with. You can also choose between a variety of colors and designs. The durable handles and faux leather buckles look great, but they can also support a big load.

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Manelord Mesh Beach Bag With Cooler

  • Detachable tote bag with cooler
  • Convenient mesh bag design
  • Large capacity with 8 pockets
  • Durable waterproof material

Having a great beach bag is one thing, but having a beach bag and cooler together is perfect for a day out. This beach bag consists of a mesh tote bag on top with a detachable soft cooler underneath.

The cooler is such a useful feature for picnics or long days out. It helps to keep any snacks and drinks cool while protecting them against the sandy, wet items in your beach bag. 

The top portion of this bag is practically designed for the beach. It has a mesh material which is great for resisting water, drying fast, easy cleaning, and repelling sand. Mesh also provides airflow to allow any wet towels or clothes to dry faster.

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Dejaroo Water Resistant Overnight Bag

  • A large and spacious beach tote
  • 7 exterior pockets, 1 zippered inner pocket
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Various unique designs

Dejaroo has created a versatile bag for all types of occasions. This bag is of course an excellent choice for the beach, but it also works well as a general overnight bag, for taking to the gym, shopping, as a travel carry-on, etc. The bag is available in various fun designs, from a classic black to a complete leopard print finish.

For use on the beach, this bag is durable and functional. Its material is completely water-resistant and durable, being made from high-quality ripstop.

The straps are comfortable to use, even when the bag is fully loaded. You have seven exterior pockets for stashing away all of your belongings, and a zippered interior pocket for valuable items. This bag is stylish, versatile, and durable. Perfect for a beach day.

leopard print bag

Large Foldable Beach Bag With Zipper

  • Full zipper closure
  • Mesh lining
  • Space-saving foldable design
  • Multipurpose with many pockets

Durable simplicity is the idea behind this beach bag. It closes completely with its full zipper, protecting anything that is inside from the sand or sea.

The quality polyester of the bag has a waterproof lining and is cross-stitched for stronger construction. The bag also has a mesh lining which helps to add more storage compartments.

When not in use, this bag folds up easily into a super-compact, space-saving design. This makes it extremely convenient for traveling with and packing away.

The bag is simple in design, but it lasts long and functions really well. It also has a combination of outer pockets, with a zippered inner pocket for greater practicality. 

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Large Tote Beach Bag

  • Made from woven paper straw
  • Soft cotton lining
  • Eco-friendly hand-painted finish
  • A choice of various designs available

If you are looking for a simple bag with loads of personality, then this is the beach tote for you. This large bag is a perfect choice for filling up and taking to the beach, although it can be used anywhere and everywhere with its simple, practical design.

The bag features a single spacious compartment that is lined with soft fabric. Inside this is a zippered pocket for smaller items and valuables. The outer layer is made from woven paper straw, which provides a good level of resistance when on the beach. 

The best thing about this bag is its hand-painted finish. There are various designs to choose from, and they are all uniquely artistic. You can really find your style and let your personality shine through with this tote. The bag is simple, easy to stuff full of your belongings, long-lasting, and simple to just shake clean. 

artwork bag

FVM Waterproof Nylon Shopper Bag

  • A spacious and versatile bag
  • 100% nylon
  • Waterproof material
  • Zippered compartments inside

This is more than just a beach bag – it is a stylish and versatile bag that can be used for all kinds of daily activities. However, as a beach bag, it is perfect thanks to its strong waterproof material and protected zippered compartments. The bag offers plenty of storage space and is comfortable to carry around

This tote bag is pretty simple, but there are various small details that make it stand out. These include the many different pockets, comfortable straps, leather details, and protective material. The bag is available in three different colors to suit your style.

red satchel

QIK-LABS Mesh Beach Bag

  • High-density water-resistant mesh
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Secure internal and outer zip pockets
  • Durable and lightweight

The perfect beach bag should look and store plenty of things, but it also needs to be completely practical against the sand and sea. This is what makes the QIK-LABS mesh beach bag the perfect choice. The bag is made with a high-density mesh material.

The benefits of this are that it is water-resistant, fast-drying, lightweight, and easy to pack away while still being strong and supportive. The bag has a polyester lining and many separate compartments for your various belongings. 

The bottom of the bag has a sand-free and waterproof Oxford fabric for easier use on the beach. The long shoulder straps also make this a comfortable and easy to carry option. The tear-resistant bag has a 40L capacity and has dedicated spaces for big wet items as well as small and valuable ones.

mesh carrier

Tribeca Tribe Large Beach Bag

  • Made from canvas and jute
  • A tote shoulder bag
  • Soft, adjustable rope handles
  • Classic boho-chic style

Show your style and stay trendy with this boho-chic bag by Tribeca Tribe. This is the perfect beach bag when it comes to simplicity and quality materials. This is a basic tote, made from canvas and jute. The material is heavy-duty and practical for use on the sand and with wet, heavy items.

The bag has soft and fully-adjustable rope handles made from natural cotton. Although you can carry a pretty big load in this bag, it is still not very bulky, and can easily complement your daily style wherever you go. This is a simple bag that looks beautiful and offers a practical solution for a beach day. 

brown satchel

Surf Gear Lab Beach Bag

  • A bag and cooler combo
  • A durable bag
  • Uses a perforated material for better convenience
  • Spacious and comfortable

This genius design is not just a beach bag. You get both a soft cooler and a beach bag combined in one item. This is such a clever idea for long days at the beach, picnics, or any kind of day trip that requires food as well as other items. 

The top portion of the bag is a perforated compartment. This is a good design for the beach because it allows for airflow which helps to dry off any wet towels or swimming costumes.

The perforated design is also easier to clean, faster to dry, and helps to get rid of sand easily. The compartment underneath this is a removable soft cooler bag.

This is perfect for bringing along snacks and drinks and separating them from the sandy contents of the bag above. There is an additional mini compartment on the outside for small items like car keys and sunglasses.

Where Can You Buy a Beach Bag

Beach bags can be found in most clothing and department stores, as well as sport, outdoor, and surf shops. However, buying a beach bag online is probably best because it allows you to pick out exactly the type of product you are after. Consider sites like Surf Gear Lab that allow you to easily access some of the best quality beach bags without any effort of going to the shops. 


Without the best beach bag, your day at the beach just won’t be the same. These bags are super practical and useful to own – whether you are a beach bum or a frequent traveler. We hope that the guide above helped you to choose the perfect bag for your needs. 



What are beach bags made from?

Usually, beach bags are made from canvas, straw, nylon, or polyester. Ideally, you want a material that is durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. 

How big is a beach bag?

Beach bags vary in size depending on the product. They can be big family-sized bags, oversized totes bags, or handbag sized. A good-sized beach bag is generally around 40L.

What goes into a beach bag?

When packing a beach bag, you can include towels, swimming costumes, clothes, sunblock, sunglasses, snacks and drinks, a hat, books, a power bank, and any other entertainment you need.

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