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The Ultimate Banzai Water Slide Buyers Guide

Bring the waterpark home with a banzai water slide. These thrilling inflatable slides will make any kid’s dreams come true. They offer a completely superior experience compared to your average slip and slide. Banzai water slides offer something extraordinary for the ultimate summer experience. 

When looking for a banzai water slide, the basic idea of a giant, exciting inflatable slide remains the same. However, there are various styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. These inflatable water parks can also offer so much more than just a slide, with all sorts of fun accessories added to them. Follow our buyers guide below to help you choose the ultimate water slide for your kids.

banzai water slides

What is a Banzai Water Slide?

A banzai water slide is an oversized inflatable slide toy that offers hours of fun in the sun. These slides include at least one drop that leads into some kind of a splash pool. Often, these inflatable toys are pretty detailed, with various areas to slide, bounce, climb, and explore. They are much bigger than regular flat water slides, and they offer a more three-dimensional experience. 

A banzai water slide is a combination of a jumping castle and a pool toy. There are often many more features than just a slide. These inflatable water parks include climbing walls, tunnels, water cannons, and more. They are usually very colorful, offering an exciting platform for plenty of fun.

Banzai water slides need to be inflated first, and then you add water to them. The water is usually pumped from the splash pool back up to the slide and sprayed down the slope to keep things slippery.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Banzai Water Slide

There are no strict rules on exactly what makes a banzai water slide. These products include all sorts of different features and possibilities for added fun. This can make it pretty confusing to find the best product, as there are so many different choices to decide on.

We have outlined some of the main features to look out for when buying a banzai water slide to make sure that you choose the right one. 


The first major consideration is the size of the water slide. These products can get really big, but there are also some more compact versions available. This should depend on how much space you have to put the banzai water slide and how many kids will use it. Each different product has a specific weight restriction, so make sure that this lines up with your requirements. 

Of course, more oversized products are generally more fun as they can offer longer slides, more spacious pools, and additional activities. It’s also important to note that larger products are more suitable for older kids and smaller slides for younger kids. 

banzai water slide size

Slides and Features

This is a broad category as there are so many different features that a banzai water slide can have. First of all, you have to have a slide. Every inflatable water ark comes with a slide and a splash pool. Beyond this, there are limitless possibilities.

Some products include multiple slides, and some have extra-width slides to accommodate two people. Some slides even come with climbing walls, which can add a whole new level of fun to the inflatable park experience. 

Some products include bouncing platforms similar to water trampolines. Some have tunnels and dens. There are even banzai water slides with built-in basketball hoops, water cannons, and all kinds of other fun accessories. The more that your inflatable water park has to offer, the more room there is for entertainment.

However, just remember that the thing that really matters is the slide. If you have a great slide, then you probably don’t need much else. Try to look for a long, curved, steep slide.

Material and Durability

An essential consideration for any inflatable product is the material used. Inflatables are only as good as their construction, so you need to make sure that you choose an exceptionally durable product. This is especially true for banzai water slides because if there is a puncture or leak, the slide will flatten, and the fun will be over. 

Most water slides are made from some type of heavy-duty vinyl material. This should be as thick as possible. It should also be able to withstand long hours under the sun without causing any damage.


How easily does the water park inflate? These are big items, so you don’t want to choose a product that takes ages to pump up. Banzai water slides generally include an electric inflation pump that consistently keeps the product inflated. This should work quickly, and it should maintain a good level of pressure. 

Also, pay attention to how easily the slide deflates and what packing it away looks like. Ideally, the product should fold up into a convenient size for easy storage.

7 Best Banzai Water Slides

There are loads of different types of banzai water slides available. These vary in size, shape, steepness, and so on. We have helped make your search a bit easier by choosing the absolute best banzai water slides available. Follow our reviews below to find out more. 

Banzai Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide

  • Extreme bank-curved sliding ramp
  • Includes a tunnel
  • Oversized splash pool
  • Dura-Tech construction for enhanced strength

Take your pool party fun to the next level with the Sidewinder Falls inflatable water slide by Banzai. This slide includes an extreme bank-curved sliding ramp that lets you make a serious splash. The descent leads to an oversized splash pool. There is also a tunnel and diving ramp that offers another fun option – again feeding into the pool. Both rides are slick and well-cushioned for a smooth experience.

The mini waterpark comes with a continuous air blower that inflates the whole thing in less than three minutes. The slide is made from heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction to ensure that you don’t have to worry about punctures during heavy use. All you do is unroll the slide, instantly pump it up, and add water. You couldn’t find a more effortless Banzai water slide. 

banzai sidewinder

Banzai Pipeline Twist Aquapark

  • Two twisting slides
  • Includes two  water cannons
  • Giant-sized water park
  • Heavy-duty Dura-Tech material construction

This is the biggest park available from the Banzai brand. There is so much room for play, with many different spaces for activities. This one is great for groups, parties, and families. The water park features two twisting slides, a climbing wall, a clubhouse, a vortex tunnel, and a massive splash pool. To take the fun to the next level, there are two built-in water cannons.

The water park is built from seriously strong Dura-Tech construction. This gives the park a maximum weight limit of 150 pounds, and it can withstand plenty of rough use in the sun. There is an efficient blower motor included which makes setup a total breeze. The whole water park inflates in three minutes with absolutely no effort.

Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park

Banzai Surf Rider Inflatable Water Slide

  • A curved, double-wide water slide
  • Features a tunnel slide
  • Includes a fun climbing wall
  • Easily inflates in two minutes

This is a fairly simple Banzai water park, offering kids one big slide, one climbing wall, and a big lagoon-style splash pool. The slide has a tunnelled section for added fun. It is also an extra-wide length, allowing two kids to use it at the same time.

The park is built from extremely strong Dura-Tech construction for longer life. This gives the park a weight limit of 150 pounds. All of the sides are thickly cushioned for added safety and comfort.

The included motor blower makes setting the park up incredibly easy. It only takes two minutes to inflate. The park is compatible with any regular garden hose for an easy fill-up. You also get a repair kit and storage bag that makes stashing the slide away very convenient.

banzai water slide

Pirate Bay Inflatable Water Park

  • Includes a trampoline-styles bouncer
  • Extra-large splash area
  • One inflatable slide
  • Comes with two water cannons

The Pirate Bay inflatable water park by Blast Zone is the perfect choice for younger kids. This water park one features a single slide with a smaller height than many others. However, this doesn’t mean that the fun is restricted. There is a big bouncer integrated into the park to open up more room for activity.

There is a tough climbing wall leading up the slide, and a crawl tunnel that goes underneath. Complete with two water cannons, there’s no way your kids will get bored with this water park around. 

A standout feature of this park is the water sprinkler over the slide. This feeds the slide with a constant water supply, ensuring that it’s always slippery for added fun. All of the sides of the park are thick and soft for added safety. This inflatable water slide is made from quadruple-stitched reinforced vinyl that is built to last. 

pirate bay water park

Banzai Giant Water Slide

  • Includes a steep water slide
  • Built-in basketball hoop
  • Overhead sprinkler
  • Water spraying wave

This Banzai water slide includes many exciting features in one relatively small format. This inflatable water park consists of a fast slide, climbing wall, a built-in basketball hoop, water spraying wave, and a spacious splash pool. There is an overhead sprinkler above the slide to make sure it’s always wet and slippery.

The heavy-duty materials ensure a long lifespan without any punctures. There is also mesh safety netting at the top of the slide to protect your little ones. The entire Banzai water slide inflates in a matter of minutes for a really easy experience.

banzai giant water slide

CostZon Inflatable Water Slide

  • Features a single curved slide
  • Protective netting for added safety
  • Includes a fun climbing wall
  • Accommodates up to three children

This is a smaller and more compact water slide – perfect for anyone with limited space. The water park can accommodate up to three kids at a time, and it is designed for children from three to ten years old. This product includes a curved water slide, an inflatable climbing wall, and a large splash pool. The design is very simple, but it is well-thought-out to ensure a great experience. 

The inflatable park features protective netting to keep your children safe. There are heavy-duty climbing handles, a jumping area, a quick-inflating air pump, and a convenient water pipe joint. The water park is made from exclusive heavy-duty Oxford material for ultimate durability.

It doesn’t matter how much jumping, diving, and sliding this inflatable park get put under, it will be sure to withstand it without a puncture.

costzon banzai water slide

Action Air Inflatable Waterslide

  • One curved water slide
  • Includes an inflatable climbing wall
  • Extra-thick with a large jumping area
  • Comes with a water cannon and tunnel

Take summer fun to the next level with this shark-themed inflatable water park.  The banzai slide has one curved slide, a climbing wall, a bouncing area, a crawl tunnel, and water cannon. There is loads of opportunity for fun in this reasonably compact park.

The slide has a water sprayer above it to make sure things are always wet and slippery. The water cannon takes the fun a step further, allowing kids to spray each other as they jump and slide.

The jumping area at the top is well-protected with mesh netting. All walls are thickly inflated for added safety. The included blower offers constant inflation, which helps to make setting up a fast and easy experience.

This bouncer is suitable for both wet and dry fun so that you can use it all year round.  The park includes a water tube, repair patches, lawn stakes, blower stakes, and a portable carry bag.

action air inflatable water slide

Where Can You Buy a Banzai Water Slide?

It’s best to buy these products online to make sure you get the most variety and can choose the best option for your needs. Certain sports, pool, and outdoor stores will stock banzai water slides, but the product choice will probably be quite limited. As these are unique products, you would be best of shopping online.


The best banzai water slide will offer hours of summer fun. These giant inflatables provide a platform for healthy outdoor activity that all kids will love. Whether for a party or just a feature in your backyard, a banzai water slide will be a hit.

They make an excellent substitute for a pool, and they offer more excitement than your regular jumping castle. Follow our guide above to find the ultimate water slide for your needs and take advantage of the endless entertainment they offer. 

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Can you use an inflatable water slide without water?

Yes, banzai water slides can be enjoyed with or without water. This makes them a great inflatable pool for all kinds of weather conditions.

Do banzai water slides use a lot of water?

Banzai water slides use less water than a pool or a permanent slide. The water is recycled, so it can be used over and over if the water stays clean.

How do you clean a banzai water slide?

These products are made from a type of vinyl, so use a vinyl cleaner and a sponge. You can also use a mild dish soap solution and rinse the water slide with a hose. 

Are banzai water slides dangerous?

Inflatable water slides should offer plenty of protection through thickly padded walls and soft drops. The best models will have protective mesh netting around any raised areas to prevent dangerous falls.

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