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Surfing Apps: The 7 Best

Sometimes your board and the waves are all you need to enjoy the thrill that is surfing. However, in the internet age we now live in a world where the majority of us have smartphones replete with apps to help improve our daily lives. This of course extends to surfing apps, from forecasting the wave size to getting data on the tides.

The challenge lies in choosing the best surfing apps to install on your phone. With surf websites one is not really pressured to choose, but with app it’s a different. There is only so much space on your phone, and some apps won’t be worth their salt (pun intended). Check out our list of 7 essential surfing apps which every surfer from beginner to pro can find valuable.

surfing apps

1. Surfline App

Surfline is the perfect app for surfers of all levels and it is arguably the most trusted in marine weather forecasting. Access information such as long-range swell analysis, real-time surf reports and even live surf cams. While no weather will stop you from trying to catch a wave, being able to calculate exactly what time period is best means better surfing and less wasted time. Surfline is available on iOS and Android.

2. Magic Seaweed

Magic Seaweed provides long-range surf forecasts for thousands of spots around the globe. Their coverage is comprehensive and you’ll struggle to find a surf spot not covered by magic seaweed. They cover all the key surf data points including but not limited to wave size, swell size, swell period, tides, water temperature and wind strength and direction.

They also provide a handy star rating system out of 5, and over the years this has become a benchmark amongst the global surf community. It’s fair to say that MSW is one of the most revered surfing apps across the surf industry. They have both free and paid for version and the app is available on both iOS and Android.

3. Dawn Patrol

Count your waves, know your speed and even forecast the tide. This is perfect for Apple Watch wearers as it gives you fully comprehensive data, right from your wrist!

View the locations of your surfs and beat your personal records. Historically, the only things needed were you and the waves. However, it might be time to take things to the next level. Dawn Patrol is available on iOS only.

best surfing apps

4. Nobodysurf

NobodySurf is a surf video streaming app where you can watch 9000+ videos of incredible clips by surfers and videographers. This surfing app is perfect for those days when you can’t get to the water. If you’re on holiday in and it’s a flat day what better way to relax in your luxury villa and consume some epic surf content.

Kick up your feet, lean back and enjoy all of the action straight from your phone – you will never have to miss your surfing fix again. You can find Nobodysurf on both iOS and Android.

5. Tide Graph Surfing App

If you’re a data hound, this is the app for you. Tide Graph utilises various data imported into an intuitive graph which allows you to check information like moon phase and sun set.

This app is perfect for surfers in the US as it provides harmonic predictions from various US coastal stations. This is the ideal companion app if you are heading out for a road trip along the coast and have an open mind for your surfing destination. Download this essential app on iOS and Android.

6. World Surf League (WSL)


World Surf League is the go-to app for broadcastings of all professional surfing competitions. View stats on your favourite athletes, receive event alerts and even watch competitions live!

One of the biggest challenges for surfers and surfing fans alike is the limited ability to travel the world to follow all of the competitions. Therefore, being able to watch everything live right from your phone is an absolute lifesaver. World Surf League is available to download on iOS and Android.

7. Boardline

Want to advance your surfing skills but your board is holding you back? BoardLine calculates your ideal dimensions and recommends the best pro equipment for you. If there is going to be one takeaway app then it should be this one.

It gives you great insight into the types of boards available and will highly likely get you stoked about the latest and greatest boards that you could add to your quiver. Get ready to speed up your progression with the Boardline surfing app! Download the latest version of Boardline on the Apple app store and the Google Play Store.

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