Beginner Surf Gear

Beginner Surf Gear

Surfboards, Surf Gear and Tips for Learning to Surf

Learning to surf and not sure where to start?

At Beginner Surf Gear we are passionate surfers, who started learning to surf as adults. We understand how steep the learning curve, and we want to make that easier for other beginner surfers.

Our mission is to help beginner surfers to start catching waves – by helping them to choose the best surfboard, wetsuits and surf gear for their level of surfing.

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Getting the most out of Beginner Surf Gear

Beginner Surf Gear Guides

You will notice that Beginner Surf Gear has many articles that will help you learn how to surf and select the best surfboard and surf gear.

If you are a beginner surfer, we recommend starting right at the beginning to learn the ins and outs of surf gear.

Take your time to go through our Beginner Surfboard Guide and our Beginner Surf Gear Guide.

You will learn about the features of a surfboard, common terminology, how to select the right surf gear, and much more.

Of course, if you have any questions or are confused about selecting surfboards or surf gear, you can contact us, and one of our friendly surfers will help you.

Getting Started

Once you’re familiar with the basics it’s time to start surfing! You will find a variety of surf tips on Beginner Surf Gear.

These surf tips are the surf tips that most helped us when we started surfing. There are many surf tip guides out there written by professional surfers who started learning as grommies, but we understand that there are different challenges when learning to surf as an adult!

We all learned to surf on foam surfboards simply because these are the easiest surfboard to learn on because they are the most buoyant and stable.

So take the plunge and start surfing today! Surfing is a difficult skill to learn, but the feeling of catching your first wave can not be beaten and you’ll never look back!

Surf Gear and Accessories

As you progress with learning to surf, you will find that you need more sophisticated accessories to support your learning journey. At Beginner Surf Gear, we try out best to provide appropriate options for surf accessories, especially for beginner surfers progressing to intermediate surfers as they improve their skills.

Some surf accessories are essential to learning to surf, including surfboard fins, leash and wax.

While other surf gear will help to make your surfing experience safer and more comfortable such as a wetsuit, surf hat, car lock box, surf poncho or surf booties.

Choosing a suitable surfboard for your level of surfing is one of the most crucial factors in your success in learning to surf.

The best type of surfboard for learning to surf is typically a foam surf board or a mini-mal. Our guides below will provide all the information that you need when choosing a surfboard for learning to surf.

Having the right surf gear will help you to be safe and comfortable in the surf. So whether you’re looking for sun protection, reef protection, or to stay warm in a cooler climate, we have you covered with our surf gear reviews.

There are a lot of surf accessories that will make your surfing experience safer and more fun.

Check out some of our favorite surf accessories below.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional surfboard that you can try, which will help to improve your surf skills.

The learning curve is steep when you’re learning to surf, and there are so many surf skills to learn!

Our surf tips aim to get you up to speed on surf knowledge and skills as quickly as possible.

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Many tools are available to surfers to help them train and improve their surf skills.

Check out our guides for the best products we’ve found for improving your surf skills!

Surf Camps are a great way to learn to surf.

Surf camps allow you to surf every day in optimal conditions for learning to surf. Most surf camps have a surf coach or surf guide who can provide surf lessons or guidance on the best place to surf based on their knowledge of the local surf breaks.

Check out our surf camp guides below for a detailed review of the surf camps we’ve been on!